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Hot Seat - Elevator Pitch

Lesson 8 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Hot Seat - Elevator Pitch

Lesson 8 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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8. Hot Seat - Elevator Pitch

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Hot Seat - Elevator Pitch


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Hot Seat - Elevator Pitch

All right, so this, um this exercise now is about I had do you do all your elevator pitch is a large number of you had a lot of I statements in it not darryl because daryl's been trained darryl didn't say I am a product photographer but darryl says what we do we achieve that the products that are cheap look very expensive we do that for our clients so he came in it with the end user in mind was like, what does it do for them? So, joanna, you were pretty good in the second part of the elevator pitch it got a little mushy, but, you know, the beginning was was kind of ok, so a cz we're taking going through this with jen is like, really think about how can you take the I statements? I am a to what I do does this for my clients or this is the problem that I saw for my clients that is the ultimate language. So but before we go, I want you to shut did you bring your calendar? Oh, yeah, and then we must have it. Okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna put you in the spotlight and have you tell us all abo...

ut this so you were here in the first class turn your talent into a business and then what did you do oh, wow. So much. It all exploded from there. It really did. And in particular, a couple things happened. The first thing was out of my participation in the course. You got me really clear on who? My target audience. Wass you asked me. Well, my product is an intentional planner. Yes. And he said, well, well, who's your audience. And I said, people who, you know, redecorate tolly and believe that there were creates their reality in their world. And you said ok, well, who would publish your planner to have to reach that audience? And I said, like intuitively, hey, house like that. And before even had an opportunity to go out and seek a publisher or move forward with it. Balboa press a division of hay house contacted me and that's one of the things that is possible contacted you? Yes, going todo. No, I didn't contact any publishers have gotten inducted. I'd like to do list right? And they were knocking on mine. My real door, right and on I was just like, how did they find me? It was awesome. Like really awesome and that's like one of the things about building authority is you said when I was walking off that stage watch her like what she says will come to be and I said chair terror just appeared in my world so thank you I was the first thing and then from there I took my I took my planner so and I turned it into a calendar and it's an intentional living calendar that that has just it's each month is set up in a way that it has a beautiful title image and and quote that that tied you to the season and tied you to the experience of being and like really where you're at in your journey through a year of of of intentionally creating your life and transforming your experience of the world and and of course I'm going to go to april because that's where we are and right now the picture for april is fruitful beginnings and the quote is thought is the blossom language is the bud action the fruit behind it and that's wealth waldo emerson and really that's what intentional living it is all about is you create yourself and then you speaking into the listening of other he become the authority and then you take inspired action because it's khun grew into who you are and who you're being and what it is that you say that you want in the world and so I public just this and I'm selling it personally you know online and just shut your website oh yeah, my website is just genuine creations gen j n create human creations and that's and right now I'm re banding myself to not only fulfill on like my art and my expression I'm I bring it to the next level and creating it so that other people I can power other people to bring their intentions to life yeah and I'm committed for for the opportunity for entrepreneurs sola preneurs all those people that are out there in the online world because we live online now and how do we live online in a manner in which the people in our world contribute to us and our futures and they're not just commenting on our pasts and that's what I'm creating that's great and what is so amazing to me to see is from how you started and it was so fuzzy and unclear and now I'm looking at you and you've got the sparkle in your eyes he like oh I got this nailed so it feels really very very real so tell me so tell everybody about your experience with a hot seat oh the it's the sunshine seed I intentionally created is this sunshine state not the hot seat right just let all the world shining down on you it's it's empowering it really is because when you're put on the spot and that's what the elevator does for you when you're put on this spot you really have to get true to who you are and and it and it and when you share it into the listening of another person, it multiplies. So the hot seat is a powerful place to be excellent really brought goods so let's, just examine your elevator pitch one more time, okay? For everybody out there, I want you to just so sort of go along again. The objective here is to have your elevator pitch. So on page number twelve, I want you to just write down what your elevator pitch is, and then I don't think about it too much just do what you normally do, and then what we'll do is we'll do the ice statements and broke way will replace the eye by statements with sort of how it makes clients feel, so we're going to just give them a minute and let them write this down. I'm going to check in with can in the meantime, if there's anything and then we'll go right into jenna dot see, I just want to say congratulations to ten that's it live for creating this environment that something like that becomes possible for people? Yeah, and so I also want to share one of the elevator pitches from online if that is good with you, and this is a user who said, do you think that I could make a living doing event photography? My company name is life is not a portrait life is not a portrait and then the pitch is let me capture your once in a lifetime precious moments so that you leave a legacy that needs no introduction. This is for event photography, okay, so a legacy that leads that these no introduction isn't really related to event photography and in my and I can't really kind of connect that I'd be very asses couple things that I'd be very concerned about, sort of doing a name that is only meaningful to you and nobody else. So in photography, the rule of thumb really always is just use your own name or if you don't want to use your own name, then you sort of ah bigger name, you know, that's like event photography prose that will help you at least in the search engine optimization in the google searches because if you business name is event photography and somebody looks for event photography, then you will come up in event photography because it just happens to be the name of your business, so but I would not use any in names for any businesses that are that are irrelevant to anybody but you or come from sort of that that place the second part is the event photography what the outcome really is it's capturing these these special moments and often you know if it's a business event photography it's about allowing the clients of this company to have take attention will take aways to remind them off the wonderful relationship that they're building with us with this company that's providing you know the services that they're buying for so it is much deeper diving into the thought process off off why does the person that throws the event why are they putting that event up and what does that person hope for these people to walk away with so when I throw myself my big birthday party in september I wanted to celebrate myself and I had actually event photog over there and I wanted all my attendees to have a memento that would always remember that they were dancing with me all night long so that was my objective so now that sale for that one would then be accordingly to that would you like to have your party attendance a picture that reminds them off having dance with you all night log in honor ofthe your off your celebration now now you're speaking their language okay good all right jen you ready? So your elevator pitch let's talk about it again okay? So at just genuine creations we empower people to express himself authentically online teo I just blanked giving a second to be of service and connect with others and have all of their dreams fulfilled very good so you don't have a single eye statement in there and that is wonderful because you may what you do about what you what the services that you provide for other people so how hard was it for you to arrive at that did you fiddle with this a couple times for five years thiss five years you know and I actually had to had to bring in and an outside person to really work with me and sound board and and yeah get get get to the to the heart of it and the purpose of it okay very good. All right, well thank you so much for sharing let's give a hand for the awesome thank you so I would see if we can have it may be one more person that wants to give it a shot kat you want come up? I'm not sure weii tissues if it gets really bad and I'm just all right so give us the elevator pitch again okay? So we are helping photographers stand out from the zillions of images out there um and ultimately increasing their sales and how do we do that? We teach how tio look at images in a different way how can I make my image stand out from the rest and it's all about having a bit of all right a criteria when you're shooting that you want to include certain things within that image drama intrigue um emotion uh things that draw user in um so way could do that for you okay, so what do photographers what uh more sales no we just talked about it find more ok no I'm and this is why you know why I'm so glad you're here and I can't do this with you because this is what what happens is that in your mind it is so obvious what it is but that's not the language that they use so it's important that we shift that language so you help photographers too find more clients but the right clients too you know there's the tear one's right? Well and in my in my coaching and consulting with photographers it's same thing well the right clients are clients that pay me what I'm worth that's the original that's like verbatim on what photographer say they say I want to be paid what I'm worth I want to work with clients who understand the value of my photographer yeah doesn't hit it spot on john about exactly the language he used so when you offer your services and you must use the exact words even though they might not be what you normally would say or use even though it might not be what has been said in the agency or in the magazine but that's how photographers talk that's how you must talk to the photographers so that's really super crucially important to everybody out there on the life life cast as well it's not about how sophisticated your language your understanding is it is about are you using the language that your potential client is using and if you don't know what that language is you need to listen all right so we have one we have finding clients we have get paid what I'm worth of finding the clients that pay amy what I'm what my photography is really worth okay what what else did you have in the elevator pitch well then it was like so so how do we do that and um so how do you do that teaching teaching by example so I do a lot of um comparisons you know uh which image speaks to you this one or that one why does this one speak to you why does this one stand out from this one so they come to you to get your advice on how to get rid off the mediocre images and how to really sort of tell a better more compelling stories then then attract the right clients right? Okay it's learning its seeing things differently when you're out shooting you're looking for that different perspective you're looking for that drama it's how to add the drama so what then be that you can translate with your experience what the end user is looking for and apply your secret sauce to the photography work so that they walk away with a fully understanding what kind of images stand out are making the difference are the show stoppers the head turners so that clients find more clients and can figure out those who are paying them what they were yes so long yeah yeah yeah ok so here's another one the secret sauce gerald you want to help me out on the secret sauce? Sure, go ahead. What do I say about the secret sauce for her or anybody? Yes it's the secret so it's do we talk about the secret sauce? Yeah, the secret sauce is how the climb us to feel about your solution. Yes, but how you doing that your recipe? You know, we should talk about it so this is an end to good lighting, proper whatever and you know and what we will have more of that uh but this is, you know, the the elevator pitch it really about just what? What is the problem that you're fixing and how is it what's the end result? What? How it makes them feel itself spotlight back on you so let's put it back one more time together and see if we can put that new elevator pitch together that has his elements. So as photographers do you want to stand out out there in the zillions of photographs that we're bombarded with daily um how do we get the creatives to see your work to pick your work? Well, it comes down to, um your images I'm losing my train of thought you know if you want to take some notes because we have way have to see it as well where it says you know by elevated pitch you know just makes him there I want to I know I know you're being put on the spot so if you need a minute that's okay we can well I like to make intro but then it kind of got lost okay, so you are helping photographers to do what more client had declined so I'll get my nine ok maybe that's a simple fix you can write it down I know I want to but how okay photographers get more clients ok and they want to get paid what they're worth would that be exactly what you say there are uh yeah I mean I think that's increasingly a concern because commoditization of photography has gotten to be such a problem a possibility there but no but you can say you can say that you you are the your anti commodity to station right that's a statement that's a differentiation statement you know and that's something that you can very safely say you say I'm against the commoditization off photography I stand one hundred percent against that everybody will agree with you on this says you know I helped photographers to fight that to stand out through my secret sauce that I apply which in return makes him help find more clients and get paid more okay that's that's all right, so, uh as a photographer you will get more clients and you will get paid uh what you're worth um by applying my secret sauce our secret sauce okay? And so then tell me about tell me sort of a little bit about that secret sauce. So the secret sauce it's a process it is a two step program it's a weeklong whatever it's a monthlong program it's a ten session thing? What is it that I'm still defining? Okay, good. All right, so so let's let's take that apart. What more talk? So there's the part about who I am, what I'm really good at, right? So my expertise in the advertising agency and in the editorial has taught me firsthand what publishes magazine spires are looking for in which images stand out. Therefore I am now the the person who is anti commoditization off images and I have developed a formula that I teach fifth divers. They will show them how they can stand out how the image will be noticed in an ocean off millions of other images because that is the first impression most photographers actually I'm making its with an image and as an end result you will find more clients and know how to talk about why you're photography is worth more so that you can attract those valuable clients to pay you what you want thank god this is recorded I I like it is a few feels good yeah so this is sort of how we slice and dice it and take it apart and put it back together there is some very specific elements in it so the fixing off the problem must be in the elevator pitch because that is the pain that they're feeling so whatever that pain is that they're feeling must be something that you address so that they can do what so thank you very much and very brave so let's just go over this a little bit so what's the problem you're fixing stepford the problem I'm fixing with the adding unc is figuring out how to create solutions that make my clients customers love their business nice that was spot on so there's no secret sauce needed because it always sounds like this a secret sauce in it, right? So how do you make somebody love your business? Because when you said you can't show examples, see now you can talk about his has just like in love you can't really take a picture ofthe love and demonstrate to somebody how to achieve love or how to create love because it's an emotion so it's about the creation ofthe an emotional response two ah hard product or service which is the super uber secret sauce because very few people know actually how to do that which is why we can't show you our clients I like that a lot. Janet, what problem are you solving? I am solving the problem of people needing homes that don't have them we're helping helping people go from one home to another or put down I'm told I am not sure if it's a problem really that that I'm helping people solve it's more of a a dreamer goal that they're reaching but it doesn't necessarily come from I disagree with deficit when I was one hundred thirty five thousand dollars, it did and my father died and I will tell the story later in a more appropriate time and I was served to notice while I'm in germany at the grave and my phone you know my my company calls and says we've just been served to notice we've been thrown out of the house that my home office was in my daughter grew up in my father's dead I'm in dead it's over my game's over right at that moment I said to myself, what would it feel like if I could own my own house that nobody can ever throw me out again? That's what you're selling nobody will ever tell you when it's your time to move you decide you decide so the reason people are going into homes their own homes is because they don't want to waste any more money they want to build a financial future they want to raise the children in I start a family in a safe environment or there's been like me pushed around and they're just done. They want to create that safety and the comfort they want to take control. So when a whole industry talks about it one way, I prefer to talk about it in a completely different way because that's a differentiation factor. So if everybody says this is a great real estate investment, that would be the last thing I would talk about, because everybody else has already talked about that. This is where they are that's, not where I will be. So if everybody else is talking about this way, will I be? I will be in the emotional connection portion of things. How does it feel? Have you ever been in a situation where you had the bad neighbor, the landlord? There wasn't fixing things that, you know, took three weeks for the leaky toilet for the thing that exploded for the yacht, a call and fifteen times for the plumber to come and get rid of that disgusting thing in the bathroom or some, nothing else happened you on eradicated of these kinds of problems, your fixer, because you put people in charge and in control over their own destinies, and I think especially with the millennials, I think that's very strong language to say is, look, this isn't about that. This is what this is about, this, about taking control of your life, which millennials hate, right? E I hate it. So I think that's, so cool. We're all in the chat room, saying, wow, that was powerful. How do you weight so quickly from? I don't even know if there's a problem to this emotional paul that, apparently, is exactly who you're your target client is like. That was cool, thank you.

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