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Why You Need a White Paper

Lesson 42 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Why You Need a White Paper

Lesson 42 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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42. Why You Need a White Paper


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Why You Need a White Paper

When I was in coastal carolina university speaking about women leadership under the women's code brand and I was handing out, you know, very much like this this engagement paper that I you know, that I were created the site for creative life and so what I did not know I never got you never know who's watching you never know who they know, so somebody and I don't even know who it isthe took this got the insides paper and forwarded the insides paper to an organization in denver and that's, an organization called leadership investment and the leadership investment organizations organization that consists out ofthe sea level women executives whose purpose in this organization is gender equality. Their goal is fifty fifty, so they contacted me and they said, can we feature your insides paper now website? Uh, yes, and they said all by the way we have a conference would you like to be considered as one of the speakers? Yes, so I'm speaking at the leadership investment conference in october in...

two breakout sessions and I am in front ofthe my ideal audience women who have come out on the other side who are sea level, which means big time decision makers incorporations so if they like what I say and you bet I am going to engineer my talk and I have my engagement piece specifically geared toward this particular audience to have them take that message so that they're very clear about what they can do with what I talk about how that will help that companies and that's what the purpose is how does what I do help them how does what I do help them is that's why we're in business so it also when you create inside papers and you side sources from harvard or sources from really reputable sources you are ex establish yourself it's sort of that same level as my buddies over at harvard say as a recent article in the wall street journal which I happen to read all the time you know said so it just shows what you are the quality of information that you use it could also be you know sometimes it could also be yusa today it depending on what works for your particular brand so depending on this you know like I will you know might my insides people my lead magnet looks very different in all three pay all three sites like on the photography side excuse me I have a free photography boot camp why? Because photographers expect everything for free so I have to train them first to not expect everything for free so I have to give them something for free to train him then that they have to get over free so do you think that in my boot camp I talk about how bad free is of course I do. Why? Because, you know, at the end of it, there's going to be a sales pitch, and I need to seed and pre condition them for the sales pitch so they don't go all my coaches just trying to sell something. The selling without the selling is about the seeding that I'm talking about and the seating is to create while you engage with, um, very suddenly, the and if this helps you, we should have a conversation or if you'd like me to provide the same x that I provide for my clients who say testimonial, we should talk if your problem is that you're throwing disconnected thiss jointed solutions at what's, really? One problem call the citizen brigade. We're here to help. We heard a fix things right? I'm loving the citizen's brigade. I'm like in love with that, and if you don't use it, it will break my heart. Um, another way I look at this and what a lot of people don't understand is the other person that I usually talk to it's not always the decision maker, but is the middleman, so my thoughts always are. What I provide has to give the middlemen the ammunition to go to battle for me, this is not my end gang my endgame is this I want to get to the decision maker so if you were to approach and this shifts the whole sales call or the warm calling of the connection making and knowing the pain points if I say hey don't you have is it really difficult for you to convince the guys that are controlling the finances to spend the money on photography and they just really don't know what that good photography's or not my god she's talking my game you know that budgets are so miserable like I'm going to even do that you know what I hear you sister it is misery and what I found that often times is when they when they don't make the budget available or when you know when the god forbid c f all you know the number crunchers them the the people that manage the finances try to convey with a creative image something that that's really the last person that should be making the decision how is that going on in your company do these guys do they know anything about photography by budget keeps you know donna data and the accounting and then it's like it's so difficult and so listen so here's here's here's here's what I did so because I'm encountering this problem all the time so I wrote this insight this this this this white paper about it and I've done all the research in on it and I think it might really help you to take that to your guys at the company too to to have ah better conversation about this on why it is important that the image actually has to convey a feeling or a meaning because if what they're looking at or what the customers looking at is irrelevant or is another one of those stuckey images, then it they may as well not not not advertisers saved their money at all or then you know, I just recommend go to like a terrible stock company and pay a dollar for it because that's, what you're going to get out of it a dollar's worth off value, so but I'd love to have the conversation with you because you actually sound like you really know and appreciate photography that's wonderful that's, you know, is the greatest photography great is that great? When we when we when we can tell the story in one image and women people cry when many people experience a moment, so would you would you like me to send you that so you can take a look at it? Sure it's in the mail let me know how it goes hey remember I had this conversation with you? I send you my my my insides paper my sending my white paper about the value of photography to find that helpful isn't an ostrich in that number alone on that an image can bypass the whatever logical brain you know within eighty seconds faster than you talking about it. Is that something you think that the cfo would benefit from c that's the conversation it is a selling without the selling is this person in the middle is my buddy because I know that she needs the reasons to go and fight for me, which is why they used to say, you know, ruled the secretary and you get to the boss because if she likes you, you'll make it to the boss. You have to engage the middleman to make it to the decision maker. And then what happens? And then she goes she's it's in her meeting and then the bus, you know, and the finance guy says, well, in the budget for this, this this and this and this ceo, you know, what does he care? He does want to be involved in this, you know, that's, not his thing. He needs to run the company and needs to make the numbers look good. So the financial guys says, well, you know, I found a way to save another fifty thousand dollars which is cutting out photography altogether and here's our girl she's, afraid of losing a job now, because if they get rid of all that, then you know, she's not going to be able to ask for raise she's not going to go in advance, but we know this which is why we given her the ammunition off the paper and she says all guys not so fast as a matter of fact I have here whip it out the special report paper that you really need to watch and if we're missing this gang you know, we may as well not advertised because what we're doing is we're throwing the wrong things that the problem an extra twenty thousand dollars in our advertising and you know, engagement this could get as eighty percent more engagement why do I know this it's right here because she gave it to me so help them to do their job better that's the purpose ofthe lead magnets it is to give the other person reason and permission tow either go fight for your hearts you this stunned silence and what it's so okay, let me just go out, jen because you always might go to a girl you can come up with this stuff really quickly so actually, I am I'm just in over my head today and this is awesome, okay, I'm gobbling and all up and I'm really, really looking at you know what, ma, where I met in the in this in this domain, so um I'm taking copious notes and the first the one thing that did strike me in all of this is video you had mentioned something of being able to actually create this in a video format on that route that I believe has some some potential so that you know people don't know that that's I'm that's where I met I like that in whatever it resonates with you is usually a good way to start right? Because he's insides papers are you can be a little daunting because of the amount of information and what it takes to put them together. So to do the video that's how I started in the photography side where created the boot camp which has been running for four years and it's been it's it's it's generated over six thousand seats? Is that the value I think I wrote it down the u s for me I'm unique sells proposition for me is that people have the experience of winging wasting their time online you know he'd be at a business or beat an individual they like you said all the noise they feel like they're being sold to on their and they're not getting a lot of value out of their their investment they also are having the experience of being they think they're connected but they're really not it's like this pseudo connection so what's under line it all is like thiss true disconnect and it's impersonal and then the other thing is is that people like you know who are in the in the in that realm too to grow their business or whatever they're coming across in authentic or cheesy and sales so how do you how do you put it all together in in how you you know, intentionally brand yourself or intentionally be president in the space so that you maximize all of all of those the technology and I what I see that's available in a video is really putting him in that experience and then also creating an alternative experience for them so that it's tangible and it's not it's truly expert experiential not so much fact based although I my curiosity is piqued his eye and the technical writer and a scientists are going I hear there are some reports out there and I bet you there is a lot of a lot of data that really shows what the attention span is and how how I believe the younger people and stuff are are really quick to be able to see inauthenticity so how you achieve that quickly? So your professional cheese cutter? Yeah. There you go. Thank you, john ah, a little hard time trying to relate it for mine busic in trying to find something on like the positive effects of art and the studies on that have you ever taken a hemorrhoid uh, yes do you know what it feels like when they push it in this tiny little enclosed space and they tell you not to move, right? What would you wish should be able to look at? Yeah, a nice picture or something. Yeah, thank you. So how are you going to relate that again? Just like personal that's? What life's all about its we're constantly life is like a freaking memory. They pushes in the small places and tell us not to move. You go on an airplane and they say, don't move the door's closed don't move! You can go to the bathroom, preferably without moving have a beverage, but don't move, put your elbows in your feet and don't move roam freely as long as you don't move. So how do you get people to that? Don't get to move to at least have some joy while they don't move the atleast beautify the environment it's easy now and on there they've added image in art galleries right in the hospitals for patients and to take them away from what they're dealing with, you know, all day long and there's actually studies on this, believe it or not, so they are studies on how positive imagery changed environment, which is why such you trent, huge trend on why you see these kinds of things keep going up in in hospitals and in doctor's offices so I probably wouldn't go out for the big chains first because that, you know, takes a little more time to sell but your local doctors offices and is there anything worse than going to a doctor's office into a waiting room and you see a picture and you go where do you buy that at the yard sale and here's a guy who charges hundreds and thousands of tens of thousands of dollars for procedures and you're using an image that looks like you schlep it from aunt anna's yard sale in your office and hung it up just because to throw some stuff on the end so the position with which a doctor um does his work he also needs to design a customer experience a patient experience and now after the authority played from day who is more equipped to tell what that experience should be or look like then you are because you can take all of what we talked about and you khun engineered to take it out to that office good all right way always pretty much talked about you he's got your you got your script, darryl you just talk about my clients were talking about the middle, the middle man it's facing the budget cuts and how they articulate you know what value brings to the company so that that was spot on you know, I have come across articles that I think I could pull from easily for a white paper on that subject alone. So people bringing quality back into their photography and how that's impacting sales or companies that decided to cut the catalog completely and go strictly digital or, you know, digital campaigns. And now they're coming back to catalogues because they had lost millions of dollars in the process. Some, um yeah, that resonated great with me. Wonderful. Stafford, do you good. I can see that. You know, we just set off a whole thing in the head. You know, it's, like circulating is like, I literally see the picture with that way, she's getting good ideas for your I do think I do. Um, I mean, one thing that specifically comes to mind is, you know, goes along to the storytelling ideas and bridging that gap between things we can talk about. You can't talk about that. You can tell a narrative story of a generic company that's going through these stages of growth on whether it's because you get to a certain point in life cycle just because you a created any number of processes because companies kind of grow that way, they get to a point where the tipping point where you have to resign. Otherwise, you remain too efficient or the same, same thing as companies that go through acquisitions. But it's it's a common story, and you can tell it in such a way that says, can you that it's a mirror, so someone could read that story and say, boy, that sounds a lot like me, and they can't understand what's going on here. Here's, what here's, what we've done in this scenario, citizen and here's, here's, you know, accurate statistics on what actually happened. Once we did it can't tell you who it's for which creates intriguing, but this is what we did for these sorts of companies, so telling that story. Wonderful, excellent.

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Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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