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How to Build Your Profile

Lesson 34 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

How to Build Your Profile

Lesson 34 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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34. How to Build Your Profile


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Lesson Info

How to Build Your Profile

In the profile, the most important thing in the profile is a professional image, not a logo, not a family picture, not a baby picture, not u n your kid so that is a facebook, but children have really nothing to do in lincoln you want as clinton a fully filled out profile on the title make it a meaningful and interesting title. So on my title, what I've done is I say speaker, trainer, author and lover off all things business and the reason I changed my title from the ceo off she let enterprises inc it's because when I was doing long form publishing and I saw how sort of the feet comes in and I looked at what the other authors are doing and they just sounded so much more interesting, the night did so I had I looked at what they're calling themselves, and they're calling themselves all kinds of fun things, and here I am boring, so I had to change that to make it sound like something interesting, so I would not pick my title just as a photographer for fine art photographer or you know, esp...

ecially if you're creative entrepreneur, you have my ex aggressive permission to be creative in your title, so it just makes people notice you more because that's one of the first things that they see the key achievements as we talking about, um our key achievements that are tangible and measurable and that have something to say I read this article that says the number one overused word on lincoln is what motivated I am a motivated individual all was said even me motivated to what have lunch motivated to drink motivated to work motivated to whatever what this motivated even me so motivated is a no go word on all of your linked in profile so find new words find interesting words like rubber chicken just had to put that in darryl yeah so what's a key achievement a key achievement iss somebody who goes in and does within twelve month reduce the cost by twenty three percent increases productivity by forty percent and makes the company an extra four hundred ninety three thousand dollars that is a key achievement somebody who goes in and de stress is people in only ninety days or teaches people mindful intentional online strategies in only sixty days or less right or takes your online reputation and fixes it in only fifteen days fourteen days thirteen days so whatever that is it has to be really really specific so when most people go on linked in this is what they do ahh where's my curriculum vitae where's my resume and then they they literally like acting out a resume that they wrote when they were eighteen or twenty and then they try to take this awful format off his resume nineteen, eighty five graduated from high school you know and then they go painstakingly through these things to you everything in case we went to high school do you really on unlinked in seriously so what goes in you know so your resume if you have one god resume has no relevance in the professional world this is not a resume hogar or a resume featuring this's a professional met work so what people want to know what they can net work with you with so if you are improving lives cutting cause I efficiency expert if you are able to save people time remember this is how it all worked this the beauty about what we do it all works together we already talked about the brand we talked about how you talk about it we talked about how the end user benefits now you take all of this in euroland you know sort of all into one nice little chunky throwing toward lincoln and you're done that's how linked and works so it's the key achievements the end user results it's who you are it's how you talk what you really proud of all of that goes into lincoln its end result heavy in the key achievements and result happy heavy happy happy and heavy heavy both well clearly I'm speaking fatigued slightly but I'll recover I'll recover because lincoln is actually very exciting to me I mentioned that I think so another thing that people do often on linked in I am a trustworthy individual I enjoy working in a team environment I really like collaboration I enjoy being dada dada dada I just fell asleep because it is all about you so remember at what do we do with ice sentences this xed out I sentences everything off the past it's all about my clients appreciate this in this in this because they walk away like this in this in this in this so oh that's how you talk about yourself recent activity so this is one of the biggest traps on linked in especially for creatives this only happens in creative groups especially photography groups nowhere else on lincoln does this happen? Photographers go in the creative groups somebody says something the middle aged white angry mail says you're an idiot the other guy goes hey where's the group moderator this guy just called me an idiot I'm not the idiot he's really a bigger idiot and next thing you know you have a strength off five hundred common it's off people just going like I can't believe he said that well, you know you really said something really stupid what you calling me stupid now you're the idiot and next thing you know it's like this whole like blah blah blah and guess whether shows up in your recent activity unlinked in sam smith recently commented on the following article and here is sam smith with fifty articles calling people idiot stupid more on etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Now remember what clint's it linked in google search has come up before facebook results before all of other results, so here you are in your professional network and you've just blew it. So when people do that what I do in my group, I just throw them out. I have zero tolerance for childish behavior, and I actually do them a favor by undermining the ability to throw a temper tantrum, I might just have saved them from losing their next job because anyone, anyone in the business world well google you before they work with you. And so when someone does call you an idiot, how you respond to this will also show up in your recent activity so the way you react to somebody going off on you can either help we'll hurt you. So be mindful what you post and how you respond to that so reasoned activity the trap for creatives recommendations recommendations are awesome because they and I mean the rial recommendations, not just sort of the quick ones where people, you know, does darryl know about photography and then I pop up, you know, these like fifty things, and then I click a couple of them and then it says hotel, you'll be how to said, you know about photography so that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking I'm talking about recommendations, you know, in the good recommendations. So the recommendations and here's a word about testimonials, testimonials and recommendations don't say to somebody. Hey, can you give me a recommendation, but help them give you the kind of recommendation that you want them to give so you can say haste, effort when? When you and I will. When? When we were working together at corpus. Um, you know, that thing that we did together, whatever that thing wass right? Can you can you give me a recommendation on how how efficient I was with the systems and the materials that provided the sales team? Because I, you know, I could really use a recommendation the talks about sort of the sales portion of things, because that would really help my profile. Now he knows exactly what to do. What I sometimes does actually give people a suggestion or two. And as a here to ideas that you can either take or adjust as you deem fit, which I have provided for you for time saving his purposes, if you ok with that, that would be great if you want to change it or based on our last conversation, what you said, please allow me to just put this in my words, but feel free to change it. But I liked it so much what he had said to me and how much you enjoyed working with me on the sales project, but I really feel that would add value to to my lincoln and in return to let me know on what I can do for you to give you in return a a recommendation on your linked in profile, what are you looking for? So, that's, how you get these recommendations and testimonials is by again, you know, making this sort of eight a two way street, what you do not do you're not a photographer somewhere that I've never worked with, and then you ask me to give you a recommendation based on what, so don't go to people asking for recommendation that you don't even know or you have never worked with, because why would you? So, you know, it's, just good form on good etiquette because unlinked in people really look for good etiquette skills and skills and endorsement endorsement, so on the skills you know, these points that we talk about, they are you can edit them so linked in has in algorithm, where they pull out based upon your profile and who you're connected with randomly, a serious of skills that all of a sudden show up in your profile, and it says beyond two knows about waiting photography, I do because I have a connection off many photographers a lot of the photographers are connected with the tag wedding photography so they are thinking that if I'm in that you know, ever so much with photography probably I know something about photography same thing was art direction next thing I know you know about two knows about our direction I do I really don't are directions not my forte I used to be a producer so then what thes skills show up for everybody else you know, all of a sudden if you've ever been to linked in just pops up and it says, hey, does your connection beyond to know about our direction and wedding photography and you go like I'm going to do the gala favor? Yes, yes, next thing I know, I have five hundred endorsements on wedding photography and people think I'm a specialist on wedding photography, so what you do is you actually go to where the skill section is and you click on it you can delete tax that are not relevant and you can re sort them in the order you want them to show up. So when I started to go more in the corporate world, you know, with the women's code and I added women's issues and gender equality, what I did is I got rid ofthe wedding photography and art direction even though I'd hundreds of endorsements on those and I put the things that I want to be recognized for it mohr on top as I'm putting out more articles and people are reading more articles now what I'm doing is I'm getting the skills and endorsements from people that are now in h r that our cfo ceos which now way aa lot heavier in my profile because now they're coming from the right kind of people it does not help me very much if a photographer endorses me for wedding photography not not for what I'm doing right? So if a photographer endorses me for social media or for marketing or for training and speaking that's a totally different story so I go I delete the tax that are not relevant to me that I don't want to have in there so you can actually change is a great feature in linked in that really helps you to formulate and you can actually create new attacks on your own and put him in the first but even if zero people have endorsed you for it so you have full power and control over your linked in profile the next thing I want you to d'oh is I want you to look at the influences and followers and what you see on this slide is that there's richard branson which clinton who clinches talked about he has seven million followers jack welch has four million followers deepak chopra has three point nine million followers and even certain people that are relatively unknown outside sort of the business world have a relative you can have a large number of followers based upon the articles that they're right and because people just happened to like what they say and then they follow them so you can be following people that are influencers but you can't follow everybody else unlinked in so here's how you use that for business, the people who are going to be your ideal clients find them follow them so you know what they're doing? Why it is reason for connection they've writes something shall they art shell there being along from publishing that resonates with you? You sent them a direct message and the way you sent them a direct messages because in their profile it shows which groups that there are in and guess which groups you're going to be joining the very groups that your clients potential customers are in not your peer groups, which we'll talk about this in a second so if you are in the same group now you can send them a message because group members can send each other messages without having to be connected and all you do is you say, hey, I really liked what you wrote make it personal and here's why make you know it's the quality off the connection you know, auras jen would say the intention intentional connection is super important because you want people to recognize you know that you are actually connecting with them on a really authentic left full so they know you read it. You paid attention to it now you really whoa, you know oh, that's very nice. What you don't do is you don't say, hey, I read your article about some business related topic and I am selling photography and I thought it would be really good for you to tio talk to me so I can provide photography services for you when can we talk? You will be deleted and and flagged as a spam a faster than anybody can say hello. So that's bad for you. The focus is always on the relationship remember on the connection first, so if people like you and online, it just takes a little bit longer because it's not like, you know, I look a kinnah and I look at a beautiful, smiling face and now she looks like a really nice, interesting person, you know, I want to hang out with her, that just doesn't happen online like that. So, you know, I would have to connect with ken a couple of times I that girl's a hoot, maybe, you know, we we we should next time I'm in seattle, maybe we should like connect to a meet up and see how we get along and you know so it just takes a longer time to warm up people on unlinked in or on the internet in general so don't take that part personal but flattery is always good flattery always works I read this and inspired me I heard about this you touched on a nerve the topic you mentioning is really important and here's why I couldn't agree with you more because of this I have heard about something that I thought you might find interesting which follows the article you just wrote I don't know if you're familiar with this or if you're interested in this I have a connection to such and such person so if you would like me to make your connection between the two of you will be happy to do that just because I thought what you write what you wrote was really, really profound this is how the long form publishing goes in so you now following the right people and you study what they what they write you study their headlines, you study what they do uh the long form publishing is really blogging on linked and they just call it long from publishing I think they call it long from publishing just because they don't want to call it blogging and you know he is his the phantom foe so you see in my in my linked in account and I do this on purpose I use relatively few generic images because I want to make what I do very personal because that's my that's the brand I choose to do in lincoln why? Because everybody else uses generic photos if everybody else uses generics photos what will I not do? Yes and even if everybody says you know unlinked and you need to use business photos I will be the only one who will not be using business photos on linked in just because I think I get sort of more attention and so I make this like a whole selfie think right so here's me with elisa gibbons that article we talked about had twenty four thousand bates so here's an article I was incredibly successful that's called it it's not if it's how it had a whooping one hundred forty four reads on it very successful so I thought I'd put that india even even surpassed by the success of this article called the one minute connection which had eighty one reads so it's very easy to see what resonates and what doesn't and which headlines a toad well duds and which headlines work so here's a b how to deal with messy people that was actually a great a great little story this how I come up with my stuff so I'm going to germany to see my family my mom is eighty it isjust like family pure liken injections liken I family I v I mean it's happening long before I think they wait for me to come with all the mess so it's like phone calling, you know I mean going back and forth and the msm like what's happening here so I'm going and I'm complaining tio my man and I said I can't take it I can't take it why is this happening? He said, oh people are messy, people are messy what's that even mean and he says, well, people are just missing, you know, people have feelings have emotions that don't do what you expect them to do, their like, messy, you know, emotionally messy and so I kept thinking about it, thinking about thinking about it and I'm going to germany and I am in the middle of this, like, you know, family storm with rain good, and I'm going I have to write about this, but I have to write about this in such a way that it doesn't violate my my brand rules, right, which is no dirty laundry because but a certain vulnerability so I choose the article as how to deal with missy people and to my great surprise, it got about three thousand beats and people were, you know, and I said, well, you know, here I am with my family it's messy so what I learned following my own formula what I learned from this messiness with family because my family has a thing when my brother has a thing with my sister and there's a thing with my mother like a thing that we all have so I called it a thing I made it nothing I said so for everybody who has a thing here you are my three tips on how to deal with messy people and then I gave him my three tips and people responded to that they said, you know, I never even thought about it like that but that was really good thank you for sharing that. Yes, we definitely have a thing, you know? And then I took it back sort of to business so that's when you when you get better at it there's always an angle you can use on what happens to you and how you can turn that around and put that into a format that is relevant for even a form oh, an outlet, a social network like like lincoln now what this added is that on each of the long from publishing articles at the bottom you can add three tags so it's like you know it's like the equivalent of a hashtag but lincoln has predetermined what those tags are which I think is very, very smart and which is in complete contrast to the instagram come and joe hannah that you made earlier. Where you say, you know, on instagram, I can't even get creative with my hashtag on linked. And they've taken now because of the profession. See, exactly, polar opposite of that, they said, we do that. But you have to stay within the parameters because we want people that one marketing or sales or whatever advised to have these things pop up relatively quickly.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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