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Business Has Changed

Lesson 3 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Business Has Changed

Lesson 3 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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3. Business Has Changed

One-way selling doesn’t work, you must build relationships. Beate explains how to get started.


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Business Has Changed


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Lesson Info

Business Has Changed

Business has changed um the business has changed in in such a way that we don't have the selling the one way selling and you see this in the workbook now I have that written down on page forwards as one way selling versus relationship selling and I would like to invite you to sort of think about this a little bit with me so a one way selling would be to say, you know, like the linked an email I got this morning hi, my name is scott, I'm selling these services what do you think there is no conversation going on because he's telling me and all I can do is say yes or no or go away because there's no relationship there's no benefit no enough no fee gin and that there's nothing in there for me right is just like we were hoping that this was coming at the right time and it's not you know. So what are some of the things that you guys can think about that are one way selling versus relationship selling? Have you ever had an experience? Jen? You see it quite frequently now where people are and ...

you're going to step into this I'm sure in the next coming days so I'm really looking forward to your perspective on how to how to bring some person personal ms to it, but they're now in the in the marketing campaigns of thiss free opportunity and then then you watch a video and then you walk through a funnel and you never actually interact with a human being at all it's it's it's very sterile and in some ways it comes across as if you've created report with them but it's still not a relationship it's a it's a it's a false relationship and so that's that's something that is very prevalent in the market and after having walked down those trails a few times really wanting to have the opportunity to connect with that person and not not being able to bring the two dots together I'm left dissatisfied with what I thought was you know, the potential relationship and that's something that that I see that is in the market right now I think that's a really great great comment and to make because we will talk about some of the funnel building because we all have to build the funnels to you know, to get the lead generation in but the trick really is is to get from that love off process back to the love off the people because if that you know that's why I have so many of the geeks have been so successful in these internet marketing businesses because they were able to figure out the process and so there are a lot of them out there in the market selling their goods saying, you know we are having this great a process that we've developed all you have to do is just follow a process and a process will work unless that human element the relationship element comes in it will only work for people that are just like that people that don't really want to deal with other people but that's not where the trends are the trends are that there has to be a genuine authentic connection with the person that you want to do business with and the the conversation is much longer then we used to have you know like the walk in the store they buy stuff and then they leave and if you're lucky to tell their friends about that's not not no longer the case it's like if they love somebody they'll tell everybody about it you know that's the amplification we talked about it and if they hate it they tell even more people about it so so it's all part of sort of this process anybody else has like a one way selling example oh good more of a comment ghost I just had this kind of lecture with my with my daughter about how do you how do you maintain your friendships and how do you um how could how you well liked at school and it's all about being the person that's asking the other person questions and not being you know the person that's telling you telling everybody else their stories and who they are you need to be the listener and you need to be the one asking the questions because people love to talk about themselves and that's creating the connection that makes you well liked that makes people want to come to you, and I think that that translates into the business world, you know, just perfectly absolutes about absolutely because it has said part about where if if you ask me questions and I can tell you what I'm really thinking, I've read the statistics yesterday I was reading this book five love languages, and he says this is the disease says the average personally listens seventeen seconds before the interrupt you, so if we may be stretched it out twenty five that were already pretty good, but it really is about the asking the question listening to it and then and then formulating your solution based upon what you're really hearing from your client and in business often times were so in love with our own products or own processes that we forget that it's about fine tuning these processes to make him fit for our our clients, you know, and I have another example. I just let my housekeeper's go last week, not likely, but you know, she keeps telling me and what her processes are and I'm like, look, I'm paying your money to help me make my life easier if you can't make my life easier I cannot work with you so I had to let her go I'm going to find somebody who actually is in service to me so that I don't have to stress that on top of everything when the housekeeper I mean who needs that all right can I just I just wanted to chime in because people are timing in as well and it's here you know as well three eighteen media was saying you know saying yeah all the random e mails from internet marketers no relationship there at all on dh yeah the automated pretend relationships tomorrow heart is talking about just don't work for her so people have a lot of experiences of feeling that one way selling automated pretend relationships like that that's a good term uh very good all right so what do we want instead so instead of this here I am this is what I have do you like me? The question is is this right for you thus this fit for you instead of saying I am the hidden gem and uh expecting others to find you on the hidden jim I have to tell the story so it's that I was in in in the class was teaching a photography class and this one woman says well I consider my work like a pearl in the oyster and without thinking I blurted out I could like waiting for the diver so if you are hiding your stuff and you're waiting for someone at some point to come and discover you that's not gonna happen so it really is about building the authority building the tribe because the tribe creates the proof they speak for you they say if you work with darryl if you work with jin, you get all of that because he's awesome she's awesome john rocks you know so it's about that have them talk for you and have them have you tried to defend you and there's? Actually I don't think I have this in there there's actually four stages to it so the first stage is when you go out on the market is that people say you have no right to be here and they're really mean and you get a lot of nasty comments. The second step off the social networking phenomenon is now it gets eerily quiet nobody talks to you nobody thank you you're blogging you're typing updating you doing is sending things out all you ever get us up and you're thinking, ok, I'm going to do this for like another month or so and then I'm folding because I'm getting zero feet back at least they're not hating you my brother said to me when I was at that stage, he says, oh no, no, no you badges that you've got it all wrong, they're listening so that's what they're doing they're listening they're listening on whether what you say or do is come crew ind consistent, authentic and makes a lot of sense right now we're going into the third phase of it they're talking back oh, what you wrote, what a brilliant idea really liked that last port post now you having this conversation in the fourth stage of the social network phenomenon is and then they're defending you against the newbies that are coming in they said she doesn't know what she's talking about and then like ten, you know warriors on white horses come to your rescue and they say, oh no, but she does it is you who doesn't know, but she does know so that's how this authority part really works is you you know you have to pay your dues and when you are established as that, then people will really stand up for you and and connect with you on that level and and to have that kind of conversation but it does take time for sure let's talk about the new buyer and I showed you them I showed you the slide on how it sort of changes with the baby boomers how much buying power they have, but you know that means to one extent that if you are going only after the baby boomers, you probably still have a good business proposal just for a period of time just because of an age issue but for anybody who is serious and business and is actually going through the energy time and effort to building a business right now, you do have to incorporate the millennials because it's the it's the biggest group they are going to be that's where the money is going to be right. So what does the new by a neat the new bio needs incentive the new buyer needs community they need to feel that they're a part ofthe I tried part of something, you know that matters and we had that, you know, when we were having a pre production meeting yesterday, what was so nice about it? You know, because we have this common goal, we want to inspire people we want to put this together so it really felt like we connected very quickly and had this sort of team his team effort going absolutely so the other and you have to give him a reason to buy from you. Why you by you? Why would I buy from you? Um because I'm the only one not because you're the only one because you're the logical choice and because you and I have a relationship at that time and I have built that relationship, so when that comes that you are the only person I can possibly think about to do but that takes time and we talk about that in just a little bit sort of what? Because as a few elements that really go into this s o the reason they have to be a reason and you have to give them the reason you have to give them the reason and the reason often ties into your story and I talk about this all the time I have raised a daughter by myself as a single mom and immigrant so to me one of my big reasons and why I do what I do is because it was so unbelievably difficult and so hard that I wanted as I came out on the other side to share this information so that creatives and especially women I could have this information available to them so they wouldn't have to do what I had to do that it doesn't have to be that hard that is a great reason for somebody to come to me because they're like well if they believe me which I hope they do they know this is a no nonsense cut through the noise focus on what you really need to know is it doable executed will plan that's that's my reason testimonials and peer approval so there is nothing like a photographer who has one point five million instagram followers who is up for the same job that a traditional photographer who has a portfolio a website that does not allow interaction who do you think's going to get the job? The photographer with the one point five million followers does why? Because that company is desperate led by baby boomers most likely to reach that generation and with that job come one point five million hits to you know, to amplify their message which is huge. So that's why the authority is important the authority is not so much important so that you can feel good about yourself. The authority is because it establishes you without a doubt by the proof off everybody in the interactions that air coming toward you they elevate you to that authority status they thank you they believe in you they have you know this does wow, you got to check her out. That woman knows what she's talking about. That is how you sell stuff today and ideally they believe in your mission and it cannot be about money right now in this environment it just can not be about money because in the millennial studies and we'll talk about this when we are in the lead generation day on just what millennials really think so just trust me on that it has to be a mission you have to have a mission today so let's talk about what the new bio dislikes and again you know in the workbook there's a space is here for you to write things down and as I am talking about this I like you to really just think about you know, how does this relate to your business and same for the life for the life audience? So when we talk about what your buyer dislikes, think about what you have heard from the people that do business with you or that have not done business with you, what did they say? What was it that was in the way off you getting that job so buyers dislike victim mentality? Can I have said this many, many times and forgive me if you if you if you're one of them middle aged white, angry photographers are not hirable darryl say what? What, what what you said when I said that in the class I'm not angry upset middle aged photographer that's angry at the at the world but now not really, but I do hear that a lot and I've, you know, come across that of course and, you know, various online spaces where photographers want to talk about the way it used to be versus the way it is now and so very familiar with that rung true when you said that yes, exactly and so and you said that you said the key word on that they're really angry about the way it used to be okay for anybody who's been in photography long enough it was beautiful back in the days I mean only rich kids could do photography or a protege of somebody it was expensive there was no trial there I mean, you know, you had to like a learn it and do it there was no other way so and the value of photography today is so different all the value ofthe creativity is so different because especially the millennials, they're born with this stuff so is it good or bad that they are so proficient with creating art and creating photography and videos and all that stuff? Well, who is there to say it is this is the way it is? And I think it's kind of nice that we have that creativity available to us because it is an incredibly creative generation, so sleazy sales pitches are a guaranteed turn off and a sleazy sales pitch is always what you recognize this sleazy sales pitches that start with a lot of eyes um I have a product that you need to know about I have been in this industry for ten years and this is the best thing that I've seen you know, so it's the ii and not once are there telling me what's in it for me what's in it for me you making your commission? You're selling something that's great for you but we can we can smell these bad sales pitches like a like a rat egomaniac statement there's been something on facebook which was unbelievably disturbing that I saw yesterday was a veterinarian who I went with a bow and arrow and kill the cat and she thought it was a federal kit but it really was the neighbors get that had gone missing and so she is on you know, in the statements she's making is like yeah I got that and it was easy you know? I mean it was like this boat bolster a statement and you look at things like what's wrong with you two to take pride or joy into something doing something this atrocious needless to say you know she's got fired from a job is a bit better nearing I'll be very surprised if she'll ever be a vet again in her entire life. So be careful what you put out there and make sure that that it's it's a sensitive enough but that was one of those things the's egomaniac statements and the mom goes maybe the mom made a statement to saying yeah yeah she was really good I mean, you know, she took like a half an hour but then she had I mean go girl like uh bad bad, bad, bad bad so all these times of egomaniacs statement are just not good right make it about everybody else make it about helping make it about supporting but don't make it about yourself um irrelevant info so here's an example I use go to meeting for my my online classes, which works really really well because you know we can see each other we can video conference so go to meeting now has come up with a new product and because I like go to meeting I said, well let's do the you know let's do the demo they couldn't get the demo together three times, so now I will never watch the demo again because I don't have time to waste on on something that I would have given them an opportunity to show me that they can then not deliver so the time is so incredibly precious right now that what you set out in front of people has to be absolutely spot on and the worst worst part is if you give them too much off anything that they don't want at the buyer and that includes I think everybody in here like who wants to be bombarded every day within with an email it's like what is it the aaron brothers where'd get my pictures framed and then you go on the mailing list and they literally sent your coupon every single day really what we're going to do with that with a framing coupon every how how many times do you think I'm going to go? So you have to think this through the frequency with which you contact your tribe it has to be in relationship off how often they're actually going to be using your product. So if you have a seasonal product, you want to create a campaign. That launch is just before the season, and then give them a break over the summer when they're not doing anything. Or, um, you know, think about, think about a c p a. Do you want to hear from a c p a in july? I know you want to hear from a c p a in the beginning of the year, and you want to hear from the cpi a, somewhere, maybe around september, october. Hey, you know, we're going to third quarter. How you doing with your with your finances? Should we talk about it? So be smart about what your business actually requires, and how. How does this relate to the client? What do they really want to hear about?

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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