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Lesson 13 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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13. Workshopping

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Here is brian tracy and may and I have a really great story to tell about brian tracy um brian tracy is a very very well known author and trainer and he talks about business building motivation about you know, client relationships and I when I first started out in the space I was his celebrity wrangler at a conference because what I did is I started to offer my services for free to so I could work at the conference is that eventually I wanted to run on my own so I learned all the inner inner workings of it so I was lucky and brian tracy was wrangled by me and he is just this wonderful genuine really really nice guy and so everywhere you go there's like people mr tracey mr tracey mr tracey mr tracy and so he go two steps we stop somebody gives him something he looks at any tasting is this thank you we go to census transit mr tracy so it took us like fifteen minutes to make about a distance from here to there and I said to him you know mr tracy I just want you to know I'm here to help yo...

u to get to your car so you just need to let me know and I will shield you from the world and he said to me and it's something I will never never forget and have since made my own mantra he said to me oh, no says every person matters and with such a small, powerful statement, you know? And when I brought my book and I sent it to him and he sent me this most generous feedback on on the book oasis is an amazing book, a guide and hunt. But for every woman who wants health, happiness, love and success in a fulfilling career, brian tracy, that made me feel really, really, really special. So it just shows you one encounter one interaction, one meaningful, powerful interaction can create a connection that you have for a long time that will pay off, uh, big time. So before we go workshopping, what I would like to do is I would like to just take our audience through our through the wind, the website, because we were talking about gift and lee generators and all kinds of things. So there's, you know, for full disclosure, we're doing this sort of for two reasons. Number one I want you to see really, what? The examples are that I am using myself so you can see what the stuff is that works out there. So if I was you, I would go there and I get them all, all right, so it is time for work shopping, so what I would like to do now is to have you take the workbook and this is one of the workbook exclusives that we will be working on right now. It's on page number twenty and now that you've heard all of this out there about what andrea said, what I have said I went through all of this, I want you to just spend a moment and right down which three things that you have hurt resonate with you that you can't commit to getting started with us blogging video flogging, publishing insides paper early generation what resonates with you and while you do that, I'm going to chat with my girl can over here so what's going on in the chapmans what I want to know while we're workshopping this is have you tried any of any of these things that ended up not fitting you like that? You thought ok, well, maybe this is going to be what I resonate with in terms of whether it was, you know, flogging, blogging, whatever of all of those options, yes, and how did you find out that it wasn't the one for you? Okay, so this is where I let my hair down and talk about the stuff that doesn't look good good point, so um yes, I really like instagram I don't think it likes me bacchus much my daughter loves instagram and really likes her back so I found that I don't know if I'm told for instagram or not interesting enough or if I I'm not narcissistic enough I kind of can't really figure it out I like instagram it just doesn't like me back so instagram is not only generated from it just isn't you know, so people I use it because I like it benefit from my business zero really I have done a very, very expensive women online course which I've created which was based on this work life balance thing that was very expensive trial and error which has not paid off yet to this day it is excellent and the women that have gone through the program think it's excellent but I just cannot get the time commitment from busy women to take that course because it is so complex so I either have to go and you know, that's I think uber engineered something and I made it so complex I mean it's a it's, a most powerful game changer and the whatever three hundred women that have gone through it it's phenomenal, but I just can't get the quantity interested to going through this so I had to change my strategy on that and now with the a corporate side of things what it will be it will be the continuing a program on the corporate probe so as I'm going into corporations now and train them on gender equality and women's leadership I know for a seat fee will offer this you know as a three months continuities program that they'll get for low seat fee to keep the women in the program which in corporate training is incredibly important to have the you know the continuities so you don't just go in and train once and then they fall through the cracks so will it eventually will it eventually pay off I think so has it no and it's I mean that was the biggest chunk of money I've ever put in but you know I filmed it my speaker rio has has a lot of experts out of it so I use it today and this is often what happens that in the content stuff that we are not clear about is so I had intended it for this right I wanted to sell it as an online course but that's not happening so what I got out if it was my speaker riel so now when I go and I'm up for a speaking job so people say well tell us about your speaking I said let me send you my book and then I sent them the book and then I said if you want to know how our interact with an audience why don't they give you access to my online course so now they have me on two days on sixteen hours and you know the benefit is they can take the course for free if they want to is my gift to them because they're the hiring manager or they can't just look in into it and say, oh, wow, you know, now we see how interactive she is, how she talks, so she communicates with that method, I'm nailing as so far of nearly one hundred percent of every inquiry on the speaking side, so is it paying off? Yes, but, you know, often times it's not that way and what andrea said, I think they're important for you all to know and remember is when you create the content it's like, you know, it feels really disjointed and very a d d she had that right? So she put it out, put it out, put it up, put it out, and then all the side is like, the magic happens and it comes in and all of a sudden oh, this could be over there that could be the special report. This is the webinar this is the pod cat, the podcast. This is the podcast that I couldn't convert, but I'm going to give the podcast away for free as the gift. If they come to my web site now, that's, how I'm going to need, I'm not using it to regenerate in the podcast I'm using it as delete generation small adjustments so you know, with the free photograph with the report, what millennials the ten things millennials must know before they buy a house you know, like, you know, the what does anybody need to know about a house buying a house? You know, it's all the same stuff is just that your language is adjusted sort of accordingly, the special report is, you know, how to make any product look brilliant, but you know, that is sort of a little r they're really worried about it. No, they're not because they are you klein's, another word on what it looks like that's your problem on what it looks like, they will know what it is, what the problem was once you solved it, but they don't know that the problem is a problem before they met you, right? So so it would have to be something that is a secret that comes from someplace where you come in and you share you are ah case study example in your case, it's probably a case study example thinking about it now where I would where what's the content is, you know, I think the biggest fear in your world, you know, this my brain thinking is just doing all kinds of things, so in your particular case, I think what's happening now people going to be worried about the made in usa and made in china stuff right? So it's going to be increasingly important to sort of address that um for your clients because people increasingly want to buy products that I made locally it's just a huge trend that we see increase over and over and over again so you want to build up these relationships with the people that are also manufacturing here and you know, perhaps race that in that special report and saying until we you know we're building the manufacturing back up here in the meantime let's focus on making this stuff look really, really really good so within that you know and that's where you try the language out a couple of different ways to see how does that resonate with with anyone yeah so you've been nodding I know something's going on john tell me I agree with a lot less and just thinking about for me on got that kind of things here talking about on the block book and youtube but can I see it all camp one thing that I could do they all kind of relate and so they would be um you know they're each like thirty percent okay so you almost get two hundred percent on for one if that makes sense yes. So blogging and video in a book and the book okay and you have an idea about the book it um yeah, I'm actually working on a book of kind of bellevue in my childhood and just the photography of house change and my memory of it how does it help your business? Um it's just uh can't can't building um ah base has a lot of photography that like this can be really careful with that and you know why is that it's all about you to get people interested in all about you you have to be hillary clinton or kim kardashian kim kardashian is twenty three million twitter followers so so that's the point I'm glad you know and you know I always say this up front you know I do call you out you know sometimes it's hot sometimes it's sunshine you know we don't know but you stand as an example for so many people that are watching and who are about to make those you know those take those very steps and so what my objective really is is too as you sort of venturing out I'm going thin eyes sit eyes and you know carefully get you back so a book about yourself it is very difficult because how you're going to get people interested in a book about you even if it's a book about bellevue but it's still your memory so how could you so the question would then be how can you turn it so that it becomes a piece that's interesting too many many, many more people so that would be my my homework for you good it's just going to say that if he did hear it towards bellevue and asking question hey remember when did you grow up when this was like this and then you know, have a picture and check it out now you know here it is today so that you're you're bringing people into it that way you're asking them a question do you remember when and that way you're getting you're building an audience there you know build you right who you know are your around your age and can you be older than you when everything you d'oh you stepping out this is the brand so what does the brand need to grow what does the brand need for somebody to be interested in this what's the need to say what's it need to be that's the that's the you know that's the agenda so book yes a book about you probably not a book about something that's of interest to many people perhaps suffered what are you going to start with when you comfortable with um I will start on the blogging side of things I think in terms of the vehicle yes syria was blogging logging I think you'll be really good at it too yeah okay and photography yeah for and logs yeah ok good very, very good, very good. I also have put on page twenty one I have put sort of a little advantages and disadvantages thing there for you and what I want you to do with that on you can do that now, or you can do that later and, you know, obviously for everybody who was watching this's where I sometimes it takes a little bit more time to make a decision like, you know, with the book, so this is where you would write down the advantages and disadvantages so it's, just another tool to help you kind of get really clear, uh, who I know is going to know what what she's going to do is jan, go ahead, thank you don't need to bring the whole wheel out for you. Yes, and actually, I have ah, something already created in the listening of a spiritual entrepreneur over that I'm a member of, and what I've been doing is I've been mentoring people, businesses, all that behind the scenes and google on one of the things that you you had mentioned about you too was that, and also andrea brought it up about how it's a really awesome search engine, one of the beauties of google hangouts, is that it? When it's recording? If you do a hangout on here, it actually is transcribing everything that's being said, and all your keywords air being automatically created and so I've been having conversations on hangouts on air that have been private and I've been leading a global media team and mentoring them all in and, you know, causing things in the world and I created the opportunity of within the spiritually entrepreneurs group of having google hangouts where we have masterminds of what it is like, well, pick a subject matter well, we'll all sit around and talk about it and somebody will share some tips and some pointers and everything and we'll just mastermind about like, how to be a spiritual intra preneurs on twitter right now who is your audience on twitter bubble blah like how do you how do you have run a virtual business like how do you connect? Which is one of my strong suits in my web design and my online corroborate collaboration mentoring is how do you how like your business everywhere and and how that be that you're you're able to work with your virtual assistance and and then you're whatever you know contractors like how do you do that online? And so that's one of the things that I see is a powerful tool and then it would be something that I could showcase on my block it would be something that I could share publicly and it and then draw everybody back to my website and then have youtube also now allows a pate content right. So you can also charge a membership fee now for the video shoot show so that my tie and really nicely with with with what you do so great. So you already having other bigger ideas? Yeah. And I have a group I have. Ah, you know, group that's growing and other groups as well to reach into for the for the people who are going to be on the show. Right? So it wouldn't. I raised on the idea and had several people raise their hand to be the co host. And so it's just it's organically growing within the platform. And I truly see how it's with all of the youtube's following and key word it's just amazing way to play. Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for sharing that it's. Always. You know, jen comes up with all somebody who knows who's listening right now. I had actually had no idea that that there was automatic translation going on and key wording that's incredible, right? Right. But that it's a really powerful way to actually have your yourself. Your authority created semantically in your own language on on both google and youtube. So yes, that's where I'm going to play next.

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