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Creating a Word of Mouth Campaign

Lesson 16 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Creating a Word of Mouth Campaign

Lesson 16 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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16. Creating a Word of Mouth Campaign


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Creating a Word of Mouth Campaign

Let's talk about a word of mouth so word of mouth must one must have while so I give you an example the word of mouth what often you might not know is that in word of mouth you can actually engineer that as a part off your campaign so let's say you go to mcdonald's can anyone guess what mcdonald's word of mouth was when they first came out with it a playground oh, and by the way they have unauthorized happy meal for kids and they have the best playground so you go there you get the food the kids were happy for in our parents are in heaven it is word of mouth it's like did you see that awesome thing you know and it's built in such a way that when you drive by with a car it is the first thing you see from the street. Why? Because they want you to goes like, oh my god and that's what the kids do it like it's a magic that it could be fast asleep and they see a playground and you know and next thing you know they're they up and they must go to make those so many times to just go to make dog...

s not for the food but for the happy meal and for the for the for the playground then you can create like you you what we do in this course in creative life right what we did in the first one what we're doing this one we say get the workbook but you get more than the workbook but we don't tell you that until you hear so we say there's a second thing that you get after the workbook but I'm not telling you what it is you have to wait you have to stay here you have to get this to get the other thing it is intended to want you to have it because what I want to know and remember what happened the last time jen you were there what happened on the third day when we handed out the thing we had what we were just a static like flow that took away like half of the overwhelm and and you know and like it made it so that we wait with the experience was just a breath of fresh er yes I mean it literally was like this we brought the surprise out you know want to know what we're doing on that day and it was spontaneous applause so that is you know, that's that's under promising and over delivering so the part where people talk about them is they'll take thes experiences and they say well, you know you really you really got to do that because you've got to follow the workbook and I get these messages too you know, until today where people always say, you know, and I know when when the course runs again because people go like, oh gosh, I did it and and the workbook and it's so good and so this it's so that I can't believe you made that so easy that difficult things so easy, so you can engineer that in your experience with your customer is you can either do a bigger package a bigger, you know, you give more than you said you were going to do you're going to give a larger portion ofthe something or it has an additional feature that you didn't say it was going to have you give them more time that you promised time is a little difficult, though, because when you do that on a regular base, people think that you give away time for for like it's nothing, and I find that the busier I get the one thing I don't have more of his time, so I got my time very, very wisely and, you know, for the parents among says, we could be spending time with our beautiful children, so I know exactly so you want to be very cautious about where you where you put your time or it could be something thoughtful, unexpected, so people that take a pipe with me they get a special a special gift from me you know, a bag with all kinds of goodies that I had picked for this particular person and all they know is that there's some sort of surprise but they don't know what it is so I want to make sure that these experiences are really good. So just be aware that that you know and I have this on page twenty two in here that you know, think about what is that little something extra that you could deliver to get that word of mouth free is always difficult, especially for the photographers amongst you just going to be warning you with this if you say free is always free sort of creates more expectations of free and we talk about free somebody's been talking about for you quite a bit in here but what I'd rather have you do is then say in the package or in the delivery off what I offer is I have without you knowing this taken an additional shot off this or you get this as I give you a framed something something for your office to hang up on the wall which I like a lot and I like this a lot for the reasons especially for the artist amongst you if you give them something as an additional thank you bonus that they can hang up on the wall or put on their desks make it sure make sure it's in a frame because what are you going to do with the thing that sits there in a frame you're gonna hang it up we got to find a place and even if it's in the hallway ideally in the hallway where people are walking in and guess what it's going to have your name on it so that's like one you know, very simple sort of you know thank you for the great job we've done together a zoo reminder off the great time we had on the shoot please allow me to give to this you know, twenty by thirty print that I have for your convenience framed and my web site address is at the bottom, you know, feel free to hang that up and thank you again what they're gonna do not hang it up it's their job rides their project it's just a particularly great out take off it. So these are sort of thes things was that you know what? That I really like working with the guy because not just that you do a great job, but he also sent me that thing and it's hanging in the office and all of our customers they're coming through they just love it because you know it's so pretty and we're going to use that guy again why wouldn't that? Because you just did something that sort of stands out really appreciate that because I feel as though you're the focus is on the value of the thing itself that extra frame where you know that and what you're saying is engineering that into the hole plan in and of itself those surprises and delights and so for for that photographers say like that was already built into probably his pricing and what what have you but the person didn't necessarily know that and so to them it's the value versus like, oh, this is a free something but this is highly valued something so I really appreciate that yes absolutely so and if you don't talk about it but if you do it then that becomes the thing where people say I don't know if he does this on an ongoing basis because he doesn't advertise that but he sort of did that with me and so if then somebody comes and says so I heard from so and so that you know, I saw this really great print in in the office so whatever you like getting one two or something you know then you know it's working because you're you're now getting this out there and then you say well for clients that are hiring me for a service over whatever two thousand three thousand dollars or whatever that is same thing for you you know when you are furnishing when you're selling a house or a condo like what could you do too? To send them a gift is like I remember when I was leasing my office space and the guy that did the negotiation he sent me a really fancy calculator which I thought was very, very smart because I'm in business he just leased in office space he said men calculus I could count the money uh, which was which was really brilliant. So what could that be? Is it their first meal that you deliver right on said, you know I want you the first meal in the house is on me it's always something different and it depends on the client so the situation over the course of usually ninety days, three months to six months is about average I use that time tio identify what would be really special for them at closing. Um and then just the other week it was they were moving in um on kind of a crazy day and I sent them some pizza with their friends. And then we had a congratulations dinner and I gave my client a really cool thing that I actually had to find on, um, ebay and it's a device that takes tapes and turns them into mp three's that you can put on your computer because my client, when I went through her house, had all of these mixed tapes that she had made in college and they were so I love mix tapes so fun to make them and decorate them and everything but she didn't have a tape player so when we went for our congratulations dinner I gave her this strange device that came from china was like here you get going todo darryl photographed it may look like a million bucks photo was great online you know by the end of this we have your kind of connected very good. Ok, good. All right let's go to the next one. So word of mouth what they will talk about is what extra values delivered uh, how it makes them feel when there's amazing value and if it's controversial an outrageous idea and this by the way, a picture of lisa gibbons, who I met literally two days before she won the celebrity apprentice and this was so funny because I'm speaking in south carolina and my friends came down from columbia to support me and I'm doing my book signing and next thing I know, I'm sitting next to lisa given and she's doing her books as like she has indiana's is kind of funny because you know, they they ordered this many books for her right? And there I was with my tiny little pile of books and there's leeza gibbons you feel you can see her around once I'm like, well, I got a little bit of ways to go here but you know, she was she was she was fabulous, we had we shared a couple of really, really good laughs together because her husband her husband goes because happy woman happy world can I buy one of those I said, how about we do a gift exchange I'll give to you bind and you give me give me your license is we can do that and that's sort of how we how we started talking about it, but that you know, it's all about it's always about finding a hook on getting in to kind of con conversation and a word of my would we didn't cover what they will talk about it's like, you know, when something's going on in their mind when something is when they're thinking about something they will talk about this peer approval peer approval is about peer approval I think is one of the most important things right now in the market because if they say you are awesome and the more of them there are the higher you will rank interactions, especially in a search engine optimization interaction counts big, big, big, big, big, big time and you see in these examples so this is that's the post I was talking about what I said my most women don't make it to the sea level, which you know, and that was in february I had twenty four thousand reads that significant we had four hundred fourteen lives in one hundred forty four comments that's that's that's good and then I had the uae acting like a girl is good for business which was eighteen thousand four hundred fourteen likes funny hold that's exact same number and sixty two comments on dh you know and on the boot camp on how things you know how people kind of like like and share and you see that the google plus it's much much less for me than the facebook so you know that's how I determine sort of what works and what doesn't work is what my tribal what the people that I talked to what you know how they kind of connecting with me now what happens is in the amount of interaction what this actually gives you is also the data you need so the reason my report is called why acting like a girl is good for business it's because of this it wasn't called that before I did that because when I got in one week eighteen thousand people reading that block post with that headline I knew that headline was a winner and I called my advertising writer and I said jessie I said we need to change the headline but you need to give it a subtitle so when something that you do goes viral then you do want to use that in your messaging because if that many people like it, take it verbatim, it's tested and that's what? What? Andreas talked about that's what we talked about earlier, what if if something happens, if something comes in and gets gets a phenomenal, gets a phenomenal feat bag, then that's what we, what we kind of want to use and put it in as many different outlets as possible. So now what we're going to do now is there is a formula that get them talking formula, which is a workbook exclusive, so I want you to go to page twenty three, and this is really about to focus, you know, the while I know, let me let me retract a step back a second, so this is what you want, right? This is not what you're gonna have when you get started. S o in the beginning, you have twenty of thirty of sixty maybe have one hundred forty have maybe two hundred, sometimes you maybe have a thousand of something goes really well, so these numbers and those numbers don't happen all the time. They don't happen to the best of us all the time, but when they do happen is what I'm saying is you need to pay attention to for the stuff that doesn't happen, then the indication is that whatever that is is not working I had one case where changed one word in a headline and then all of a sudden it took off so it's all about this is testing and testing and testing and testing so let's go on dh just make sure that everybody knows we are going to have a question and answer session coming up very soon and we will be talking about what thie audience the life audience if they want what they feel more comfortable creating a word of mouth campaign doing something that's more referral oriented or and we talk about deferrals right after this or if they sort of what they're comfortable with because the the's aspect what we're talking about trying to explain this and sort of so you know my brain just keeps going over time now so here's us here's what we're talking about but you can't do it alone so they have to be another outside thing that you create that helps you to push the traffic that's what I'm trying to talk about so on whether that's a referral whether that's word of mouth but you can you know you can do it all along but it's a lot of work so you want to create why you created something that's already going on out there that helps you sort of build the momentum so if you have a referral program like in the boot camp where one person tells three other people you know that's a much bigger number than just you and one person because that's you one person three people the's the people if they go it's three people thes three you know it's not priest nine people so these people going so it keeps going on endlessly so you want to think in the creation of the platform building about outside of that circle your universe you also want to think about something that comes in that helps you sort of boost that and in the referral program it goes about and I have a ton off referral program ideas just in the workbook here where I give you examples and websites and resource is off where some really cool referral programs are and that's on pages twenty four twenty five and uh twenty six and then on twenty seven so a referral program is also called the loyalty programs have you ever been to the car wash? Get your car washed nine times ten tents get the eleventh one for free get your hair cut a supercuts x amount of times you get the theologian tthe one for free or a twenty percent off for you know the wax or whatever that sort of fits but a lot of people have loyalty programs so loyalty programs reward you with usually a monetary value or a service for people coming to you on, you know, very, very frequently the other aspect you know, the referral program we just talked about and I think I'm gonna have that on here um yeah so this is what I'm talking about so they're joining the boot camp and then they're being asked to refer a friend and when they refer three friends they get a fifty dollars off coupon you know as a thank you but what I also do is also run a contest so they actually entered to win a photo is intensive spot which is six hundred ninety seven dollars so there's you know there's definitely incentive and but I found in the photography world especially said photographers I talked to a lot of other photographers and not not too too many but enough for this to work that might not be the case in every in every kind of category dropbox gives away cloud storage you know try it like refer somebody you get whatever five gigabytes for free and then you get so used to it and you love it it is then they're the largest the generator so drop box says that in two thousand eight they had one hundred thousand registered user fifteen months later they had four million registered users it permanently increased their sign ups by sixty percent that is a significant significant significant number so the examples in the refer approach in the workbook about it for programs are, you know, monetary gift and, you know, and coupons toward towards something that's. Usually what referral programs are done? This is my this is rebecca randall. And she was at the life conference, the one that I was talking about where we are, where we connected it. And we have ah, eunice is all about how women need to start taking better care of themselves. I mean, if you're a working mom, you know exactly how difficult it is to get sort of all of that together. And I was talking about and this is, you know, covered in the book. Happy woman happy world on how women so often forget to take care of themselves, and then they end up kind of unhappy and miserable, right? Because it's, like everybody else comes first husband comes first, the business comes first. This comes versus comes first, and they don't ever take care of themselves. So rebecca, all of a sudden comes to me, and she does this. You see this? Do you see this? Do you see this? And I'm like, what am I looking at? Which is? Do you see this and shows mayor? He actually I have not been to the hairdresser in two years. But guess who goes to the hairdresser regularly, my kids. So if my kids go to the hairdresser all the time, why am I not going to the address all the time? This ends today, this and cia, right now, from here on forward, I'm going to take care of myself, you said, put it in the schedule. I'm going to put my own hair appointments in the schedule, so and every time I see this, because you see how long her air sound there. So it reminds me ofthe it's, often the little things you know, which is why the slide is in here. It's, often the little things that make a difference, you never know who's listening and what they're what they're hearing, um, that will make a difference in somebody's life sometimes is simple, as you need to schedule you on here. Cuts.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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