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Hot Seat: Put Your Story Together

Lesson 21 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Hot Seat: Put Your Story Together

Lesson 21 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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21. Hot Seat: Put Your Story Together

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Hot Seat: Put Your Story Together

Yeah, coming up. So what we're going to do now is we are going to be talking about how we're putting the story together, so just a couple of points while we get the set up is do talk about the background, the challenge, the crisis, the turning point in the victory and what you don't want to talk about is certainly you're not blaming anybody there's no victimization that always goes off on the wrong side and family feuds are very, very delicate, delicate things too talk about so what we are doing now in our awesome hot seat with the fabulous cat is we're going to put your story together so here's here's, what I have to say and this is not scripted, so I was watching yesterday when I came, when I came back, I went to the gym and I took my ipad and I was listening to you know, what we were talking about on the authority platform down and I kept looking at you and I noticed something about you, which is there's a lot off this something underneath that I want to get to today because I want ...

you to walk away with even if you don't know what it is that you what comes after this, but what my desire for you is is too help you with getting that confidence. Because I think that sums happened where somebody you know took a big step but the confidence and we want to find that first part of the threat so you can start getting that back and building that back up that said sound okay, so it might get a little emotional, so I just have to bear with me and be strong tissues that right here I know I'm prepared and I want to hear I want to hear his story. What happened? Okay, well, I guess my story would be that, uh, for twenty three years I've been working for a large company and I think having a daughter having a family, um, losing both my parents the last three years working for a big company that in my eyes it's a great company don't get me wrong it's given me so many wonderful things in my life, but how my really contributing to the world in a meaningful way, photography for me has always been a passion um always and so with the being home page for me, it was a way of celebrating beautiful, intriguing photography and that has that has driven me the past, you know, five, six years um, but in the end, it's still, um, feeding this large corporation and that what is that company really doing in my eyes? We're creating couch potatoes so everything is digital right everybody's on their screens twenty four seven um and worry are creating things that make it easier for people to live that way um and I guess it's that realization that you know now that I you know, getting older what's my purpose what's my purpose in life um I started you know, really digging into what life is about and, um the morality of humans in general and um started just really saying I'm not going toe say I don't want to see this I don't want to know this as a human don't I owe it to myself to know how we're living and and that meant you know what I'm eating you know, I started watching the pita videos quite honestly and it's changed has changed everything for me um I want to get people tio consciously think about everything that they're doing it do you realize that when you get into an elevator with another human being and you're on your phone you're missing an interaction that could be quite meaningful and um when you're eating you know an animal that never ever had a life um and it's kind of hard to explain but so I know what I do really well I um I know when an image is effective when it intrigues people when it moves them forward to click it tells a story how do I translate that into making a difference so I was like well now if I can take what I dio tell those stories but the stories that maybe people maybe it makes them uncomfortable or but it's opening their eyes tio living a more purposeful conscious life and not just you know a digital a life that makes sense okay so the conflict that you are feeling is is it about the not knowing on how to now translate that dissatisfaction into what comes after is it about the void tell me a little bit about that was that feel like I just I want to make a difference I'm you know we're all only here for for so long so what can I d'oh to make an impact in the world and open people's eyes of getting those stories that I think are so necessary for people to hear um you know getting them tio to take that conscious leap and say I'm you know not on and I hate to get on this kind of platform but maybe I shouldn't be eating bacon it sounds you know I don't know sound tenet of preachy but it's just like so you feel okay so there's a lot of emotion attached this that's what I was picking up when I was talking about yesterday which is why you know what what what I was watching which is why I wanted to talk to you so here's sort of you know now my my brain's kickin so here's some of some ideas on how I think this could be turned for you so part ofthe thie the rial nous the authenticity off what you're doing it's like it's almost like a journey inside it's like ok photography oftentimes has become now sort of the outward look at me narcissism ultimate narcissistic platform the more likes I have well people respond to it the cooler I am so what if we were to go it it almost from you know a perpendicular angle and we say wait a minute wait going against that were going to say stop it's not about likes it's not about flashy there's a site boop instagram account okay it's everything about site boobs that would be the anti to everything you are. So what if we what if what you're doing now sort of becomes the search off and not search of morality but the search off the rial emotion behind the story because part of what I am seeing and that is I think the disillusionment that use you that I'm hearing from you is what is it about it's about sensationalism it's about kardashian's about you know who got pregnant by whom is all about these things that really sort of don't matter so if it about if it is about story telling that matters that actually moves lives that has a background that has a really emotion attached to it where people say I feel something compared to oh I see I feel part off and this is sort of where what you're feeling fits in with what the market is doing so in the corporate portion that I do in the women's code there is a big discussion about masculine and feminine and what we seeing especially corporate america is that everything was set out for the alpha male the masculine the winner the competitive winner and it goes by the I win you lose but here is the influx of feminine and so we have sixty three percent of college graduates being women in most parts especially the united states so now this influx coming into this masculine world and its disastrous so on lee the awful women are surviving and the women that have sort of the more feminine traditional feminine qualities the community since are left behind oh there's the emotion right there so the objective is to say it's coming it's coming and it's coming in a big way and you better get ready for this because if you continue the old way and this influx of feminine I feel not I think I feel is coming and you are not ready for I feel you will fail because you will fail to appeal to at least fifty to sixty percent off the people that are with you can you afford that so if we can find within that softness that I'm sensing about you I'm getting emotional now within that softness that I sense if we're finding that hook to say stop stop it is not mohr is not further it's not farther it's not boulder it's not more winning it's about the people how do they feel allow me with my craft my background to save you from I think and help you to get to I feel so if I was you and I'd be as strongly emotional as you are about this and you are because it's really bothering you on a very very fundamental deep level so you need to use that to advantage this is how you flip it you say what I stand against is the corporate greed is just rushing for something that you don't even know what it is to achieve a better quality off life that isn't even defined let me help you with the image portion because this connects with the millennials we were talking about in great positioning for you this connects with the millennials who all assume that all corporations are greedy bastards that's what they are up against and that's why we have all these corporate initiatives with all these leaderships and all these other things what if you could find that angle to come in from this feminine problem solving let's tell the story in images that make people feel something now you have a positioning that's congruent with who you are it goes away from the portfolio reviews that everybody else does and then all they do is they just throw out technical data that's not once about but I think if you take the position of saying everybody stop because that's what you're doing so he is your story I wass passionate about photography, I I dedicated my life to telling good stories he is the third party villain and then big corporate america started to make it all about money all about, you know, clicks all about keeping people in their micro universe to not ever have them leave because that's how they can get the most bang and buck out of them just squeeze it all out you stand against that here's your turning point, I left it all behind turning point I came up with an idea that was born out of this desperate desperation off mine. I could not be part of this anymore and I said something up that is, you know, safe the story save the soy telling and photography tell stories that make people feel and not just be shocked in a quick flash offered, hitchcock said, when you see an explosion it's a quick shock effect when you know there's a bomb and you don't know when it's going off that suspects, how about your about suspense? You tell the story that engages for longer that doesn't get that quick shock effect and that's the transformation that your hero has said if I didn't have that the dissatisfaction if I didn't come out on the other side then I couldn't be telling I couldn't be helping you to tell the story how the story really needs to be told how's that feel this good he said something that helps you to find some sort of comfort and what this is all about again definitely you know it's is trying to pair you know what you do well, you know it's like what do you do? Well, yes with purposeful living and and now, um connected can I do we have anything from our audience? I bet we dio way yes, yes we do first of all thank you cat for sharing your story people are resonating with you very much so at home um and kelly is saying, um being transparent, authentic healing experience bb up north is saying I'm a nutrition practitioner and I to struggle with this a sense of guilt food guilt first world guilt on dh so just a lot of resonating andi also then just seeing how you're turning her story into something that is you can become your brand uh I think it's really powerful very good well, thank you I'm glad that we're getting the kind of feedback because this is the part of where the confidence starts to kick in okay so the confidence comes from it's not for nothing it is not for nothing you being on your knees raising your fist and doing a good yelling is here to initiate the transformation off your hero and it is up to you to now say this will define me or I will define it and the latter is definitely my favorite you will define how the story ends because you're just starting to write the story but the circumstances of our lives bring us to these turning points for a reason it's not for nothing and if you keep that that in mind so it's not the I can't believe this is happening to me but the I wonder what's next subtle shift same situation so that's how I would like you to approach this as to I wonder what's next all right and so what I'll do is I usually give these out on the last day but for you I'm going to give this to you right now on dh there's a chapter in there that is about defining what you want and if any how possible I'd love you to read that tonight because it's about how do we figure out what kind of comes next and so I'd like you thank you really so much for for sharing this I know this wasn't wasn't easy and so let's give a hand all right well s o you see how even the toughest of circumstances often has the silver lining, which is sort of what we're looking for. So in the story telling it is our choice on how we are telling the story in such a way that it either has the the victim or the hero at the end. My favorite, of course, would be the hero at the end. So you get to be the hero off your own story, because you get to tell it anyway. You want so here's, I'm going to close this segment with a quote of mind. We often arrive at a crossroad. The choice of which way to go is easy once we know the answer to one critical question. It's, the pain of where I am now greater than the pain of having to make a change.

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