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How to Use the Five Social Networks

Lesson 29 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

How to Use the Five Social Networks

Lesson 29 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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29. How to Use the Five Social Networks

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Lesson Info

How to Use the Five Social Networks

Let's talk about facebook so in facebook you have a general account which is so you personal account you have pages groups your facebook event the good thing about facebook is that the fbi is excellent and the a p I just means that they have other developers that are constantly working on things that work with facebook that can be used and will continue to grow in application examples that you know like running advertising like reaching people in very specific ways so it is a very very good thing so the automating posting or the auto lock use facebook to log into certain other websites that's part of their fbi why? Because it keeps you know people engaged with with facebook so it is the biggest network in the world so there's no way around facebook even if you're millennial on for the millennials the thing is you know you kind of got so rich that baby boomers and other people we had in the authority plan from day we had shown a slide we were talking about that the people that are spend...

ing money on the arts are primarily to fifty percent right now the baby boomers so unless you want to cut yourself off from fifty percent of the market I suggest not to run an anti facebook campaign not at this time it's not part of the I mean it might be part of a statement or movement but it's not good for business so I personally have a facebook my personal facebook account and even though it is my personal account but I treated like a brand extension I just do because why when people google you you will come up in facebook because it's the biggest the ceo they have the most traffic so you do come up so if people you know go and they take a look and there would be a picture of me drunk on the floor that probably would not be good for my brand I mean, you know, I probably could turn into a block post but thea mistake I posted on facebook that haunted me for five years you know? But but I'm not really recommending that the pages are kind of good for the likes is a couple of a couple things I have to say about pages so do avoid to call your page and his craft service and then big everybody to like you or call it ron's runs a fabulous catering and then ask everybody to like you why? Because really how many things can be possibly like you know and if I get one more friend that I really, really ever talked to whose business I've never been involved in, especially in my case photographers that have never been heard off that are not my client's sending me hey like my page for so and so photography why would it do that I support my clients and I support my inner circle but I am not here to support everybody who has an idea somewhere and so does everybody else it's really annoying so here's the trick so what you do on the photography site I picked for my page photo biz fans so rather tried approach it from a community aspect so if you are in intentional something, what if we weren't calling it genuine creations? What if we were calling it intentional online living so it can attract people that you don't know that are saying I can endorse intentional online living I can like that as a category so if you were to think in categories instead off me me me me, me now it is so much easier for people to like you how does that feel? Oh what's that photos that make me feel why not? Why not have a group a page that talks about a category right? Um efficiency experts having fun? I mean there is, you know, in the category aspect it's just become so much easier to have people come and interact with you because it is not based on you because people don't want to be asked for endorsements unless I have a personal experience with you, but if you are sort of the conduit where you bring in sort of other things that you've seen that fit your category remember, we just went through this your ankle when we know what this angle iss, then we know what the category is. If we have the category, then we can create a you know, this kind of category on facebook and that's sort of when when you are starting to attract mohr because you're not just talking about yourself, so you again, you're making it about them, not about peace, peace, please, please, please like me people, but he is like, I have something to offer that I figured out, and I just want to share with the world. What do you say it is? The same thing with it? Just slightly different approach works ten thousand times better it's interesting because carries about creating facebook group versus using this page as a group and as a community because I know we talk, we talk a lot here about these about facebook groups and then it's whether it's closed or open, but has a lot of engagement there. Do you see as much opportunity for engagement on on a page itself? Yes, um, on the photography side, which I find very interesting, the photo base coach group does way better than the photo of his fans for some unknown reason to me, sometimes it just doesn't work, so I want to you know, so it's it's it's trial and error and if it doesn't work, shut it down I mean, you know, you don't need to waste your time on posting something that sort of doesn't really work, you know, the linked in on the photography has taken off, but the facebook on the photography hasn't the women's code is doing better on facebook, but it's still building up on linked in, you know, because I started the group way, way, way, way later than I did on photography business back when people hadn't really started all these groups yet, you know? So I was definitely innovator in early adapter in the adopter in the group, john, you had a question or comment had some insight into why that phenomenon may have occurred, and it has to do with how things are ranked on facebook and pages are ranked lower than engagement on a group, so in particular, if they're if somebody is actually in a group and their connections are also in that group, then that that ring that's considered to be more related to the person's news feed. So if, for instance, there are a lot of photographers and in their in their network in your group you're going to they're going to see it be prominently featured in their news feed, and so they're going to be more apt to engage and groups are very powerful in that in that manner on dh there's there's a lot of different ways to play with them. So that was another ex issue? Yeah, it's an actual it's actually built into the system approach that facebook has designed. Okay, thank you for sharing that. I did not know that. See um thank you for and lightning me on that and that, you know and again, you know, this is just part of the learning experience and what we learned from this is just to play with us as much as we, you know, as we can, and if it works, we continue if it doesn't work than not, so if it takes off somewhere, then feet that if it doesn't take off somewhere, then you know, do you really want to put your time and energy in there so that's just a whole different question? Now we're talking about twitter so hashtag hash tag build authority hashtag bill authority very good. So we clarified that really web, so I want to just short a share with you. So katy perry has sixty seven million. Follow us on twitter next up is the beeps with justin bieber with sixty two million and there are some you know, some people that are just famous on certain categories that don't get don't have no following anywhere else that are, as we say instagram famous of facebook famous or youtube famous which is now sort of I think a verb off of some sort so that also happened um the on twitter and all and instagram and actually stands for both please do not give yourself like a weirdo name that means nothing to nothing you know, like sledgehammer o to five unless you in you know, the kate a pillar business or something like that like the building business but make it a name that's either relevant to the category or has your name in it so you actually show up in the search is so that people that are looking for you find tons of really positive things about you so it could be, you know, jen, the specialist on intentional uh, living online and then she within that uses this or that or makes us some of these things up in different categories that'll work because those air sort of keywords that kind of keep coming up but you have like, especially instagram, sometimes people are like, you know, like facebook notifies its is your facebook friend john smith just joins instagram and then you look at the name and it's like your whole forty seven well, that's going to work really well for you. I wonder how many followers you have on your hope. So so let's just be let's just be clear about we doing this with purpose. We here to build a brand so it's either going to help or hurt the brand. Yoho hurts the brand, your name helps the brand and I have three different twitter accounts and what I want you to see on what I have up on the slide is that I have custom backgrounds and I'm going to share a trick with you that is in the workbook on page forty five under the twitter feed I am sharing with you, the person who has designed my backgrounds for a whooping five dollars best investment you can ever make, and he is super fast. So five is a place where you can get a whole bunch of stuff done for only five dollars, including customized background. This is, I think, the best guy, and so I'm just going to share you share with you, you know? So I designed it so that I have the book on on the women's coat because, you know, this definitely helps the brand there's me, these are my arms can I do work out and you know this? This picture actually is a story about this picture I'm going to tell you this just because we added so we had this at this shoot at this video shoot and I'm doing all these videos for my website is thie hi you know you here have you ever wondered are you overwhelming? I'm doing like all these videos and way scripted them through and I'm reading teleprompter and you know we're doing like I think six of them in like a half a day or something so you know, it's a lot of stuff to do and so I'm sitting down and the photographer goes is let me just take a couple of stills and he says, how do you feel as if I'm feeling great? And so he took a picture and then when we looked at it there's only one picture like this and I looked at him like this is like rosie the riveter you know, like let's do this and like moms look really good in this matter and and so I said I'm going to use this as a brand picture because it's sort of explains, you know, it sort of has that toughness is has that what we were talking about it has that let's go get it let's go do it women can do it this is, you know, all possible attitude, so this is how this picture made it as the brand brand leading image and then of course it had to go and if you look really closely I do look a little goofy in it but that's because I was definitely goofing around but sometimes these moments are the best moments where you know this authentic riel stuff comes comes through so do get a customized twitter background in absolutely every case so here's another quote of mine when we shift our thinking to seek the positive we begin to trust the path instead of questioning each step so just as a reminder you know and can't this is I think this is written just for you because it's about this am I doing the right thing? Am I making the right decisions? Am I doing the right choices when you keep questioning not you per se but you in general all of us that what we're feeling and what we're thinking and where we are at right now that it's not exactly what we're supposed to be it just creates more confusion but and we had this great thing with john so john says, well, you know, I had a few problems with my website basically it was completely crash was all wiped out I said, well, that was a pretty clear message to you re branding somebody said, hey john it's time for you to change your message so he couldn't you know he can either go ahead and from the perspective of say, I cannot believe this is happening to me too saying like, wow, clearly my message was so off that I am being forced to re re invent rethink myself so when you trust that's what this is about when you trust that this fabulous confusion isn't really an opportunity in hiding to say you don't even have to deal with resurrecting half of it it's all gone lucky you so you you just start from scratch it can be anything you want to be so it is always a question of how we how we look at it so here's my google plus so the good thing about google plus is that google plus is connected to youtube which is thean tenet king so it is important it's clunky it's just clunky I don't like it it's too clunky for me like you know I keep going back I keep on looking at it I know it's important I have a because it has also an open a p I to allow others to create stuff so I'm working with a seminar weapon ourself for which I ran the women are on for the photo is intensive and so funny because for the first for the first minute in the webinar all you hear me say is like, can you hear me? Can you hear me can you hear me? Can anybody hear me that's a people are making jokes about it they could like we can hear you but I can hear them nor can I see anywhere where there were they you know that they say we can hear you so it was really funny because it then automatically takes it and puts it on youtube and so there's a video of me and youtube where for about a full minute and I just say, can you hear me? Can you give me so people commenting on it and they're like we can hear you s o I made a comment about it in the morning my mistake, right? So um google hangouts are really great thing and some people are using it very successfully I know you're using an extremely successfully engine actually teaches people how to do that it has google has the advantage of having really good privacy, so their privacy settings are much, much better than on facebook and it is also considered the anti facebook so some people that don't like facebook on google plus and, um I don't think you can really get around google plus just because of the value off the search engine optimization and its connection to youtube and so really at this point in time everything that has to do with google or youtube because it is the internet king and queen has to be paid attention to absolutely has to be paid attention to that brings me to excuse me my next one instagram so instagram I have given you a link here in the workbook and page forty five just out of foot kicks about the seventy nine most popular people on instagram and I like this this particular photographer who I followed by the name of miss vincent melissa vincent and she is in mississippi off places she has four hundred and six thousand followers now the thing about her is that she really wasn't at least to my knowledge a photographer but that she just liked iphone aga fee and so her whole thing is about iphone art but because her stuff is so special and so inspiring and she does great stuff with the filters people you know in in just the way she sees things are very unique so it works phenomenal for her so oh if you are in the visual arts you have to do instagram this just I don't think there's any way around it yes the the terms off instagram a terrible all of the organizations from the s and p to the a p a you know our anti instagram because it's short off them owning your images so there has to be you know, a t one point we really all have to get together and just change that by putting more pressure on them but because instagram which is also owned by facebook is such a popular thing like the millennials are all walking away from facebook and they're going over the instagram because it's a you know that's why such a young audience it's such a quick predictable environment rides an image a little video is like it's like a quick hey look at me here's my selfie off the day and it's ah is the way I see the world kind of thing so miss vinson which you just saw she does see this is the way I see the world outlook and the way she sees is just so absolutely charming so on instagram the controversy is at an absolute minimum because an instagram you either like it or you don't so it keeps coming into your feed you like it you like it you like it you like each other so there is there's really no negativity on instagram which is which is pretty pretty awesome business concept this is all about a green right so what I want to show you now is on how instagram actually can help you get business so here is a um the first example that I'm showing here to the left is a photographer in the name of vehicle ruth so these are images from exotic look cars all around the world he's from the netherlands and he travels a lot wants to show his follows the beautiful sites on the planet all done in an honest and natural way so you know what you just talked about? We know what he stands for, right? He stands for showing the beautiful sites on the planet in an honest and natural way he is an amateur photographer or at least wass but after more than three hundred twenty one thousand followers he started getting commissioner work so here's why? Because the new photo editor the new art buyer at the up and coming startup or the person that's in charge of taking care of the visuals it's most likely a minute millennial now with a starting salary anywhere between twenty seven and thirty five thousand dollars so she did not go through any fancy photography school she didn't study the old photography masters. She will most likely not have much knowledge about why this lighting is so much better than that lighting because all she knows is their peer approval. So she goes to her boss and says, I found these four great photographers and he says show them to me so she she went in the drawer that her you know, fifty year old previous art buyer has left and she takes out a cup off the promo pieces and says, well, this one looks really interesting but I googled him and he has a portfolio website and here the three that I found which are on instagram this one has three hundred twenty one thousand followers this one has seven hundred fifty thousand followers and this one has is I think that only younger they only had like sixty thousand followers so I am the business owner this is what I'm going to do well that looks really good to probably a little old fashioned wow so if I worked with him I get to reach seventeen fifty thousand people so would he like post one off our images on his instagram account? I'm sure the word over this wonderful well that's an instant extra seven hundred fifty thousand people I just reached let's hire him the question how does he liked how professional is he has he even ever taken a professional photo may never be asked that's what we are up against so why not beat them at their own game build up your own account so when it comes to that then you can say well some of us are we focused first on identifying our craft and getting really really good at it and then in the spare time that we have because we save our clients so much time we actually studied all the new stuff everybody's doing and we're building up you know equally our accounts because we know we need to we want to also reach in a region additional different audience, and this is what we do on instagram, and so as long I think it's, we have a presence at this point and you're verifiable, it will help you. So even if you don't have seven hundred fifty thousand followers quite yet, or you may never have that but it's just that part off that you have to prove it to the person that's hiring that's most likely in that category and will check that out that's why you have to have your name on it to ensure that you can at least play part of this game with you so here's the other one. His name is michael christopher brown he's, a photo journalist photojournalist who puts forth a very human dimension on conflict regions and hot spots for the westerners all too often abstracted both by geographical distance and the seemingly in traceable nature of the hostiles. Based in brooklyn, brown is a magnum photos nominee who uses his instagram feed to provide dispatches from both northern and central africa to his sixty four thousand followers. So hiss, this guy is a professional photographer, a journalist, a magnum photographer, which is a great a great honor and he, you know, as you can see, he has as a professional photographer fewer followers than the other photographer. This guy is doing a lifestyle. This guy is is doing photojournalism and with photojournalism being in the desperate state of affairs as it is right now, these are people we really have to support because these guys make pennies and they are risking their lives to tell us what's going out in the world, so so that which is why I wanted him in there is to really showcase that even in here it is possible, and however you get there to get that social proof and the feedback and the support from anybody else, you got to go at it here is this other guy zach as sexual hama and he is his, he says, if you're a fan of action lifestyle photography that showcases exotic locations and conveys a palpable sense of adventure, you want to enjoy she want to join the one hundred twenty eight thousand instagram followers who follows actual hamas stunning feat. Based out of san francisco, this firmer pro photographer turned filmmaker works in the action sports industry and documents his global travels from some awe inspiring perspectives using his iphone and gopro cameras. So I'm also still photography now just a hobby, he says he wants his photo inspire people to get out and do more fun things with their lives. So what? I want to pay attention to here again, we are seeing the same thing again and again how do people feel how can we make people feel how can we make people cut through the noise and enjoy themselves? It is the most important conversation we're having right now, so join it, ok? And, uh yeah, good, you know, before we move on to the next of the fab five, would you have some questions and let me know if you guys have any questions in here as well? Question from lm how could instagram be used for people who are not photographers, writers, businesses, things that are not as focused on visuals? Well, the only way it can be used and gain that kind of a following iss if you post stuff that people can agree to and like, so if it is an end user benefit, so in el ems particular case, she brings this, you know, she does thie fundraising learning fundraiser dot com where she goes into the schools and she helps kids teo, you know, do this project management create these kinds of books? It's difficult because you can, you know, like featuring kits is always tough, especially if other people and then posting them online, you know, parents might be objecting, but if there is a if there is a way to, you know, photographs and such a way that it shows him without making them identifiable and putting sort of the the project in the middle it could work but I believe and that's you know good question I believe that visual artists in this particular case haven't annoyed vantage which is why they have to use it writers tough there's an illustrator that I follow and she does you know in and she and she's very clever so she she does sort of these half finished drawings with her pencil in it and then she you know, takes the pictures of this what I'm working on right now so it does work but it has to have some sort of a visual quality to it what do you think about using though using instagram as part of your brand building so say you are your brand and I don't know how well you know it translate depending on the type of business you are but but that showing who you are as a person um even if it's not related to your final product follow kim kardashian twenty three million followers she does that can he does really well the gift that she used that she gave her husband what was it it was a book off the best off my instagram selfie is that was his birthday present so yes, I mean it certainly works it works for people that are either celebrities have celebrity status or are doing something that is sort of celebrity ish or very young and very cute true or very interesting so it works for action sports and works for any any girl in hot pants and cleavage I'm just saying it as it is for yoga pants oh yoga that could actually work as well like in some of these lifestyle works again too, because then here's me here's me in my meditation post he has me sitting on iraq meditating hears me in my other pose here's me on the beach doing yoga here's me and my friends doing yoga on the beach here's me traveling to thailand on an elephant meditating hears me you know going over that does work to sort of the spiritual travels off off one if it supports it can definitely support the brand it won't work for everybody john a you had a comment well, I use instagram a lot it's my favorite and like surprise I get a lot of feedback on it I always link I share my instagram posts on my facebook page which also instagram is really great for hash tags you know? So you want to throw on a few hashtags so that if there are people out there just searching for something random um you're going to pop up and then it's also an easy place to have a little bit of fun with it like I decided um okay side note I have like a word app on my phone so I take the photo and then I will write something over the top of it like if it's a house that is pending or that it's sold you know um or take pictures of my clients that I've instagram doing inspections and um I'll share that on their wall tio so everybody's kind of doing it together but I decided that I think that pencil sharpeners and houses are lucky for some reason lucky houses have pencil sharpeners in the basement so whenever I created a new hashtag called pencil sharpeners of real estate and it's very long on nobody else is using it yet but whenever I see a pencil sharpener in a house, I take a picture of it and sometimes it's a selfie with me of the me and the pencil sharpener together oh, or just like because there's so old you know there you have the hand crank wins and yeah, they're attached so they have to stay with the house or can crushers also is like an offshoot of that but weird stuff in the garage is always really fun and so it's nice because it and it is so light hearted and it's so easy and fast that I can literally like be showing a house with my clients and they like to see me doing things like that as well and so like there's no weirdness around your client's perceiving you as being active online like because it's just this fun little thing and it is a way to introduce that light hearted happy go lucky atmosphere of join you know you're you're free happy life that's wonderful thank you very much for sharing that I really like that you found a way as a realtor to figure out and how to make that use and that is so spot on for for bringing this kind of thinking too what was formerly known as a stuffy for profession yeah or like oh I can't be on my phone because it's unprofessional but if you're doing stuff like that and engaging with your people it works and also not being afraid to create your own hashtag you know like why not be a hash tag innovator and just make something up out of nowhere and people will be like that's weird but they're still noticing that you did it even if it's really zany and odd right so I have ah example I just tented my house for termites so my hashtag was a mass murderer the thief and the other hashtag was termites eat my house so you know so I I had fun with that another hashtag I use is made in germany you know so when I do a selfie I say made in germany you know so yes there there are a couple of fun things you can do and that's a great a great comment to make too put some attention on the hashtag because the originality of the hashtag also reveal something about your personality and how much fun you're having. Yes, and now you can see on instagram actually, when you use a hashtag on how many uses of that hashtag exists, which is kind of cool. So when I did the termites eat my house, I was surprised other people had been using it before and you know, so so so so. Now you kind of see how popular the hashtag is and then when you click on the hashtag all the other posts that air using that hashtag are coming up, which is how I found a lot of my friends being in the hollywood bowl at the same time that I'm there, you know, so I'm posting my they're forcing its hashtag hollywood ball, we click in the hollywood, but oh, well, you stand up for life, so it, you know, it just creates that kind of kind of interaction.

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