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Skype Guest - Uros Rojc

Lesson 43 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Skype Guest - Uros Rojc

Lesson 43 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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43. Skype Guest - Uros Rojc

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Skype Guest - Uros Rojc

He warms my heart the first time I saw your rush I knew I knew I knew we will see him soon everywhere there's something about him that is so special so he is train now he's gone through a bunch of my programs he's done the photo biz intensive he's done the day so I want you to watch out as he introduces himself to what? His elevator pitches what? His unique hook iss and he also has written a white paper about millennials that is so bloody good that you must have a copy ofthe it. So here is rush hey, hey, how are you? Is always good to see you. Oh, this year's well, I'm good I'm good. I mean, it is a beautiful day here is living at, um and, uh well now live on created life you are life on creative life, so go ahead, fire way give us you elevate a pitch, introduce yourself and tell everybody what you doing. Hello, my name is rush I create extreme visual ideas for advertising agencies, sports apparel equipments and equipment manufacturers as well the sports event promoters and organizes o...

f sports events actually for whom ever want to share the enthusiasm for sports. My way extends out because, well, I live a lifestyle of excuse sports to talk of extreme sports athlete and as a photographer I feel obligated to share this with the rest of the world because I truly believe that extreme sports athletes are can be a very big inspiration for us all so no one at the time the winter or the summer I can provide the withstanding image is not going to look only good on your advertisement but also on the walls of your office and now please do share the behind the scenes stuff how long did it take you to come up with this how much blood sweat and tears went into this I think it was a couple of weeks wonderful well thank you so much for doing that it sounds really, really, really good and it sounds like a very comfortable with it now thank you yes so we're talking about white papers insides paper's lead magnets and you written this fantastic millennial study so will you please share as somebody who's gone through the process of figuring out what to write about what you learned in the process and sort of how that changed your confidence in your conversation skill? Sure um like you suggested to me I started to write uh a while white paper on millennials because I am in millennial and if I tell the truth I hate cell speeches sometimes because they're all about selling on dh millennials I don't think we worked that way we're not way work differently, you know and s o I I started to serve from the internet I like I got a lot of material uh, but everything was written like in third person, and since I'm a millennial, I started to write in first person andi I started to put some of my own experiences into that white paper and after they finish that white paper like after a week or two, I kind of realize that yeah, well, it is it is something in you nothing is really good, but it's not exactly what I do, so I started to write another like paper on millennials and extreme sports, so I basically kind off connected millennial millennials we are, but we're all about with extreme sports because there is a really huge connection between these two things if I can say like that um sports are always of culture, we are the ones we are the ones who met with invented it, but who took it really to our hearts and ah, because extreme sports and everything that evolves around extreme sports in the subculture just goes so well together with everything that we stand for and with our values and that's why I think way took it we took it is is because our own and while I was writing this to white papers, I need to admit that my faith in humanity was restored because um, I can realize that all those people who think like me in the world, like there's, a whole generation, who who are committed to change want to do something about the situation in the world right now and on dh we are kind off really released really stand for it. So give us some example. What what what do the millennial stand for? Because, you know, and just to quickly interject, like one of the things was the difficulty was how is how is iraq going to sell what he does and his disconnect? Wass it felt like he was really selling, like, you had a hard time because she felt like you were selling exactly exactly yes, and so the objective for us was is two, and this is what happens with the white paper, and I love when do you, when you wrote me and you said to me, if nothing else, I have to come to really appreciate my generation because we're not so bad. So how does this has has has changed your confidence level? How do you talk about your work? Like, as I said before, our millennial and I don't like self speeches, I mean, I can smell a sale speech from smile even more, and now with the white paper I have the feeling that I mean I have the confidence because I help somebody you know I don't I don't write an email like a photographer extreme sports photographer I do this and there's a fire me blah blah blah but now I can approach it hey look I really liked your last advertising campaign it was really cool I love it uh on since you are marketing towards millennials I wrote something about it you know have a look have have a read an issue like it let's talk and I mean it sounds completely different then if I write the ama starts talking for and I want to work for you that's and that's really an incredible shift and for anybody who is in your position so what would you tell the life audience about the process and the discomfort because you had quite a few you know various to overcome and you know and we hit a couple times a wall where you go like ah so how did you push through it like what did you do? Can you give anybody some advice? Yeah I mean, uh come from yourself like whenever you're working riding on this kind of research is you know, research whatever sparks that fire in you I know that's why that's why I turned my wallpaper why paper around um extreme sports because I love them I live for them on once you do that it's really is it is it toe accumulate material and it's easy to to talk about it because you talk about the thing that you know the best and so the research how did you go about the research? Um well good on I went to libraries I borrowed books are world magazines I was searching everything about millennials most of it wass written after two thousand twelve because I want all the material to be to be brent good to be new now there's no point of doing a research within all data on and that was the thing that, like when I when I started to write the white paper about extreme sports like that there was not so many researchers done about it actually s I had to like buy a book I had to buy by a couple of magazines birds everything else was was was google wonderful and I just want to make sure that our life audience knows that and our streaming audience knows that rush is here to ask you answer questions he's somebody who's gone through the process if this anything you want to ask him as too from how do you get started to what did you do? How did you select information you know, just jump in because that's what he's here for I wanted everybody to have a re alive for label example onto say don't take it from me take it from somebody who's just gone through where where are you with the white paper right now so you just finished it right? Yep yep I just finished it it zalmay web page um and you can follow it well, you cannot download it at that at this moment you can just watch it you can read through it but towards the end of this week I'm going toe is going to be downloadable ok terrific and then talk about how you are using your images in the white paper um it's really? I mean if there's a photographer a white paper is is amazing thing I will say it's not something that you that I love to talk about love to write about but I can also implement my images in it so the person who is reading it is actually also seeing my portfolio no andi I think it's like striking two birds with one stone that you guys have any questions for us please ask him something he's so fun to talk to you can I kind of got stuff going on okay for you irish s o this is from sonya in our chat room and maybe it's a conversation between the two of you but it s o it's this basically an incentive for people who have your same interest to find you or someone who needs your services and then we have another question that just came in as well it could be it could be both actually I'm going to use it for the people who are going to who need my services when it's somebody who who can create a while image ok, what was the question again repeated woman I'm sure so the question was s so it's basically an incentive for people who have your same interest to find you or someone who needs your services? I would say both it's you know it's it's a conversation piece and it is a lead magnet that is directly on the website for anybody who visits and it is also a follow up piece for you if you are running into somebody at an event and they're giving the business card on dh talk about how how could you were with a follow up on people than you met it? Events that lists that we talked about is blushing right now sorry about that. Well, I mean events are perfect breeding grounds for for getting your contacts because you actually see a person in the dead person in person and you can talk with her of him and it's not like when you're writing emails instead over you need to know where I think you need to put more entered toe make its you more personal on you know how it is this we get pounds of e mails every day and it's just you know we don't take time to go through all of them sometimes you know and with on the event you are there you know you just met a person who is the brand manager for I don't know for some don't you by company on the way and just introduce us open hi how are you doing on and then he remembers you he knows who you are and so on and so on and after exchange the cards ah there are a couple of days just contact them because you know you remember me was we we talked about it we talk about something that we talked about and I was sending my white paper it's a fantastic follow up you said there was another message question also darryl had something um wondering about you know with the length of your white paper and how many images may be incorporated so it didn't seem like you're just sending a portfolio link how did you go about determining that good good question because I was also a little bit afraid id my warm white paper is going to be too long I mean I didn't want to make it so long because then it gets tiring and it's just you know you know how it is we don't have time to read a lot so it's around the text it's around I would say nine pages something like that and then I used I don't want it's a seven to aids off my best images and that was it you know, I don't think you need to put a lot of images just your best ones and that's it great and we do have another question for you that has come in from the chat rooms do you find them that do millennials expect to be entertained with comedy to sell them? You talked about course not wanting tio I actually talked about this in my white paper yeah, we do live in a, um, surprise and delight age that's a and we expect a little bit to be entertained but not just it doesn't have to be a funny way so we can be entertained with with with with the goods story behind your brands or what do you stand for? You know, because if our values aligned, then then for sure I'm going to take my interesting new than if you is your if our values don't the line, you know? So I don't I don't think that comedy is the only way you can entertain us no, that was actually a really, really great question, so thank you, thank you for that. So anyone in the life audience john, I know you have a question you must have a question general grab was going to ask, um was your size of images in kind relation to the techs oh yeah that's that can be sometimes a problem because you know if you have like I put every hollis I don't know how to say it in english actually every have a tide stalin and the text beneath it according to the new page photograph yes I have a point any point exactly so it actually depends how much how much text you have and I was some of my images have to be cropped you know but they are there just to just to be just to get a little bit something you know to support the text and support what what you stand for what you do yes and I think that that ties into it you know what order says really important because you're making remember you making a point and then you picking an illustration an image that supports that point so when you say well people want to be sold by something that makes them stop and watch and you see that image that rush just that I just showed with the skateboarder that justice flip with the white powder flying everywhere that makes you stop so that would be a good illustration for that point or if he said people want to be inspired then you are going to give them that particular image along with that point that screams inspiration so it really depends you know again this is why thinking it through is so incredibly important you have to think it through from the beginning to the end what I want to say who am I what do I try to convey? All right so let's see if I can come up with any other questions or anyone else wants to uh good dio your client's requesting video it seems like that's kind of the direction that things were headed this way more video, more motion no mean, usually they they know that I don't photography and if they ask for video then usually I referred them to somebody why trust who can do every day really good to be the representation or whatever they need my speech my specialization is photography on dh I kind off yeah that's it I want to keep it there. You want to give you loans? Yeah, right. So I like that and you know, we did speak about that, but the I think what what makes what russia does so specific is because he shows the's images that capture that one one while moment and let's talk about we haven't even mentioned that. But tell them what your background is and why you can create these well images share the geeky side of you please yeah, I um well, I'm a son off the guy who usedto produce winter boards and sailing sailing boats in his free time. So I think I was standing on a serve before I was able to walk. I mean, after that, I was look, I was I was an extreme sport since forever on actually excuse for it's helped a lot. I had, like, a release said some difficult periods in my life on dh. She exports are always the to go to stuff. If I want to just clear my head, forget about it, come up with new ideas, you know, and so on and so on it. And I realized that this is what I want to share with the rest of the world. You know, extreme sports are something beautiful, something that you can express yourself through. And I listen that's also something that galangal stand for. And did you realize in how he just tied in his story into this? Okay, um, and the one of the reasons why you images also so awesome is because you studied what, in college? Um well, I started with, um, present science sizes, computer science because I loved playing video games on dh man. My father, he was, like, really proud. Go study computer science, you know, you're definitely going to have a job, you know, once you finish but then somewhere along the way I just kind of find out that you know, the science is not tribune I'm where the arty type of a person but I guess that technical stuff just stayed with me I really I really love to technically finished my might find whatever I do I e I guess if it can be seen my photographer and this is also part of the story and how he tells it and chairs it so that when now a client reads about his story they understand just by reading that little blurb about him that he understand sort of the technical aspect of things we don't even have to sell that it just sort of comes with the program yeah just it's it's really great too integrate that story I really like that a lot way did have kind of switching gears a little bit some people were asking about some of the more specifics or logistics about how you plan to utilize that white paper on your site in terms of how you're going to get people tio download so is it something that they're going to click on for free or if it's like a block post does that just get buried or what's your plan for that this is actually this will have the most problems went on that's what that's why this white paper is is not downloadable at this moment but they're going to be um, I implemented smell chimp. Everybody knows no, jim. You know, tio together information about whoever, um, downloads it wants to have access to it. And then I found a way that will, I think, yet find the service. Do you think something like something similar? And they provides space on the internet. And you can connected with male chimp in that way that only the person who signs into the form can access this, uh, this whatever is on whatever you upload on there and download it. So they're protecting it against unauthorized usage. So only by giving the information, it will be available for download. Exactly, exactly. It's free, of course and speed. It's, you know, download. But I would like to see who is it? You know? And why you read it? Yes. And thank you for talking about that. That really is important that there is a c or m a customer relationship management. And to it where when somebody comes to the website, they have to give you the email in their name before they are allowed to download it. So there are several services out there that provide that so male chimp is one of them. A weber is one of them, but, you know, do not give it out. Unless they give you something in return which is the name anymore because she do want to market to them that's the whole point of why we're doing it is lead generation exactly exactly okay wonderful well this has been it's always great to see you on I am I'm going to just share this when when when you came in the first class sort of what you were charging for for your services and it was so minimal you feel comfortable talking about that on sort of how much what how much you have changed since you've been going through these these processes I mean like I deprives just went up like five hundred percent I would say because I started to value my my work you know and what this way can can bring to somebody you know what it means? You know what it means to have a photograph that is able to capture the attention of somebody and as a millennial I know that tweet them our attention span is like you know is like this so if I'm able to do that you know then then then my work is something you know it's where something and it's definitely worth much more than I was so I think at the very beginning when I was just going just fire me please you know I just want to win some money with my photographer and finally my last question to you is your confidence level talk about the evolution off your confidence level from then to now um I mean yeah it's a process first of all it took meets five to seven years there were significant changes I would say in the last year when I started like actively working on how to market my photography you know I mean you know how it is with all the with all artists you know we're really good at what we're doing but we sometimes are not good how to sell that on dh I like that knowledge I really liked that knowledge and once I made the other um like she helped me so much I mean I'm just so grateful thank you oh no thank you I mean I this is this is very very mutual and you know what is so beautiful about your story is you are tell everybody and then we'll finish where are you from originally and where are you now and that's why I wanted you to come on because I wanted this not to be the guy in new york so where'd you come from and where are you living right now I am from slovenia living eyes a really small country in the shape of a chicken actually it's its neighboring country of italy austria, hungary and in creation like you need three hours to come from one side of the country to the south of the country they are like two million people living in the whole country and it's just I mean it's really small is beautiful, a lot of nature and so on, but it's a small market it's just too small, you know, when you talk to people, if you don't have I'm going to be like this if you don't have a constant connection with people abroad with people like that who are working in a different environment and you just get, you know, poisoned, tow it with people telling you nothing is possible. Another imagine imagine this feels for artist wants to make his living selling what he is doing best art you know it z I say, uh, yeah, I come for a super small village like I mean it's one hundred fifty people if there were surrounded by one, yards it's so it took three kilometers something like that away from the sea side. We have some of the best spots for paragliding here we have a lot of beautiful spots or windsurfing and kite surfing. We have one of the best skates back in despite of europa. So it's, like everything is here, I used to live in poland. Actually, I was living where so because I went out from slovenia because I couldn't get a job here, so I found a job in poland, where self on dh, I just I just missed it so much that I had toe had to come back. What once I came back, I was faced with the reality, and I like, I need to to start my kid myself in a different date, otherwise I wouldn't survive well. You left us all absolutely speechless and very moved. So thank you so very, very much for taking the time later in the evening to jet with us in our life audience and in studio audience. So when I give them what we want to jump in and give him one more comment from nancy, who went to your website and says it's very compelling and seems genuine, not a hard sales, but right out has something for the viewer and so that's really cool. I encourage everybody to go check out russia's site and sign up for his white paper to get that about millennials. Thank you again, it's been a pleasure to have you.

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