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Skype Interview - Clint Evans

Lesson 33 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Skype Interview - Clint Evans

Lesson 33 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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33. Skype Interview - Clint Evans


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Skype Interview - Clint Evans

I wantto talk about clinton for second because he has done the linked in for business s so let's, bring him in and find out how we can use linked in to build our business and he is wearing a red tie and what this is red tie tell us, stop and pay attention to it so we're waiting for clint and while off various hello, clint, hello beyond take great to be with you here today. Excellent! What? Thank you so much for taking the time on dh joining us today so clean please do introduce you yourself until the audience off who you are and, uh what you do? Yeah, it's been it's been too long, I've had a whole seven days to build up to this great great excitement and putting this together. I've done a lot of in person presentations and even some online events, but this the first time in front of a live studio audience, so very excited about it and glad to share this time with you beyond today. So what I'll do is I'll share a little bit about my bio. I'll talk about two case studies of people have u...

sed like them publishing articles to make more sales and grow their business, I'll give a mental framework for if you don't feel like you're a good writer. A mental framework to help you build those get your creative juices flowing create those articles easier I'll tell you a little bit about like that work and don't work on linked in then a final quick case study on linked in plus google authority especially if you have a really common name how we can get around that so a little bit about my bio uh I didn't come prepared with a lot of family photos or naked baby pictures and I could see the disappointment yeah baby picture will you share that will you hold it up I don't have it but with your german resolve we're still gonna have a fantastically useful segment here so my bio mom and number one it was in a vessel in after I brittney cooper to other books I'm currently co authoring a book my co founder standout authority just true well you can be called life to the fourth power we're very excited about that launch probably about six weeks just had my first article featured on entrepreneur on april fourteenth a little gift to entrepreneurs right before tax day is called the four pillars of prosperity entrepreneurs should attend to featured on a big public patients like something to post cnn in austin business journal business dot com forbes all of those type of things the major newspapers so now if you're ready I'm gonna dig right in with those the first of the two case studies you know what the fire away because it shows me you are ready and prepared just went like we like up yeah hey that's my german heritage I didn't have a childhood there but you've got to be german engineering we've been talking about nothing else way outstanding so yeah, the first case study involves a guy named joel helfer I met him ironically were part of a couple of different facebook groups were connected on linked in and then we scheduled a phone call because he liked what josh and I were doing with our linked an article strategy, how we were promoting that getting a lot of engagement activity and readers to our articles and he wanted to do that with what he was doing in his business, so we had a long call and we decided ok, we're going to do three articles because you've probably heard the saying once is a fluke twice is a coincidence three times is a pattern, so we wanted to get the three breathe times pattern working for him the first article he was looking to get about ten thousand readers too so I said, ok, we can do that worked on his article on the strategies said ok, we're going to do one article two weeks apart so each article be two weeks apart so we did that and we overshot a little bit we got sixteen thousand seventy one readers and counting to his initial article in two weeks later, we did a little bit different strategy called drafting and if you can, I don't know if you could see my hand but it's a racing term now what do you know much about nascar? Um, I can't answer that in one word. No, okay, I don't know much about mass for either, so we got the blind leading the blind, but thankfully, our topic is not about nascar we're talking about liked it, but I do know there's, a technique and racing called drafting where you have the lead car and then you have the second car that gets almost right on that lead cars bumper and the lead car has a lot of the air resistance drag when resistance takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain that lead position, but that second car could get in there. The lead cars taken most those negative things and they can use less gas fuel and get roughly the same results they wait till about three or four laps left, and then they usually make their move to win the race. So as this applies to your articles and you're publishing, you can draft off of celebrities now those could be entertainment celebrities or they could be business celebrities, they don't even have to be in your industry that can be so what he did joel had met ernie banks at a chicago cubs baseball game in october of ninety three so I've got another question for you do you know much about major league baseball? I am so embarrassed to admit that but this like the on ly game I can't figure out the rules okay, well he grew up in in germany so I kind of figured they were probably a lot of people that studio audience that didn't know much about it either well, the chicago cubs are known for two big things first they have the longest championship drought in professional sports history they have not won a championship since nineteen oh six and so one hundred nine years accounting second they have a super passionate and loyal fan base despite all that losing they still sell out almost every day and ernie banks is one of their favorite players he happen to get in the same elevator with joel who was my client I was working with. Joel mustered up the courage tio top with them say hi that had a fantastic cordial conversation and he said ok arnie would you sign my ticket and my program so he told that story in his link to an article joel did about ernie banks and seven superior leadership secrets that he had observed from ernie over his career and then his post baseball career so what joel is doing we were tapping into the passionate, loyal fans of the chicago cubs baseball team, the fans of ernie banks, the man himself and the humanitarian work he had done, and it had that celebrity and authority going for it. So we overshot that joel was looking for about fifteen thousand readers on that we ended up with over thirty one thousand well on that are so you know, that did very well. He reached the top late impulses, what they call the article platform and it's organized in categories. And he reached the top ten and a couple of different categories. They have categories like management, leadership, marketing and advertising. Entrepreneurship, human resource is all that career development, self development. So that did very well with third article. He wanted to go for twenty thousand on that one. We're at almost twenty nine thousand and counting. So he was able to parlay these three articles into a couple of clients, was able to kick them over the fence one of five hundred dollars. I don't know exactly what pact of services he was offering there one was at fifteen hundred, and he had a lot of other prospects that he was talking with. And he got this unexpected offer out of the blue, one of the top five am radio stations in chicago. It's called him up said, hey, we love what you're doing with your linked in articles, the strategy, how you're promoting those on your other social platforms and leveraging those we want you to come work for us, we are sales manager, he wasn't looking for a position, but he was going to still get to work with entrepreneurs to bring them on the radio show, and the money was such a good offer, he just couldn't resist, so he loved his agency, but he ended up taking that job, and I think people filled out the two clients that he had had worked with from the strategy. So that concludes our case study, I'm gonna hop right on to the next one, which is a case study number two and it's a term I called double drafting one of the ladies I worked with nameless did laura she's part of our facebook publishing group, you'll probably remember back with the hillary clinton scandal when she was used her personal email to do state department stuff, so, yeah, liz caught on to that said, well, how can I apply that what I'm doing? She's a recruiter? And so she wrote an article about how hillary, what mistakes she had made and the importance of keeping your work email separate from your personal email, yes, so we gave that initial boost we still got some engagement, the boost and juice to the article and so she had that fact of the engagement she had the hillary clinton who's super well known whether you love her or hate her ships of polar ice yes and also the news cycle she got that out within forty eight hours while that was making national headlines, the article caught the eyes of the human editors at linked in and she's into the top she was showcase she reached the number two spot in all of lake did for that day on her article and over sixty one thousand readers of that are that's mad? Yes, she's she's seen a huge jump in her recruiting business and she started publishing on linked in that articles just one piece and she is also featured in a top ten round up of the top ten recruiters on late dead on a block called link up without any knowledge for own she just got that nice publication notification in her google alerts so that's our second case study I'm going to go into a little bit of that mental framework I was talking about in the headlines that work and don't work okay, so the metal framework I know you can't this is near and dear to your heart be out if we think about how houses constructed because I know if you're roofing experience when we when I interviewed you do you think of the foundation of a house? And as it pertains to your article, that's the headline, the topic of your article and you don't even have to have your headline fully dialed in? You could just have the topic of what you want your article two b now you've got your foundation when you're thinking about putting the two by fours and the sheet rock and the roofing that's where the material of your article is going to come in. So as an example, let's say, I was looking at an article five ways to increase your business twenty one percent in twenty fifteen so that's the foundation now, maybe one way is negotiating. Have you had a negotiating tactic that worked really well and closed the sale for you? Second, what a could be a research on a case that you saw online of a digital marketing tactic that's working really well right now? This under the radar, a third way might be something you saw in print off line that's, ah fundamental tactic, but it's been neglected. So now you've got forty to sixty percent of your article already written, because you can pull quotes and you can cite the research and you don't have that blank page syndrome that's such a scary thing for a lot of people staring dazed. Yeah you know like where do I start upstairs like kate's e never said term I've never heard the term so thank you for sharing that the blank page syndrome there you go I like to teach somebody something new every day so it's monday morning you're looking at the blank page and you have blank page singer and you know you need tio well you know dr clint or dr beyond way we can help you out with that I like that so you finally got forty to sixty percent of your material and linked in people the cool thing about the late didn't go system they will read longer articles they'll read you might have four, five hundred words already just from the quotes and the things you're siding and then you tell your personal story about the negotiating tactic you're over halfway through with your article and you can write those like I said that air eight hundred two, eighteen hundred words link to people are engaged and their their readers they'll read through that so that's the mental framework he used to be a joke the way they're of course if you still need coaching or some other resource is there those things available and I'll give a few exercises yet when I gave out my email I actually wrote an article six productivity and writing packs that reached number ten overall linked in for that day got over thirty thousand readers on that so that's when the resource is I'll give out now let's talk a little bit about headlines which headlines work and which don't and linked in so example we used was five ways to increase your business twenty one percent in twenty fifteen now the reason that's good because you got five ways it's concrete which is something like ten readers like they're in business mindset they're going there for career development or to improve their business and their business life they also likes specific so you said twenty one percent instead of like twenty percent or about ten percent or whatever and a timeframe of twenty fifteen now if instead we had designed an article beyond today that said, you know who else wants to increase their business twenty percent this year with a question mark that's been proven with multiple research in case that is that questions just don't work well as linked in article titles so I'd recommend staying away from there as a marketing person. If you're just a glutton for punishment, you want to test it out you can test it out but it is improving a lot of ways so it's also ill don't so let me just dive into that so good that the key to a good headline in linked in the iss about specificity about a particular time frame and you know we covered in a previous segment the three five seven nine you know, ten, twelve sort of the tangible aspect of it so for linked in you're recommending great specifics yes, those have performed very well for me and like you said three, five seven I think you're pretty good you can go into some of those super long post with thirty or forty resource is like a round up, but I wouldn't recommend like one hundred fifty or five hundred so what's the problem probably overwhelmed somebody and not worth your time to put all that together three to seven or nine range is a good range to stay in people know ok, I can read this article set aside a little time get something I'm gonna use versus fifty or five hundred that's just overwhelming and so yeah that's one type of headline that works well the question headline this one to stay away from and the other one other type that works really well richard branson just posted something today the how to headline this was how to create a fantastic company culture and so you know richard branson, jack welch, bill gates from the very top business people published articles on late them so if you're not doing it, I would ask one and I know you you are beyond today but probably some people in the studio audience and watching or not so the top guys you're doing it there's definitely a power to the platform now, finally, I was going to mention that case study of the link dead plus google authority one of my clients his name is brian johnson of court fit he's a health guy he had contacted me he's, a very heavy facebook users almost every day he's on facebook, he's gotten a lot of clients out there for his health business from facebook, they said, I set up this linked in profile, I don't want to do it that I want to get more out of it. How do I use it? So we set up a strategy session and I said, first off, brian, and I don't know if you can do this in the studio there, beyond tears from your audience, but if you type in brian johnson corp fit, you could see what the google results where I did this before the call and interesting his his website court it was in the top three spots he's doing well there. Facebook was way down at the seven spot and it's late in was right in that number four spot, and whenever you're looking up people's names, I don't have you ever looked up googled anybody that you're looking to do business with? They're maybe go on a date with I go, go, everybody clinton ok? Almost everybody does I do this well when you're looking at either working with the meeting ono's maybe even googled you you probably did that's part of my strategy sounds like I got get my awesome business up here by cnn I gotta positions of things up there but all solids when you type in somebody's name in those top three to five spots you're going to see linked in if it's a common name it might be a directory or you click the lincoln and there's like twenty of the brian johnson's or whoever listed um but late damn google loves the linked and domain and also always shows it at the top so I took him through a little process we redid some of the layout on his profile at its, um video testimonials to its summary and that we're working on this is publishing strategies currently going through some of this content he's a blogger is readjusting that and catering it to the lincoln ecosystem based on what I'm teaching him that we're going to do a promo campaign from there. So even if you have a common name late in plus google authority can really work for you when you have a publishing strategy around that that work increase that and when people click through your linked in profile from google if you've published articles they're going to show up right at the top people usually click through see ok how many people read it they'll scan through if you have the expertise and knowledge and that's going to set you apart from the other three or four competitors that your client might your perspective client is googled and you'll stand out ahead of them so that's the end of my segment, I think we've covered everything the final thing I'll say is there's another resource I'm gonna give that shows the importance of writing from three billionaires andy grove, the chairman of intel ben horowitz, the multi billionaire founder of ah venture capital firm and greece and horowitz and jeff bezos, multi billionaire founder of amazon talk about how important writing is to ascending the levels of business and how important it is to them even at the multi billion dollar level. So guys enough that resource that was that was incredible information thank you so much for sharing that. So let me just ask you sort of a couple questions is so in uh who you know not everybody can publish in longform publishing on linked and you have to be sort of invited so in the profile there is a you know, you kind of can see if it allows you to write block post is there any any any tips for anyone who who obviously is relatively new to lincoln they will not have this function available? What tips can you give them to get the attention off linked in to be a green green lit for four long from publishing a number of things linked in looks for if you had your profile for any amount of time, I believe they rolled it out to most of their users that have that capability. So if you are new, first thing I recommend is it'll show you a percentage of how much of your profile you filled out, so get that percentage up over eighty percent, preferably up over ninety percent. Make sure you have a professional head shot photo that looks good and then you can go up, I believe there's a support link when your law banned to link down, go up to support you could send them an email saying, hey, I've got a new profile, I just filled everything out. A mysterious user. I'd like to start publishing articles, so once you've got those two pieces of professional head shot, your profile filled out that mostly ninety percent, then the person you email and supported late, then they'll come check out your profile, see, ok, you put some work and effort, you're serious about this, and they'll go ahead and usually give you access to start publishing those long form articles. That's an excellent, excellent idea, so for somebody who does not have some someone like you to work with them, sort of. Are there like any, you know let's say three ideas that everybody should pay attention to in your opinion or frequently made mistakes on linked in that you could warn them not to make yeah certainly way talked about the exciting needed baby burgers and family photos at the beginning we'll stay out in the facebook, you know, it's a lot of that on like that and you can occasionally pull something if it's uh family re air some kind of crazy moment that happened that triggers something a business idea you might have a little comment and then the foot on how that applies that could work but keep most of the family photos the baby photos all of that stuff over in the realm of facebook so that's one big tip people coming to link then you've got to realize what their mindset there in that is this my exact river development or growing their business if they're an entrepreneur, so they're looking for both type of resource is that type of continuing education? Um the other thing that we mentioned before is a professional head shot you don't want to have pictures of your feet or the beach or your house or something where you're getting drunk out with your friends that that doesn't belong in the professional from you know, this is me and clinton austin and we having a grand time and imposing an elected yeah don't go star face with a huge pile of cocaine right there and your headphones that's not what you want to represent on linked and keep it business if you do that in your personal life, people don't need to know about that in a public setting from the other big thing is it's not meant to be a resume so I'd recommend some multimedia if you've ever done video presentations even if it's only a thirty second or one minute clip, put that in your summary in the job section where you're listing your experience, make sure you put some of those accomplishments and specific roles specific things you were able to help do not just generalities like multitasking and help with customer service that doesn't help recruiters or your ideal clients. If your graphic design you say oh I design graphics for the women print you know if your graphic design you could put in to that position of it's your own business, you can actually put in samples of what you've done as small time media entries right there for that experience spot on linkedin that's fantastic advice well, thank you so very, very much you've been terrific source of information is always wonderful to see you so thank you so much clint great to be here with you have a fantastic, fantastic finish for the rest of your day thank you so much

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