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Coconut Cranberry "Soup" and Q & A

So this is ahh pretty a pretty cool recipe, and this is something that comes in on the upgraded chef book, so what we're doing is we're taking a third of a cup of dried cranberries and their calls coconut cream, very soup, even though it's really almost more like a salad when you look at what senate there isn't that much from asu perspective. It's a third of a cup of cranberries about an inch of fresh ginger let's see gingers already in here, you can see the the pieces of its life stop and a cup of water and what you do is you boil it in order to let the cranberries rehydrate, and then you chill it. Put it into this bowl. Here I'm going to add some whole dice, cucumber, two teaspoons of sentiment, good quality sentiments, important there's, all sorts of different varieties. There's some debates about seal on these persons vietnamese uh, too much sentiments bad. Some sentiment is quite good for you, even if it's the cheap stuff, but invest the extra two bucks to buy the really good stuf...

f teaspoon of time can of coconut milk, coconut milk, by the way, you want to watch out for b p a in the can lining beep a toxin it's something that's interferes with your estrogen systems, but that said there are some bp a free brands out there and more importantly even if you get a little bit of b p a you just got a ton of healthy fat is a convenience food especially if you're traveling and you need some healthy fat in order to turn your brain on this is a great way to get it and a tablespoon of m c t oil the m c t oil should haven't yet so do we have some appear we don't we should have you know we do so have created m c t oil is six times stronger than coconut oil and this is something that I manufacture there's different grades of it this is a very high grade I think so if you wanted to get the benefits from this specific type of fat which are very much around cognitive function and weight loss well you'd have to eat an awful lot of coconut oil six tablespoons of coconut oil is going to cause what we like to term disaster pence meaning that it'll cause uncommon g I side effects so what we do then as we use empty tea oil because you get the benefits of six times more coconut oil and a very small amount and there's another one called brain octane which is eighteen times stronger which is extremely purified m c t oil so it sounds a little unusual to use a three letter acronym in your cooking but the reason you use this is has no flavor whatsoever so it's not like us coconut smeller flavour you can put it in any food to boost the saturated fat content and these saturated fats burn in the body more like a sugar so they make you feel really good they give you a ton of energy and it turns out seventeen percent of mother's milk is m c t oil naturally so this is a fat that were designed to eat so we take all of these things and we put it in a blender and we blend no, I haven't frieda hi, I'm pouring from this school into this so wish me luck I'm showing off my advanced cooking skills already this is a blend tak blender pretty cool thing the reason you want to invest in a good blender is that you can make the most amazing soups and they make the best bulletproof coffee the ability to finally mix your vegetables with that means that you can get the nutrients out of the vegetables and into the body better because there are medical studies showing that you absorbed more vitamins from your vegetables when you eat them with butter isn't it great news? But the problem is if you take, say, a piece of broccoli the butter only six to the outside and this is a problem because there's got to be vitamins on the inside so if you put the vegetables in the blender and you blend them with the fat you actually do get more out of them plus they taste delicious so in this case we blend up the soup I might even choose to blend it a little bit longer and when we're done and we garnish it it looks like this so this is a pretty amazing soup it's pretty simple all we did is we took some basic ingredients the right ones and the right amounts we paid attention instead of not looking at what fat we put in there we put in coconut milk and we boosted the power of the coconut oil by adding the upgraded in ct oil and what you end up with is something that is much more intensely flavored because you have that receptors in your taste buds and let me tell you when you feed those fat receptors your body likes it it's smiles so now you're getting this flavor from the sentiment and the time in the mint that were garnished this with but underneath it all you're getting fat that literally fuels your brain and makes you feel good this is a great, very satisfying recipe when you eat this you get enough fat that you don't get the food cravings that you would have likely had had you say had a bran muffin or something like that they're already asking and thank you guys already asking questions that air all over the board, a lot of people are familiar with bulletproof, and so we are going to try to save some of the questions on things that we haven't yet covered for those times, but I did want to start asking about the importance of using fresh herbs versus herbs that are perhaps already in your you're covered. When we talk about toxins in the environment and in food and even the bulletproof diet, you're going to learn some things that aren't very fun tto learn about food, and one of them is that the particularly aggressive species of molds that have always grown on foods have become more aggressive over the past thirty years. Because of our agricultural practices, most people have heard about aflatoxin, which is a toxin that grows on peanuts, and you might have peanuts cancer. Well, the reason that peanuts and cancer are associate id is that this mould grows in them called aflatoxin. What you probably don't know is that spices are a major source of mold, so the mold that can survive on cloves, for instance, is a pretty aggressive strain already because clothes are anti fungal. What this means is that that bottle of ground up nutmeg that you bought two christmases ago put in the back of the cabinet over the steaming stove for all that time. Is almost guaranteed to contain shockingly high levels of these toxins and you might say yeah, but I'm going to use like one sprinkle who cares? Well unfortunately your mental performance goes you might feel in the gut but you feel in the brain more than anything else and this is one of the reasons that my upgraded coffee does what it does because I discovered through the course of bio hacking that this is an issue for performance and how you feel long before it's going to give you cancer so by controlling those small things I also realize that to throw out everything in my spice cabinet and that a lot of spices that I was purchasing things like vanilla had mold problems because they're dried in the sun without any control so by going back to the very agricultural practices and then looking at the processing practices and creating a product that's actually tested I test all of my stuff to avoid these toxins you get I don't know if you could call it a cleaner hi from a vanilla or something like that but it matters so my advice to you if you have a spice cabinet full of relatively locally to start with spices that have been sitting there for an indeterminate amount of time do yourself an anti aging longevity favor dump it all and then get fresh spices store them far away from where you cook and don't make the mistake of opening the jar of spices and then sprinkling it over a hot steaming dish because the steam will go up in there. There are mold spores in there that there's no question about that. What we don't really know is how often do those things grow so spice quality matters because spices are a major source of antioxidants and healthy things, they're also a major source of anti nutrients, so you want to get the quality right? Don't mess around with bad spices. Well, thank you. When I was chatting before this workshop with some of the folks at bulletproof, they told me about that, and so it was great timing for my move that I just did I got to just throw all those away made it easier, so it's awesome! I feel bad sort of saying, throw your food away like I am, I believe very much in our environment and that we need to protect the earth at the same time eating spoiled food to protect the earth doesn't work because we owe it to ourselves to have all of our faculties all of the time when we're awake so we could do whatever the heck it is we want to do rather than sort of being in zombie land because you ate four year old ginger powder that knocked you out for four hours and you didn't even know what happened all right, so let's do a rapid fire round of questions on the bulletproof died? Is it recommended that all the food be consumed within, like an eight hour window? What does that matter? Does it improve? We will get to nutrient timing. In another part, I believe either letters there tomorrow. We were talking about that. I know you can eat the bowl proved eye any time of day you want, but if you're practicing bulletproof, intermittent fasting, then you do put your nutrients all in an eight hour window acceptable for coffee and there's very precise reasons for that, so you don't have to on ly like chunk all the food together, you can have a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner as long as you compose it from the right things on that road map on the spices. Is there any difference, or is it across the board out of their son? They should take more care with versus others. We're going to get to a spices segment where actually rank the spices based on their potential for anti nutrients and some spices like, say, nutmeg actually contained pretty strong toxins in them as well. So those ones you wanted maybe see a little bit clear of and things like black pepper. I cannot find a black pepper without aflatoxin in it I just don't know how to do it I've tried if I could find one if I could even create one I'd put it on my web site but I haven't been able to everything I test has it what about the brands of spices dave, what do you recommend or are you looking into creating some spices herself? I do have a greater vanilla because vanilla is very expensive and it's very hard to make it mold free so we send this to our labs and we do testing for mole toxins in this and it's a different process of curing the vanilla that actually breaks down those toxins and it tests free of them and it tastes really amazing this is the first one anything else I do it's a question of can I get it super clean if not I'm not interested in like the third best black pepper or something so if I if I do come out another one it'll be because I figured how to do it it's quite difficult generally oregano is your best bat though that's one spice that sense seems to be very, very resilient and has a really nice flavor I wouldn't pick on any particular brand I would just say your spices should be organic whenever possible and look att freshness dates on it on them and you've got to rotate them so the way to rotate your spices it's really cool cook at home when you do that, you'll use your spices and then you buy new ones. The organic thing my understanding is the organic can allow mold, um, to grow faster than if it's got pesticides or herbicides and stuff to try and stop mold growing on. So you're saying that we should buy organic in that case, so fresh organic spices or high quality dried organic spices general your best bad, because if you get, say, a heavily sprayed spice when they spray with the fun beside it, promotes talks information in the fungus that survives very aggressive talks information and you have to detoxify those things yourself, the pesticides in the liver, for example, roundup or glyphosate. The stuff that they're spraying all over gmo crops is has been shown in some studies to increase the pathogenic toxins created by the mold in soil by up to five hundred times. So in terms of supporting your own health and supporting our soils, health and the planet south, like, choose organic if you can, but don't choose spoiled organic stuff choose the good stuff and, you know, this sounds a little bit like maybe say, anal, yeah, I'm lazy, I don't want to do any of this stuff is just what works like I've done the research, I've tested it out and this is the best path and if you can't afford organic, relatively fresh spices, then choose the spices that are less risky like oregano for instance, oregano in time and the herbs generally are better off than the seed and nut and sort of things like black pepper, so it is definitely right off at home I'm all over the oregano I'll do oregano crusted hal but our regular crusted beef rather than pepper crusted because pepper has definite but I could feel a difference in my quality of thinking after have pepper so I tended I need it just a quick follow up on that from a j and noelle with thie spices, so if you are buying those fresh ones organic ones, what storage method do you use? Is it okay to keep them in the freezer? There is a perennial argument about freezing versus don't freezing amongst gourmet chefs especially you know, the sioux veed molecular gastronomy type. The recommendations for spices that I recommend unless you're doing long term storage of larger amounts is that you keep them in a jar under a counter away from heat and moisture and light light brake spices down a lot from a flavor perspective, so if it's a clear jar, don't look at it every day and this nice spice racks keep it under the counter if you're going to say buy a pound of dried oregano or some other green leafy thing that you would buy a pound of wrapped in plastic, what those kinds of people recommend is vacuum sealing it you could buy a really nice good quality vacuum sealer costco for not a lot of money like under a hundred bucks and then you vacuum, pack it and you freeze it and here's the thing and this actually works for coffee. A lot of people wanted by like the five pound coffee because then it's the same cost is buying like beans at starbucks, but if you want to store coffee you khun vacuum, seal it like that and you can freeze it, but when you open the seal on the frozen stuff, it must not still be cold. Your job is to keep moisture away from your spices or from your coffee beans or even from your nuts if you're storing nuts in the freezer so you set the thing on the counter and you come back in several hours when its reach room temperature when you opened it, then you won't get condensation. The worst thing you could do for those spices that you spent a lot of money on that you put in the freezer is open the jar when it's still frozen little that steam from that hot pot that's in the air, the high humidity caused condensation which ruins the flavor of the spices and can lead to mold growth if those spices airlift out of the freezer so keep moisture and cold spices away from each other if you're going to do anything fantastic one we have time for one more q silly one back to the glasses the your local colors is a coincidence they match the glasses or it wasn't designed that way it just kind of happened that way I guess maybe I should get a stylist or something fantastic

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