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We're going to go into the protein segment, but that's on there and towards the end of the segment we'll also talk about when should you eat that it's not just about how much should you eat it's a combination of what do you eat? How much of it do you eat? And when do you eat it? Because those are the big three variables that are going to control almost everything that your body does in response to food so each of them can be optimized. You don't have to always do the most optimal thing, but if it didn't make a difference to you and you have two choices and you don't care which one you take when you take the one that gives you a slight advantage, and if you build that kind of thinking into your life to say, you know, today there are many different paths I could have taken, and I just always took the one that didn't cost me anything but gave me an advantage. It might only be one percent, but it's like an interest rate on the bank account, I only got a half a percent, but it compounds so ...

every time you save a little bit of energy for something that actually mattered, you win and when you build that into your life style into the way you eat the way you sleep, everything you do it becomes effortless and really invisible to you, but suddenly at the end of the day you have a dividend. This is the time and the energy you get back that you didn't have before when it comes to this bulletproof diet and choosing proteins. This is one of the areas where so many people make mistakes because we've been taught a protein as a protein so protein's good, that means I can eat gluten, it's, it's a protein in fact, you'll find a lot of vegetarian things that are protein replacements will they have enough protein in them and the fact that it's gluten, which has been shown in lots of studies to be inflammatory and to be what I would just call a sub optimal protein for humans that that'll be equated logically with something like what we have over here, you know, grass fed lamb, for instance, so these simply aren't the same thing. We're not the same food, and they do different things in the body. When you look at the bullet proof diet in this idea that some are going to be less inflammatory or more nutritious than others on this side, you have really the good stuff if it ate grass, if it was pastored, you get an advantage and people asked questions like why would pastored pork and pastored means that it lived on a pastor not a feed lot and that it actually ate what the animal normally would eat pigs though if you ever like seen pigs though it kind of anything so it's a question of what did the pig eat at that farm am I picky? Sorry maybe but if you eat pork from an animal that ate low quality grain at a feedlot the things that grow on the grain mostly of fungus called fu sorry um it bio accumulates in the pig's fat this isn't well known but there are studies on pub med that talk about the seasonality of pork it turns out winter pork and spring pork pork that ate stored grain has five or ten times the amount of toxin in its flesh and people who eat more of that during those times tend to get mohr diseases that are correlated with those toxins so this isn't just like oh no it might be you know it might be bad it's that doctors and epidemiologists discovered this relationship so what that means to you is the quality of your food is directly based on what your food ate plants eat soil, they eat a rh they've sunshine eight water the quality of those things affect your plant foods and your meat foods, the quality of the plants or even other proteins that they eat affects you so what I'm saying in this infographic here is stick to the stuff that ain't really good stuff and the things that have the right kinds of protein you're the reason that you'd see pork over here is that pork, even when it's fed the perfect sort of clean diet still has a lot of the omega six oils, which could be more inflammatory than the saturated fats or the omega three oils that said a cure man bacon at home and it's amazing and there's nothing wrong with bacon but go back to that discussion we had yesterday about cooking techniques, so if you're going to take your bacon and fried at high temperature so it spits all over a little bit of smoke coming off it it's nice and crunchy you're pretty much destroying those fans, so when you cook your bacon turned the turn it down, let it cook a little bit longer so the fast rendered and the bacon's cooked but it's not super crunchy and crispy, I know crispy bacon is delicious it's just inflammatory the quality of your thinking of how you feel based on well done bacon versus medium or lightly cooked bacon is noticeable do a test, have bacon only for breakfast dude too much one time and do it less cooked another time and you'll feel different later and that's normal that's how biology works the other two things that worked really well are hydrolyzed collagen and way protein isolate the new bulletproof diet includes way concentrate and there's big debate amongst those who eat way about the right kind of way to do what I did in order to get good quality things I put together upgraded college in which comes from grass fed, low temperature enzymatic lee processed collagen so you want collagen in the body as a way of hydrating your tissues and as a building block for things like bones and for the fashion that holds your organs together? I am unusually flexible and part of the reason for that is that I'm a college in a regular part of my diet. This is a great protein source because collagen doesn't have the inflammatory proteins that way contains but way protein dean also has some things that collagen and other proteins don't have in it. A lot of people who work out a lot will say god have my way and in fact some of the really big ripped bodybuilders do that, but they get inflammation around the mid section from too much way. So the way that I recommend you use ways you go for very high protein, we're sorry, very high quality way protein and you do it on ly two table spoons a day and you're using way there for its immune stimulating and ford's antioxidant and basically liver qualities in that way helps to form glued a thigh on in the liver, so this is a very powerful combination of not just way it's grass fed low temperature process weii that came not as a cheese byproduct, but as something that came directly from the milk to the way factory it's kind of funny you go back twenty years ago, the people who make cheese were dumping their way in rivers and killing fish way was industrial byproduct, and then someone figured out that you can actually eat that stuff, and it actually it does good things, and suddenly the way protein industry was born there's just a little problem with that, not all milk that goes into making cheese is the same, not alway that comes out of a cheese plant is the same, and we have a whole huge different set of processing techniques you can do that affect how the way affects you most way in my experience isn't a great long term protein source, but using way as a way to help your body get rid of toxins in the liver and to help your body have a healthy immune system is a really good idea. Just don't make that mistake of over consuming way from a fish perspective. I'm scared about the state of the oceans on the on the world right now, not only do we have new questions about radioactive fish because of the nuclear accident in japan. But we've already had issues around mercury and it's been getting worse for the past twenty years, so years the reason it's been getting worse is that we have an enormous amount of coal being burned to generate electricity. Cole naturally contains mercury, so the smoke from coal goes into the atmosphere and we're dumping tons and tons of the mercury that comes out in rain basically into the oceans. When fish eat plankton and the low on the food chain mercury bio accumulates, it stays in the fat to stays in the tissues and then when we eat fish like swordfish or tuna or shark in particular, we're getting a ton of mercury enough that if you're pregnant, you actually shouldn't even eat this at all. There are warnings even here in san francisco, you do not eat fish consumed from the bay more than once a week. Those warnings translate to me as maybe I ought to just eat it less than once a week, but at the same time, wild caught fish gives you the essential fatty acids epa an d h e a so if you're trying to optimize, what do you do? You don't avoid all seafood because when you go to a restaurant seafood's oftentimes your best choice of all they have is industrial beef that was fed some combination of antibiotics and corn and soy and gmo things well then what you should do is you should choose an optimal fish so hear things like anchovies, haddock, soul sardines and sockeye salmon are really good choices if you go down here to the high mercury or farmed seafood you end up with this norwegian farm salmon problem where it's almost like eating feedlot beef where the fatty acid in those salmon is not right there they don't even have the right color until you add the coloring agents to them so it's tough if you're sitting down a restaurant where you going to do well order the wild caught fish is a pretty good answer that's what I do most of the time and if it has mercury in it yesterday we talked about detoxing remedies my assumption is that I'm going to get more toxins than cavemen did because as much as I love my my paleo brothers out there caveman didn't deal with some of the stuff they weren't burning that much cold back then so the fish they it was pretty much fish and here we end up saying these these air fish that are relatively safe and you can even see if you look at the sockeye salmon at the top here the copper river sockeye salmon is one of the really good ones it's got like a nice rich orange red color and if you go and you buy a farm salmon it doesn't have that same hugh even it's more of like a pale orange and you khun I see a difference very thin marbling of fat on here but this is the most valuable fat you can get from fish whereas the stuff you'll buy a typical sushi restaurant is not nearly as marble like that has big white stripes in it those are actually not the right kind of fat and there's more of it so who would have thought that it made such a big difference? We also go over here to the theme the pastor and chicken and turkey why would they be over here on the orange side of things versus the green side any guesses from the audience just this always those people for a loop because we are one chicken breasts you know ate my kale I exercise every day I floss and eat my chicken breast I must be a good person but because because they're eating corn it that's one of the reasons dried corn the vast majority of corn accumulate stuff that it commits and chickens but even if they're like outdoor chickens that do amazing outdoor chicken bird things I've spent like two years on the quest for the perfect chickens like let's feed it some coconut soda have more saturated fat and let's let it live in nature and massage gently every day even when you duel that the fatty acid ratio in the chicken it comes out to have a talk of mega six oil and the bottom line there is we are we're not that related to chickens who are more related to dinosaurs than two people, so can we eat a chicken? Yeah, we can definitely survive on chickens do they give us the right kind of fat? Not necessarily so it tends to bump up your ratio of omega six is so if you're going to eat birds like that take the skin off you know the advice there that you got from your mom skinless chicken breast that would be the way to get your protein from the chicken free versus omega six and sometimes that too much to make a free can also you know, give you bad effects as well. How do you know exactly where you're shooting for personally? Is there some tests or something you can do to know if you should be acting to reduce omega six or boosting a mega free unquestionably if you live in the west, you should be acting to lower omega six in your diet in fact is so common that you're not going to be able to eat no omega six and that would be harmful you need very vanishingly small amounts of it, so I make choices to eliminate omega six wherever I can and you could get a blood test that looks at the ratio of omega six to omega three in your blood the average american is forty to one that's forty inflammatory omega six is two one omega three my last one was one point two eight to one the anti aging crowd oftentimes as well are targets for no one but it's hard to do and the reason it's hard to do is that if you don't consider that saturated fat is not a six or three uh then it's very hard to do, but because we bump up the butter in the diet, that means you are still getting some omega three from the grass fed butter you're getting your egg yolks from healthy chickens and you're getting even omega three from the grass fed meets their full of omega three grass fed beef as a profile looks more like salmon, then you would expect so when you do that and you supplement with some of the supplements we talked about like krill, oil or fish oil, you tend to get enough omega three but not excessive and the saturated fat becomes part of the food there. I recommend getting that test when I work with wellness fx, one of the online testing cos that's part of the panel that I get, so I tracked line and I'm always less than two if you eat a ton of nuts, you're likely to change that ratio you might be up to four or six or ten to one and this is one of the reasons that nuts are good snack but if you want to make a meal of nuts like I did when I was a raw vegan yeah those amazing like dishes of cashews and avocados that are soaked in blended and everything else tastes really good but the fatty acid content wasn't quite right so some great questions in a day from all our internet audience thank you so much for joining us today and sharing and keeping coming I think we'll talk about a bulletproof coffee later on you know we're getting a lot of questions about that on this particular subjects rolling kidney stones is asking the proteins flow chart is very meat heavy any recommendations for vegetarians um yeah um eat me I don't actually say that lightly I I've been a vegetarian if into ravi again but there's two reasons that you might want to be a vegetarian one of them is that you care about animals suffering so if you're concerned about animal suffering think about the world as a system so you're going to eat let's say one of those tofurkey he's made out of tofu so let's look at where the tofu and that came from well it came from soybeans where'd they come from they came from a soybean crop how many animals were killed to make that field a lot and then now how did we harvest the soi did a tractor go through and chop up the turtles in the bunnies and the grasshoppers and the worms and did we put monocle train and destroyed the soil in that region by over farming it to make soybeans? The deaths per tofu burger are shocking and astounding and actually if you're a buddhist particularly traumatic but if you eat a pound of grass fed cow every single day, you'll kill zero point seven animals a year, including the entire supply chain for your food unless your cow stepped on a frog one morning your cow didn't kill anyone and there's a great ted talk on this you don't have healthy soil unless you have large hoofed animals plowing up the soil. This is why in the us we had millions of buffaloes when we shot all the buffaloes we had the dust bowl, we didn't know this until relatively recently when you take away the big hooved animals, the algae in the soil forms a crust and then water comes down and it doesn't penetrate the algae, so the water runs off and you get desert effect desertification, which is a huge problem in the us. So what we do, we replace the desserts with soybean farms, but if you would like to support both less animal death and healthier soil, choosing a vegetarian plant based protein lifestyle isn't the right environmental choice or the right animal suffering choice for you one of the reasons that I've thought so much about this is that when I spent time in to bat going to mount kailash I spent ten days in a buddhist monastery and they had a no killing rule and and so I wondered that and I was vegetarian for that time and then I went to this amazing monastery like carved in the side of a big cliff and they're on a on a flagpole was a yak skin and so I asked the head lama the guy I said you're a hypocrite you say no killing and you have animal skins up here what did you do with the animals so that we ate it and I said no killing seriously and he just laughed he literally laughed and he said one death feeds everyone and that changed my way of thinking about this so I would I would really encourage you to think about that as you know a member of society and as someone on planet earth if you're vegetarian to save animals eating more vegetables will not save animals when you make those vegetables you're displacing animals when you harvest those vegetables you're actively killing animals and you're depleting the quality of the soil here if we're going to live on this earth in balance with the environment and I don't mean like the hippie kind of balance I mean like the math kind of balance what we're talking about there is consuming some meat from healthy animals that lived near your home, which is why the vast majority of the meat that I eat when I'm home was grown within five miles of my house, I know that people who grew it, I know what the animals ate and they're in my freezer and they're delicious and no other animals died in the preparation of my food so that's one of kind of the long answer to a question, but think about these things it matters, so so dave sees me. Thank you. There is a lot of great discussions going on in the chat rooms and you're I don't want teo, but people are interested in if you could say again where that what? That ted talk wass or what? People should search forward to find that one. I am forgetting the guy's name right now, but he talks about elephants. If you do a ted talk for elephants, soil desertification, I'm certain you'll find it. Okay? And this is one of the more disturbing ted talks I've ever heard to be honest because the guy starts out saying in the seventies were trying to preserve the land, so we killed tens of thousands of elephants in africa to make sure that they wouldn't over grays, and then it turned into a desert because we got rid of that and the animals that were destroying not destroying but were piling up the soil so we just didn't understand the system of and ecosystem and right now we're understanding the impact that farming is having on animals and on us and so we need some farming and we need some animals and we need to be rotating the animals on the farms back and forth so that the soil will not die when the soil dies we will die proteins this's an interesting one regard me omega six that we were discussing just now a chain olis asking in regard to the omega six does this also apply to primrose oil supplements for hormone balance in women? If primrose oil works for you then go ahead and go through the inn eagles one experiment is very important you take small amounts of primrose oil and it's generally packaged appropriately away from oxygen so it's not my first go to oil I would look at krill oil for hormone balancing women but if primrose oil is the one that works for you because of the planet there's nothing wrong with using it it's just not the first place to go is there another continuum for grass fed beef? Uh basically like you know we got a whole foods there's like step one through five and there's like some that are passed here some of their corn, some whatever and why does corn fed beef tastes so good there is a continuum you want grass fed and grass finished beef it takes thirty days of feeding a grass fed cow corn before it becomes a corn fed cow at the end of thirty days the fatty acid and its tissues are very different the reason corn fed beef taste good is that the tissue gets marbled with fat essentially you're making the cow diabetic and that nice fat marbling tastes good because fat tastes good your body like the automatic systems in your body are craving fat and the more fat you put in your diet like with bulletproof coffee and things like that the less you'll crave that and I can tell you I don't like the taste of corn fed meat at all used to just love it the fat and it doesn't taste good because my body's trained to eat good quality fats and if there isn't a starvation of fat on my body I'm picky about my fast I get better be really good fat if I'm going to eat it otherwise I will naturally as an animal pass on it the same way that you can take two different piles of food and animals will naturally select the best pile of food if they're well fed so this is ahh an example it's just your body's craving fat that's why you want corn fed but when you've had enough fat you don't want the corn fed anymore you want to grasp it the other question before we move on and get into the guts of the bulletproof diet is why is cheese over here? This makes me sad. You guys feel kind of sad that the cheese is over there. Here's, why, when you make cheese, you take milk from a cow, the protein and milk the case in we'll get about sixty percent of the toxins from the cow's diet. Go into the case and directly so it's, a way of concentrating a lot of what the cow ate. So you're getting some protein, but the protein in their case in itself, in many people, when it degrades in the gut, it goes to casey, um, orphan it's related to like a glue diem orphan. And yes, it sounds like more fun because it's an opiate. So when it's in completely digested in the gut, it has an opiate like effect, which is one reason we like cheese so much so it's, kind of the same thing as our friends. Who maybe our taking opiates. So cheese causes enormous food cravings. When you eat cheese, your body says, wow, I got some protein, I got some fat and that's why you like the cheese it's got that fat in there it's, creamy and it's delicious, but what made the cheese what made the cheese was you said it here and you let it basically start to spoil and that's the process of cheese making what happens? Is this fungus that's on the cheese or this bacteria, depending on the kind of cheese says, this is my cheese, and then it basically says, let me show you its my cheese, and it puts out toxins to kill the other stuff and the others. No, no, this is my cheese, and it puts out toxins to kill the other stuff. So there's, basically like a little battle going on for domination of the cheese. And what makes the flavor in the cheese is what's left after the sort of the fight between these two things and for us, antibiotics come from malts, but molds generate chemical defense systems to mark their food as their food into prevent competition. Just this is natural selection at work here. When you eat that, your liver then gets all that stuff and does something with it. A few people know that there's, a toxin that's, been identified and quantified, called rock for two sin because it comes in roque for cheese, some people can eat some cheeses with zero food cravings. Zero brain fog, zero sagging of their skin, but for most cheese, for most people, it greatly increases food cravings it makes people more tired and makes him cranky. It makes them less focused and it makes them inflamed. So you owe it to yourself to try eliminating cheese if you are going to eat cheese eating cheese and I don't have it on here but you could try a raw goat cheese go cheese tends to be less of a problem. So feta that's been less less fermented, I guess that's the wrong word for it less cured maybe would be a good way to go and see how you do and don't mess around with cheap cheese it's not worth it. You know the stuff from costco is probably not good sorry, but what about the hearties like palm zones and same thing those those are actually worse even with yeah, they taste good, though. Is it safe to see if there was a bulletproof cheese like it beyond their um yeah, we've explored it in exhaustive detail. I I would really like there to be one and there's a couple of recipes, I'm I want to say I have it on the block you could do something that's like a nacho cheese sauce the trick there is a little bit of solid onion and a little bit of apple cider vinegar and a lot of butter and a little bit of steamed carrots you blend that together and you play with the ratios of things you can get a very passable like you could even put it on top of ah vegetarian style pizza and then put bacon on top of that to make it healthy somebody was asking in particular about that nacho cheese recipe yesterday were there okay, that was it I don't remember the ratios but it depends on the size of your carrots and house deemed they were getting the consistency right is always a challenge and the trick by the way for the cheese is oil. I forgot about that to get the consistency right to make it spreadable just butter doesn't quite do it there's very amazing stuff that happens when you add annoy like this that's a nice kind of penetrating like it it goes into even your skin really nicely but when you put it into ah blender it makes things really, really creamy to get that like not so cheese kind of thing we have one more question that I want to go into the science here, okay? Just just to say that I tried to make some get some, uh, ice cream in mexico but I didn't have m c t oil and it was terrible oh wow yeah so just that's that's feedback when when you say that the consistency is important, I think it's also for the taste is well because um I know that you made it with the toilet is great for ice cream making it's an unfair advantage to use them ct oil when you're making your own stuff because I've must have made a thousand homemade ice cream bowls in the course of getting my wife pregnant and will explain why that makes sense later but the right ice cream can definitely increase fertility and to understand how to get like the ben and jerry's like creamy scoop herbal consistency versus rock hard like chip it out of the freezer sort of thing was not easy to do and this is the cheat it totally works. Yes, I know I guess since we're on dairy products j is asking is yogurt the same greet your good fattal without same problems don't younger without fat that's just doesn't make sense in order for your body to use protein, you need to have either sugar or fat to really for deliver to metabolize it properly so zero fat yogurt it should should be banned as not safe for human consumption there we go I said it but if you're gonna eat ah fermented dairy product, yogurt or better yet kick fear would be the right way to go. A lot of people can tolerate a raw milk fear that who don't even tolerate yogurt but I would not target yogurt as an anti inflammatory thing you're going to do most of the time and yogurt. Particularly if you look at my most recent posts about yogurt and probiotics. And what happens in the gut. The type of bacteria found in yogurt, which are called firm acute, are found more more heavily in people who are overweight versus other ones called bacteria ladies that are not found in yogurt. So, yes, servet has bacteria in it that are found in the human gut. But they're not the on ly bacteria that you might want to consider putting in your gut.

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