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Tech Demo - Electrical Stimulation, BP Vibe

Start let's put that right back when your tummy again for me so we're gonna just come right up the back of your arm and you're gonna just let me know we go greater than that five numbers you gave me okay, so we're coming up and you may even feel muscles pulsate to mourn for circulate if you well okay, I'm gonna come up here typically the elevator scab on the upper trapezius is always a hotbox but we're sitting that's kind of our typing muscle you may feel a pull in here pull out there that's like your little later scab up trapping anyone that types it's predictable muscle that gets really short and tight definitely there it's funny all the places that I feel things I don't actually write up here ok I also find some often under the bicep and in here do you feel it right there? How about anything under here too right there so I see a lot of typical patterns with people they're typing a lot are on the computer I don't type a lot okay, I just don't work and oh, so you're pretty physical an...

yway okay, great so again we see up here and we see here so typically what we do I would do a little bit more of ah fuller assessment and do both sides but just for sake of time we put some twenty a pad right on you here so we can provide that current right into that area so we got that upper trapezius muscle and we're gonna do this lower part here too with this came up positive as well so now we're doing is we're bombarding the brain with extra stimulation and that's kind of the key component to dr healing and to reduce inflammation so I'm gonna lower the current year so we don't give you his app all right? All right I'm gonna put this in here first let me grab that current they're too perfect all right, so I'm gonna start out with, like, three out of ten okay, so I'm gonna just inch you up just say one to well stuff it three to start I'm gonna have to do this truck's just like that all right the whole time just for a couple seconds ago this perfect let me know when you hit three out of ten, maybe three. Ok, good. So what are the main movements you're doing everyday that do you think you're causing this issue? Uh my shoulder I feel like personally that happens when I'm not active, not active. If I'm really active I feel like my shoulders well not totally stunts do you find yourself doing on an everyday basis on an everyday basis mostly just training I mean anything mr repeat itself sure hanging pumping hanging got it okay so I'm gonna have you just to some mountain climbers I mean if you really reach up and pull down reach up and pull down awesome good I'm gonna hold these down here if you just so we have maximal conductivity I'm gonna increase the current a little more let me know when you get about five out of ten maybe thought and the nice thing about this is we can actually measure inflammation because this is on a zero to ten dial so we can see where her tenants that maybe yet ah three or four on here and over time she'll be able to go higher and higher and higher so someone like david his nervous system's train we can get him to almost max out the device but someone who comes in whose intro and who's injured inflame it goes lower so they're gonna increase their little more I'm gonna push you to ten a little bit faster than I normally would just for sake of time so let me know keep counting your numbers for me six guys kick connie and as you can see she's sweating pretty best she's really in shape she's a stunt person yes she's doing a very simple movement right she just reaching overhead and coming down with no way oh yeah uh eight good no probably nine uh may I could probably go farther okay that's ten ten right there. Awesome awesome teo get going you got a lot going for you and what's gonna happen is thresholds here your body in your nervous system adapt and that stimulation starts dropping and she can overcome that that pattern good how you feeling? Right that's like kung fu training now let me see your arm when you pull it out of your hip and come right up like this like you the statue of liberty okay and then come right back down. Same thing keep doing that I'm gonna keep pushing you until you can't do this simple movement. All right, keep pushing you a little slow of me better form good ten like you're holding that torch just like there you go keep going. Keep going. Okay, right there, there you see? I'm gonna go just a little below it I'm gonna go a little below good good form watch me there you go. So wrist over elbow over shoulder excellent job keep going. So she's about four point eight four point nine ten so not bad for an injury like that, but again, the goal was to get her to a ten how you feeling there? Uh, cool could now what we're gonna do is this I'm going to reverse the current so the nervous system works on the fair and a different pathways information in a parent information out to parents so we switch it so now stimulations coming in through the red and out to the black path so existed it's just forcing the nervous system do that same action we're gonna have you go back to these just to get those so to step in for a second you're dr justin you just said that this machine is helping to suck inflammation out that's the goal yeah, well that's a pretty big thing if you haven't I heard about this before which most people on earth haven't that using electricity like that we talked about our thing we talked about some other things like that electrons control inflammation and now this kind of stuff that dr justin works with here it really affects inflammation to this and he's talking to her nervous system here telling it you need to put fat here you need to build new nerves here so this is a way of talking to the meat in the body that's different than the way a kettle bell doing exactly the same thing would d'oh the body would protect this muscle back here don't don't use that muscle cause you're doing kettle bell but here the electricity is making the muscle fire which is going to change her brain so there's some awesome stuff going on here that's literally it's bio hacking and this is not the way that you would do traditional physical therapy or traditional weight training it's something new, excellent go to this right here the one caveat is those we find if patients aren't on a bulletproof diet I see a lot of people who are vegetarians and vegans is well they don't heal as well because they don't have that fat and protein help meilin ate those nerves and build up that muscle tissue so getting having the raw material there's really this is just basically telling the workers they put more concrete there put more wood there is providing the stimulus for the raw material to come in and rebuild good job I'm gonna just push up a little higher here. How are you feeling? Good. So you got to about a four point eight last time I think I'm gonna push you a little more so you got ten alright you break down into a seizure it was going so I'm gonna stand here if you go to a t you come right into this spent a lot of time with something, huh? How are you feeling? Great. Wanna push a little more? Okay? Okay, good. Uh you feel that if I wanted another half term or you go right into that position the t rex position yeah, I feel like also good uh neck feels like it's about five times the width yes, now I'm gonna pull you off here typically we do about eight to ten minutes four on each current or each polarity you went about four point five that time so terrible, so it's actually not bad if you're chronically injured, we see people that like, usually it too. Okay, not that, but there's, some inflammation there kind of move around a little bit it's not going to fix the issue right now, but you will feel looser because we're basically telling the muscles the long game relax contract where? A lot of times during this holding pattern, trying to protect yeah, so this is the kind of technology that you'll be seeing over the next ten years. So what you'll find is that this is the sort of technology will percolate through potentially crossfit gyms, potentially areas where we're crossing over from medicine and two performance where you can use this for someone who has a weakness but not necessarily a specific injury and it's pretty cool stuff. Was that a question for dr? Justin? The internet has been buzzing, but I think dr justin, a few people are not necessarily understanding the terminology. Is it possible to break it down? Perhaps into a little bit more layman terms? Sure, in regards to the device, the current so again, we have specific current coming in, we have dc current. That is essentially how our nervous system works right? We have our central nervous system brain nerves coming down to the extremities and by the way d c means like from a battery direct current not like from the wall the a c which is alternating current right? Exactly alternating current fromthe wall typically our body runs on this d c current so we're using current that's more in harmony with our nervous system when we do a c current we see it in typical pt settings like russians damn or tens the muscle just tends to contract you sit there you don't do much all that's doing is blocking that pain signals to the brain member the movement pathway in the paint pathway it's just bombarding the pain pathway but it's not really doing much to fix the underlying cause one it's not providing an anti inflammatory environment too and it's not finding the underlying cause cause we can scan and find the underlying cause the therapist would just be putting it on the area pain which may not be the cost that's the big difference dr justin, you use the electrical stimulation er quite a lot when I come and I see it when I'm in town yeah, we definitely do that, but sometimes you use that when the persons on the bullet provide why do you do them together? One I find it provides a nice anaesthetic. I find patients go about ten to twenty percent more on the current, which is nice to that pro perceptive input. I like it afterwards because it's helping with circulation that's one of the biggest things when we're inflamed tio, we have this hyper co ag ability, meaning blood cell blood red blood cells stick together more. This is really helping to promote circulation, which is, helps decrease inflammation and helps provide a healing fast so appropriate reception, which dr johnson was talking about is the idea that your mind knows where your body is in space and since appropriate sections are sense of body awareness and all of us have pretty poor quality body awareness, even like pro athletes, maybe you know, courtney, you know your son person, so I'm guessing you have a better sense of body awareness than average because you keep getting whacked if your bodies in the wrong place, right? So you would learn I don't know where my feet are, I have to consciously cause I used to look like this is a get so one of things we've worked on is I've learned to straighten my feet out, but every now and then I catch myself doing this and I straighten up because I'm still hacking that part of me. But the electrical stuff like this has been a big part of that like the work that we've done specific was on reprogramming my nervous system not through here, which is the old way of driving change I wanted to change I use my willpower, I force change, but we did it through there where we told the nerves what to do in the nerves told the brain want to do which is a very different paradigm and it lets us have much faster progress than you'd expect right? And the nice thing with the vibration that thirty hertz frequency we're basically basically screaming at our nervous systems and adapt, adapt, adapt, absorb, absorb force properly so we're stimulating that brain through current through appropriate section of the different vibrational frequencies there, dr healing and lower inflammation that's kind of the ultimate goal kind of shortcut that proverbial ten thousand hours for complex skill act was an absolutely that's the big thing, and if you want to go into the work of jay schroeder, he trains a lot of professional athletes. The next level once you have the foundation is doing this because you're driving five hundred pulses per second of information your brain's typically sending one pulse per second so we can get five hundred times more work accomplished in the same amount of time that's why I think it was courtney was very it's much sweating and just doing a simple movement you could see she was really straining for providing more input as long as form is good, right that's that then we can essentially get to a higher level faster, for sure. And is it doing that? Is the mechanism just increasing mile and growth along that path? Well, that's part of it, but also really, I would say, I'm really providing that stimulus to the brain to help that sensory cortex developed appropriate section and the ability to absorb force. That's what athletic cell about who can absorb force the best who can change direction the best? Could you have someone from the others come up? Maybe, just to a squad of whole body vibe, just guide them through it the way you would do it? Absolutely human what's come up. Perfect. Awesome. Well, we have a lot of people who are interested to know more about not only how they can learn to train, how to do some of what you're doing using this, but then also where they came get that treatment. So, first of all, is a r, j and b is this the same thing as what a lot of chiropractors have in their office? And if so, I think I've experienced it before, just not with exercise, or is this something different a lot of time is different typically people referring to like the tens unit or like russian stem or things like that this is more of a hybrid between the two the russians kind of had this technology down in the seventies and and combined a couple modalities to create this so not quite the same thing there's a couple places our play of new jersey is a good place our way of austin's a crepe place they do uh the rehab part and the high level training part great thank you perfect so I'm gonna turn this on is that ok? Yeah that create too much noise when you stand on it well it turns out it's terrific by so doing a squad here the first thing we want to do typically if we're having a load of revving wait we squat a little bit differently but now we do a little bit different because we're just doing more form so we're gonna have our feet about shoulder width apart toes pointing straight this is a little bit you know controversial some say ten, fifteen degrees that's fine for weight but for now just straight what you're gonna do is hold your hands out straight take a deep breath in draw your belly button into your spine and you're gonna just the first motion is driving your butt out back and down while keeping your knees not going past your shoe laces and then you're gonna drive right back up to the middle part of your foot, and now we'll put that vibration on. So now you get the stimulus going to the brain at the same time to step up a little bit, just a little spot. There you go. Good toast pointing forward, hands out straight, deep breath and draw your tummy in head straight, driving your butt out back and down and right back up the middle part of your foot. Excellent! Bring your hips on. Leave for just like that. Very good. The biggest mistake in a squat movement is the first motion tends to be the knees going forward that shifts the way to the knees. That's the biggest cause of almost all knee problems the first motion should be driving the hips back. That puts them the weight on the glue to the biggest muscle in the body, and then we're driving back, so we're pushing in a dresser draw with your butt and then coming down versus here. This is bad. This is good, you can see my knees don't really break my shoe laces, head up, chest up and ideally, tummy in to help get that tv a, um, internal core system activated, great come right back up. And the next step what we typically do is we do a nice so hold so we come down like this you could hold something like this chest up and we'd have you hold here for about two or three minutes and your muscles have to contract just to keep you there so we're trying to tell your muscles absorb force absorb the force of the force yeah go for it and if you drop in and hold that right there for me we'll just do a nice ten second hold and then your brain's being bombarded right now with all that good stimulation thirty times a second his brain thinks he's doing us quite right now which is totally cheating and it's a great video dwight freeney essentially he tor his ligaments on the inside part of his ankle before the two thousand ten super bowl and they rehab him that injuries a six to eight week healing time he was back on the field in six to eight days with the same type of therapy with the stimulation and the vibration sixty eight days from six to eight weeks powerful comeback off your chest out for me when you have something yourself good so the key thing is that you're out of balance though you don't want to be doing movements when you're out of balance because you're just building up bad compensation patterns you feel like that was just what two minutes maybe you go see the sweat you're doing. Yeah, thank you. The bullet provide is designed for use at home or in a chiropractic practice than yours. Uh I use this my kids three and six use it it's gentle enough for that sort of thing and itjust makes your whole body get more exercise in less time if you're not going to go for an hour long walk you get the circulation you want here but I like the fact that you're doing like more of a proper squad on it. Yes, absolutely it's great. We're running short on time let's give a big thanks to dr justin thanks. Thanks a few hours having contact you where they could find you justin health dot com I'm actually in cupertino in the apple campus and I'm also down in austin, texas quite frequently these days and they can always schedule a free consul tutto ask me any questions justin health dot com slash free dash consul too thanks. We have a few minutes left and one of the other devices for training the body that really make sense to know about is called the power long and I have these an upgrade itself the coupon code for upgrade itself also work for this the creative lives the coupon code there this is lifting weights for your lungs now all you do is you did you pick a resistance here by dialing a dial you can sort of see you can increase or decrease the amount of resistance you put it in your mouth like this. Now in order to breathe out like that, I am using every shred of muscle like you want to have, like the ripped ribs showing here. This is used to teach professional speakers, by the way, and buy a decent professional speaker. I like to think I am as well as singers and professional athletes and pro fighters, and people like that they use this because you can change your vo two max, which is your ability to basically breathe and your ability to take up oxygen. So this is relatively inexpensive, I think around sixty dollars don't quote me on that reels of the expensive device that really, really makes a difference. So if you want to know what a bio hacker looks like, you know, when you know when you're bored at home late at night, I might look something like this or I'm vibrating, and normally I'd have a kettle bell in each hand and I'd be going on. It'll take me all of about one minute before well before I feel like I'm going to die and and by the way, this normally doesn't make that sound it's because the floor is little bit uneven and we haven't put a pad underneath it so it's much quieter than the rattling that you were just hearing them. So this is ahh, pretty neat way if you're into training or you have breathing capacity problems, the lungs air just like your bicep. You can have a muscle here by doing curls, or you can have muscles here. And honestly, if these air working well, you're going to speak better, you'll be able to sing better, and you may even sleep better because your increased your tissue oxygenation just cause you can bring more oxygen in the reason I do this and this together is that number one? I might as well get the benefit. If I'm going to take two minutes of this, I might as well get my body stimulated and get circulation happening, but as I'm bringing more oxygen oxygen, and I also want to make sure that I get the micro vascular circulation that happens as the whole bodies moved like that. So it's a neat way of sort of stacking technologies together. This is called the power long it's on upgraded self dot com we talked about tens tens is the oldest form of electrical stimulation. A while ago maybe in the eighties you could buy the ab belt which would have you know, a little little bits of stimulation here and this device I bought it in beijing when I was there a couple weeks ago and it was that exact exchange rate somewhere between four and six dollars and you know what? It's a perfectly functional computer controlled tens unit better than the one that I've had it home that took like six d batteries that was this big now this is a way that you can relax muscles at home and even increased little bit of oxygenation. It does nothing like the sort of technology that dr justin was just using in order to tell your nervous system or it's turned off. But if you have aches and pains you could pop a tylenol or something and decrease the amount of gouda thigh in and your liver and your ability to detoxify other things. Or maybe you might wanna have one of these little guys at home and you could do a search on amazon for t and s electrical stimulation and you can put the electrodes on wherever it hurts in fact, what we have ah uh demo someone have any sort of sore muscles come on up on dh well well look at the difference between how the other one worked on how this works in anywhere you want to do that here all right, so we'll stick an electrode here and, uh, any other any other spots will just do it on the other side neck. Okay, there is a little bit of precision you could put these on on specific sites where muscles insert and whatnot, but most people put it where it hurts. Notice with dr justin we looked at where is the source of the problem versus the source of the pain. So this is more treating a symptom kind of thing, but it's a very inexpensive device, so just push the plus button until you see the joining their push a little bit still hurts a little bit, so turn a little sideways so the camera can see the muscle attention right here. It should be pulsing in and out, right? So what's going on there is we're firing the muscles but not making changes to the nervous system like the other device did. But still, this kind of technology is a useful thing, and sometimes when you go to the chiropractor they'll put a pulsing current just like this on a sore muscle to massage the muscle. So this is a form of code electrical massager, the fact that it's gone in the last ten years from a big box full of batteries too vanishingly small device smaller than an iphone that you can buy on the street for six bucks in china is pretty profound the speed of change there is almost a cz fast is the speed of change of things like computer processors, moore's law so we're going to be seeing the ability to use electricity on your nervous system mohr and more and more frequently you want you can sit down and you want or just if it's hurting a lot stop all right, so one question came in from e m one l would this be beneficial for people have not who have have become numb or are unable to control their muscles correctly like with spasms? I don't think a normal tens unit is something that I would I would use their I would want to talk to a doctor or someone like dr justin who is using electricity in mohr of ah therapeutic like changing the nervous system function way thank you. Okay, any questions from our audience and then we'll wrap for this session so you know in china they use electro acupuncture. I'm just wondering if there's any relationship between tens and electro acupuncture is the idea of going to an acupuncture point on the body and then using an electrical probe there instead of a needle it's kind of amazing but we have spots on our body that are mapped out by different traditions on different cultures that generally line up and you can stimulate them in several different ways number one you can push on a site like that number two you can hit it with a laser you khun but use with the laser that you saw before on one of those points you can stick a needle in it you could stick a needle in it and turn a magnet on the top of the needle to generate a small electrical current which was the original electro acupuncture or you can put an electrical probe on it or even one of these pads and then do that so this kind of ah six dollar unit in china comes with us a map of acupuncture points on the body so you can stimulate them but you don't have to do it you can use on the muscles or acupuncture points no uh uh you're I'm sure you're pretty familiar with dr terry walls and her helping her m s sip symptoms with a diet similar to yours and electrical stimulation and I'm gonna use my sister as m s is kind of a guinea pig and I'm wondering if if you've had any people used the vibration platform for m s um reese mobility it's a non medical device so I'm not at liberty to discuss that without crossing from legal boundaries, then I'm careful not to cross however, why don't we ask terry walls, who will be a speaker later today uh, there's, a speaker with one point, five million views. I spent this last weekend hanging out with her and a few other people very, very fascinating woman. So we invited her to come in over skype in order to talk specifically about these things because things like m s things like chronic fatigue syndrome, things like even lupus, where the immune system or some part of the body goes off track those airways of illuminating for those of us who don't have those conditions for illuminating ways that we can increase our performance because you take someone who's, who's injured or unwell and you figure out the path, the wellness. Well, what we think is wellness is actually table stakes. The bio hacking ideas. We're going to start from wellness, and we're gonna go beyond wellness. We want to be at a level performance that wasn't normal. And what terry has taught us from her own path really ties in nicely with going beyond normal performance if you take those techniques and apply them to a healthy person.

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