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We're going to talk about more food because, well, part of feeling bulletproof all the time is eating right stuff, as we already discussed, we have some food out here, including cale, we're going talk about kale specifically, that would be if the projector thing cuts over. There we go. Wait, you have sleep supplements coming up first. There we got so I was looking for veggies and fruits and the new bulletproof diet that you can get when you decide to buy all of the extra content that comes with the paid version of the course. We actually broke veggies and fruits out into separate categories, but the short way to look at this list is vegetables are generally better for you, then fruits, but something's like canned vegetables thiss sort of like alpo smelling mix of I think those might be carrots and beans and whatever else is not particularly good for you at all. It's almost devoid of nutrients but it's better than nothing if you're starving to death. But the goal is that your body shoul...

d know you're not starving to death unless you actually are starving, in which case we call that fasting. So on this side, you're looking at high fat things like avocado, which is technically a fruit, but most people think it's a vegetable. You can pretty much go a little bit crazy and avocados. In fact, you guys saw what I had for lunch. A couple of you what I have for lunch and that was not the small tub from whole foods. No, it was a big tub. Yeah, and so fresh made guacamole is really good for you. In fact, I had it transfused instead of blood. So that's like something that's really good for you and over here other green things, but let's talk about kale. Two kinds of kale here. This is lacey kale, this is dino kale. So one of these kale is not like the other actually wait neither ones like the other. Come to think of it. So any thoughts from people who've read the blogger who were in the room any any votes for the lacy versus the dino dino dino wins why would dine okay, I'll be better and honestly, who really cares? It's cale, right here's why this stuff has three times more oxalic acid than this stuff. And if we were shopping right now, I would say, look at this it's kind of turning its a little bit aged like this isn't exactly that fresh it's probably been exposed to too much sun, but is it actually that fresh and here's a really kind of dirty secret, go behind any large organic food store, including whole foods or any other store and look in the dumpster or just look for the flies they throw away an enormous amount of fresh fruit and vegetables why'd they throw him away because they weren't fresh fresh fruit and vegetables was just picked? Maybe by that your farmer's market, but by the time it goes through the whole supply chain to get to your grocery store, some of that stuff is pretty old, and even this kale it maybe four days, five days old what's been growing on it. What nutrients have have basically broken down in the time that it was sitting there there's nothing wrong with frozen vegetables? In fact, they have more nutrients in them, then the fresh stuff if the fresh stuff has been sitting around for a while. So this is another sort of myth of raw vegans is that frozen vegetables and frozen meat you can eat them, they've somehow been magically blessed by the frost fairy or something and they're not good for you. I would rather eat fresh picked, fresh, frozen, high quality kale. Then I would eat fresh picked five day old kill that's been sitting around trying to maintain freshens being missed it and all the stuff because the nutrients in your foods to grade very very quickly in the case of something like kale you'll see it says you know cooked spinach and kale and collards and things like that because these leafy greens will they have tons of really good nutrients I'm definitely not anti kale I like kale but when he ate kale it's gonna be this one and I'm going toe steam it or even smell not water boil it dump the water and when I'm cooking it or when I put it into another recipe I'll actually had a little bit of calcium to it and the reason you do this is that oxalic acid as we mentioned earlier causes problems potentially in your joints here suggestive tracked in your reproductive system and there's even a group researching oxalic acid and things like autism for cognitive function and they're finding some correlations there my my view on this is that your body is able to excrete the substance on lee after it's been bound to calcium at which point it's rendered inert since it's not inert in this kale right now let's cook the kale which deactivates the things that stop thyroid function let's drain the water which gets rid of a lot of the oxalic acid and let's bind the rest of it to calcium we call that calcium loading and when you're cooking leafy green vegetables tossing and calcium carbonate the cheapest form of calcium supplement into the water will buy into these toxins and then you can get all the nutrients that are in the kale but you don't necessarily get all the anti nutrients that aaron kale and this is a core part of the bulletproof diet fact let's let's talk order of operations order of operations comes from math in math remember that please something parentheses exponents please execute my dear aunt sally if I remember my seventh grade way of remembering which which math operations come first when it comes to food, you need an order of operations every diet out there that I've come across misses one of these which is one of the reasons that I put this kind of thinking together for the bulletproof diet and it's built into the infographics like this the first thing that matters is what we call macro nutrient ratios that means is it protein is it fat? Is it carbs? And is it the right protein or fat or carbs? Because we talked about how snake venom is not the same as a stake even though they're both protein, so you have to get that right if you don't get that right, you're already gone by the way, if you're looking at an andy score for nutrient density index, they ignore that because it's all about nutrient density and removing calories but it's not so much around getting the right macro nutrients and in the first place so if you look at a diet that's extreme, high carb and low fat, the macro nutrient ratios are off it's not going to work long term, the second thing in order of operations, and this is a big differentiator for the bulletproof it's anti nutrients. So every food has its good stuff, and it has its bad stuff. Some bad stuff grows in the food, some bad stuff is sprayed on the food and some bad stuff grows on the food during storage and processing. So there's a scale for each piece of food, each thing and the scale may very this is both kale, but they weighed different amounts on the scale that we're talking about here. So from an anti nutrient perspective, you tried the food with less anti nutrients and toxins because they take away things. And the final thing you think about is what's. Inside the food are their vitamins and minerals. There's a dirty secret spinach isn't high in iron we've all been taught spinning it's hard, hard I mean popeye, popeye, zion, aren't he'd spinach? Some is some isn't if vegetables and plants could magically trans ma griff I elements they would, but plants on ly have in them what they pulled from the soil. Well, your spinach is high and iron on ly if the soil's high in iron and if that same soil's been growing spinach or a bunch of other stuff without proper crop rotation and proper care of the soil, it looks like spanish taste like spinach or even worse if you sprayed not spinach but another crop with round up, it has less available minerals in it, so you can't always count on your food to give you a predictable amount of nutrients your food's full of nutrients eat fresh local organic food and get as much nutrition from your food as you can. But even if you do that any table on the internet, no matter where you look that says you get this number of this from your food took a very tiny sampling at one time of the year and now that's what we all believe is in every bit of kale, but as we've seen these two almost identical leaves, one of them has three times more of a substance than the other. So what I'm telling you here is you can eat all the stuff perfectly, but given that you're also swimming in a soup of manmade toxins that don't belong in your system, boosting your levels of nutrients with multivitamins is not a bad strategy for keeping your performance high, and now that I just said multi vitamins, I should say with vitamins multivitamins is something I'm less of a fan of because you can't control the individual vitamins in them so taking things like more vitamin c this lovely orange greenish orange is uh not full of vitamin c it wasn't picked it wasn't picked recently it's probably been sitting around for a month who knows? So that means of items he leeches out within a day or two of picking so we're trained citrus vitamin c good for you drinking orange juice gofer run floss you're a good person but the thing that's going on here is that this is depleted so take your vitamin c a t least like five hundred milligrams a day if I don't see is just a good idea I've had some of the world's leading experts on vitamin c coming and present at the smart or at the silicon valley health institute and there's a pretty strong consensus there so we'll talk about some of these other things and why they're where they are one of the questions I get all the time garlic garlic's good for you right like raise your hand if garlic is good for you if you if you think it is you've been taught that course happy read my blog's sorry garlic is good for you garlic is an amazing medicinal herb it's seriously iraq's if you're sick have some garlic it's also a psychoactive drug and you know the stereotypical italian sort of behaviour little bit you know, they drive the fast, red cars, cut you off in traffic. No offense. I have lots of friends in italy, but it's a stereotype and that's the kind of a good example of what garlic does to your brain. It makes you a little bit aggressive. Unhappy. You can see it on e e g machine garlic inhibits alfa brainwaves, so use it judiciously. It tastes delicious. I love garlic. When I was a raw vegan, I would do like ten cloves a day and I love this stuff. But I can tell you it does cause a little bit of aggressiveness. It's hard, it's. Harder to be in a peaceful, focused state or you get stuff done. But if you're gonna go, um, you know, maybe produce a mixed martial arts. Maybe it'll be good for you. It's. Good for inflammation, antibacterial, anti fungal. But also make sure you look at your garlic. If you're going to do a whole garlic, which is the only way you should do it. Maybe fresh peeled garlic is fine, but the garlic powder's garlic grows in the earth, which means it is very easy for it to get a fungal problem. And I see this a lot of times they sell garlic and the story opening up, some of the clothes are black and they've got stuff growing on him. If you eat those clubs, it will hurt your performance versus fresh garlic clothes that don't have anything going on. You see black stuff inside the garlic just because you say so, I'll just get out to cut off the black stuff. Unfortunately, the way a fungus works is it sends filaments into the food that you can't see very easily, if at all, without a microscope. So if you see surface mold like toss the garlic, get some fresh stuff. Cutting cutting the bad parts out of most foods doesn't work very well except avocados. Thank goodness those the filaments don't really go through unless it's really bad you can scoop out the black part of the avocados I had experience once during my business school, I was really focused on doing well on some hard math class at war. Did they torture you with, like trying to put make everything about math? And I was ready for this test the night before I ate a bunch of avocados. I did not understand what black avocados did, and they were kind of overripe, so I ate him. That night I couldn't sleep I was almost like hallucinating I was I was really trying to force myself to sleep, but I can always go to sleep in three minutes and I totally bombed that test and I to this day I'm certain that the reason I felt so odd was that I had a much higher than normal load of black avocados so you get sushi if they put the spoiled party avocado on your sushi sent it back and tell him, hey man, do it right so it's just not okay to do that as we get further and further over you'll notice ahead of garlic is onions, onions and garlic share the same chemical it's actually not that far away from t h c the onions have the same kind of mold issues less so than garlic, but it can happen so if the onions all shriveled up and not looking so healthy donate it. Onions have less of that sub meson and the garlic, so if you're looking for a flavor, you're better off to pick the onion over the garlic or better yet use oregano, thyme, parsley, cilantro things like that that don't have those disadvantages but have a nice strong flavor when we get further down we're looking at the low sugar fruit and if this was just fruit, this fruit would be all over here but I can tell you flat out as a general principle, eating green vegetables like this asparagus over eating sugary vegetables like this cherry is a good choice, but if you're going to eat some fruit, eat it when it actually grows. We're in california right now it's cherry season enjoy the cherries don't eat bags and bags and bags of them because we all know what'll happen if you overeat on fruit like that but also the fructose in fruit isn't good for the lining of your arteries it raises your trigger lyssarides and it can cause insulin resistance, so when you see a typical piece of fruit like a really high glycemic fruit like this lovely looking cantaloupe, you are pretty much looking at a bag of watery sugar with potentially some vitamins and minerals in it depending on where it was grown when you look at cantaloupes, this is the number one most moldy, a type of fruit crop that we have just based on statistics not saying don't eat cantaloupe paid some of the other week that was awesome. I'm saying it's, super sweet and sugary treat it like a candy eat it for dessert after dinner, not for breakfast because having dessert for breakfast is bad that's what your mom taught you right? Um she was right and if you do it pick really high quality, high, high quality fruit don't mess around with stuff it's half spoiled the other thing that people really don't like like the paul statements my colleges crowd is that I don't recommend eating a lot of mushrooms similar to garlic mushrooms are an awesome medicinal food should talking mushrooms re she mushrooms I used them additionally I still do, but white button mushrooms are shown in a study to increase uh smooth cell wall proliferation, which is negative finding for preventing cardiovascular disease in other words, these things which are relatively high in carbs and everyone says they're healthy they're healthy, they're healthy actually mushrooms aren't healthy or unhealthy, but this particular common species has a downside that a lot of people like to ignore because they absorb butter so well, there are ways to make your vegetables absorbed butter that don't involve ernesto the eating mushrooms not saying never eat them I'm saying if you're piling on the mushrooms because you think that it's an optimal decision, it probably isn't so use them judiciously but don't just go overboard. All of this is not to say you know, I'm going to draw a hard line right here and I'm only going to do this I'm going to be so super bulletproof it's a road map you don't always have to drive the same way toe work right? You can take a different path sometimes there's many ways to get up to the peak of a mountain so experiment but you will find if you do this that garlic affects your ability to meditate it just does it takes four days after I garlic before my brain will do all the things it's capable of doing so I hand go up actually there's no wants a question from the internet that we will definitely come to the audience life because hey moe is asking they're saying that almost all the cauliflower broccoli romesco that they purchased from the organic farmers market has a touch of mold on the tips there saying they usually just cut the tops often cook is that in okay practice or should they just beat him you know on that species and if it's just on the tips as long as you're cutting a half inch or so from the tips it seems it seems pretty fair but it's better that you cut where you can see note none of the brown stuff on the outside than it is to get you know just leave a little on there it is astounding what a little bit of spoiled vegetable does to the quality of your consciousness it is it is that something that is worth paying attention too because it might make you a little tired or a little less focused but over time our bodies were not meant to eat spoiled food every day we have a pretty good toxin elimination system between the liver and the kidneys and the skin so the way we evolved you go along you eat stuff that was mostly fresh and then you come to something that maybe wasn't so fresh if you eat it you ever get sick or you detox it in the next day week fresh stuff so it it sends a nice signal there's food there's food or there's no food and no toxins than other might be talk since I get rid of it but what we do now is there's always toxins because when you have your you know broccoli soup made by you know the broccoli super bored corporation that buys a million pounds of broccoli and doesn't trim it at all before they throw it into the front of the factory and some glop comes out the back end there are limits for some of the toxins that I measure in my stuff there aren't even standards for the other ones at least not in the u s there are some food processing toxins like things that come from either bacteria or more particularly from the fungal kingdom that are controlled in europe controlled in china but either not controlled in the us or controlled with much more lax standards which is one of the reasons that the us is now aggressively pursuing treaties with other countries to force them to take our lower quality food I was just in china and I saw you just three amazing scale of some of the cities in china and they have a problem with food quality they have lots of environmental problems in china but it's interesting that they're rejecting some us foods based on food quality even though it's already a struggle there because of the large population and some recent climate change that has happened there around more desertification so definitely pay attention to the quality here because fresh vegetables that aren't actually fresh are not your friend. I have a question from some of our studio audience here, particularly in the front uh I don't know if you can make this general is a generalization but are some of these items where they are because of the flesh of the fruit or their skin? And can you move him or towards the bulletproof into the continuum if you peel them uh foot an awesome question peeling your vegetables did your mom peel your vegetables like going back twenty, thirty, forty years? Yeah, we always peeled stuff, but now why do we eat them? Because there's so many vitamins in the scan? Yes, this is that old order of operations macronutrients, anti nutrients, micro nutrients. Well, what happened here is around the late seventies early eighties when we were trying to figure out why the low fat stuff from nineteen seventy didn't work very well it became about this fiber and nutrients, so they started saying eat the potato skin okay throughout all of history the military which is all about lowest cost feeding of troops peels potatoes do you think there's a reason they peel the potatoes? Yeah, because the potato skin aside from having some vitamins and it also gets the fungus that grows on potatoes, which is a known problem from especially from improperly stored potatoes there's a bunch of other anti nutrients in the skin as well as some fiber and some other vitamins. So if you ignore the anti nutrients just to get the vitamins you've only done half your work so yeah, peeling matters and I don't think I have a sweet potato up here, but this is a regular potato arrested it looks like and these a remember the nightshade family night shades include some very toxic plants but includes bell peppers or red peppers like this it includes tomatoes. I wish I could juggle because now would be the time uh and it includes eggplants. Twenty percent of all cases of rheumatoid arthritis come from people eating these there's a protein in these foods it's called elect in and it goes through the lining of the stomach and depending on your genetics goes through and it binds to the sugar's the police sack rides that coat ourselves in different parts of the body and it causes immune problems there in particular this stuff likes a glucose amine you might have heard of taking glucose to mean like for for knee pain and sore joints because they're lined with glucose I mean if you have those jeans like you know one in five people you take a bite of this thing because him and it sticks the lining of your joints and then they're sore and even worse you may find that this causes the problem in this doesn't this is why it's a road map on the bulletproof diet and you can go through and you can test it out you can even use the bulletproof food sense application to see if you're having and either an allergic response or just a food sensitivity which isn't a classical allergy because your heart rate will go up following a define herbal set of rules when you eat foods like this that may be kryptonite for you you may love these things and totally have the genes for this and for you they may be totally kryptonite so part of this game is you've got to find your own kryptonite and I've done a pretty good job on the bulletproof diet if you go all green you're gonna avoid ninety nine percent of kryptonite but imagine you were like you're superman but you don't know about kryptonite and he like walked down the street and one day boom you fall over but I feel like crap today I wonder what happened I know you keep walking and then you know your girlfriend gets a kryptonite lock it right and then like I feel like crap all the time but you don't know because you don't know the cause my point in sharing all this knowledge is not to make you afraid of your food my point insuring this knowledge is toe let you know that some foods do different things to different people and there has been an exhaustive effort to remove most foods that causes most problems for most people but even so I put eggs in the really green category there are pretty common allergen eggs might make you weak but for the rest of us they're super food so that kind of answer is that question I hope peeling uh in terms of anti nutrients sweet potatoes is really important storage of sweet potatoes is a major problem you can ask ashley tutor who wrote sweet potato power a friend of mine really cool book if you haven't read it and in that book she talks about it a little bit and I did extensive research if you want to really have the lowest toxin sweet potatoes you khun get you double peel them there's an outer layer appeal there's an inner layer of light colored peel and there's orange flesh in the middle and especially if they're looking a little gnarly they've been beaten up a little bit before you eat them double peeling makes them a much cleaner food source witt's ask a really good question online can we counter act garlic's alfa suppression by taking healthy a nine which promotes alfa waves? You know that is an awesome bio hacker question I do take athenian eric minute as a sleep supplement healthy nina's the amino acid found in green tea I love the thinking there the whole point of this is not be bound by things it's to break the rules and go outside the box so if l if garlic does this your office something else does this that's awesome? My question would be what if you just took the athenian without the garlic? Would you achieve higher levers levels? We don't know I've never seen anyone do the study to my quantified self people listening who hav e g machines at home come on let's do some crowd, some community science sort of things citizen science I would love the answer that send it to me on twitter on at bulletproof exact post on facebook, email me or whatever I will if you do the work, I will talk about it on my podcast I would love that answer what a killer question do tell the toxins are fun guy on the food? Does it kill it or is it still home? Cooking breaks down some toxins and it creates others, which is why we talked about the cooking techniques right? Sadly most of the mold toxins which are technically known as michael toxins are heat stable and this varies some more so than others but the really gnarly ones are shown to be he's stable for instance in bulletproof coffee the reason my beans are different than other coffee beans is that I control the the process even to make the coffee and a green coffee in order to prevent the formation of the toxins in the first place because we have studies that show that the toxins between between ten percent and ninety percent of them survived the roasting process depending on which science you believe why is the number of such a big variants honestly, coffee people don't like talking about this problem ah friend of mind ten years ago tried to get a paper published with the national coffee association about the problem and they slammed it so people like oh that's not really yeah, you see the lab results this this is absolutely real but the problem is this expensive to send all of your vegetables through mold testing or also bacterial testing we know about food safety though because there's hundreds of pages of rules about how much mold is allowed in your catch up versus your other process food I'll say how much food how much mold is allowed in the food in my house as little as humanly possible and that is a much higher standard then you can get when you buy a process food in a box um the other thing to talk about before we move on is dried fruit it's like crack it's so good in fact, if we pass these things out let's see, this would be just a little snack it's just like, you know, five little pieces like you could probably fit all this in your mouth at once and you'd be happy so that's five apricots that's like a lot of sugar, so these air little candies and the way they make these, they lay them out in the sun and let him dry and then they spray them with sulfates to keep the color and then they wash him maybe not always in that order, but birds poop on these, I swear they do it's a problem and some of these air dehydrated and when you take this thing and you sort of spread it apart, I don't know how close and you guys can get you can see there's still dirt in this one or it's something going and I don't know, but it probably should have been there, but the rinsing process didn't really capture that so dried fruit, major source and there's good medical studies or sorry good agricultural and food quality research studies but not medical studies where they go and they quantify the amount of stuff that grows on moldy fruit and they try and put standards in place for it, so I'm not saying you shouldn't hundred cranberries we just had some in our first dish I'm saying quality matters and this is a sugar bomb this is candy you might as well he's from jolly ranchers not really, but they're pretty close in terms of dried fruit the lovely raisin is the second highest in this problem it also tends to have a little bit of extra histamine in it so you can actually choose your dried fruit based on quality and one of the easiest ways to do that is to look at the color of it. This has been sprayed with a preservative which may or may not be a bad thing because at least it's not spoiling as much as it would be if it was the sulfate free kind of brown spotted looking ones short answer though if you can avoid dried fruit eat the fresh stuff are the frozen stuff it's not that hard let's see potatoes, mushrooms is there any other controversial stuff we should talk about here? Olives are good watch out with olives because a lot of times all boils expensive sixty nine percent of all of oil isn't olive oil when you buy it now according to a thing that you see, davis wrote recently, I sent an email out about that two people who follow the bulletproof executive blawg this is a big issue even when you buy some of the good stuff you don't know you're getting olive oil, it has canola oil in it because it saves money make sure that at least when you buy olives if they're packed in oil that they're packed in olive oil not canola oil it really matters also things like kalamata olives the quality of the cure matters enormously so things that air cured in salt and water are generally pretty safe, but if they're cured with se malt vinegar or something like that, multi vinegar is a fungal by product that contains different psychoactive substances as well is very delicious flavors so you got to be careful. There are lots of studies on the levels of okra toxin that form when you use basically that the scum extracts from the bottom of a wine barrel or malt extract from the bottom of beer barrel to flavour your food I don't actually eat those things we have a few questions coming in about the fruits first of all from mel are regarding dried fruit what if you dehydrate your own that's your best batman? I do that on occasion my kids get little like tiny wedges of peach we like cut in tow like tic tacs size pieces it's actually fun projects you have little kids, I have you and what's the excalibur dehydrator and so there's nothing wrong with the hydrangea dehydrating your own I would suggest that after you slice them you rents them with a relatively strong vitamin seawater which helps to act as a natural preservative and increase their natural vitamin c levels that would be the way to do dr fruit if you're going to do it and watch how you stored as well sort away from moistures horses heat and light follow up on that from organic baby what do you think about food zappers that supposedly killed toxins and then as well as a questions water ozone need resonated water machines to get rid of toxin oh so needed water is a pretty cool idea I'm a huge fan of medical ozone you don't breathe those on it's a pollutant when you breathe it but you can even drink goes in and water and it has some positive effects on your g I tract you can put us on gas in the refrigerator and there are actually things mostly from asia where they make those native water to rinse your vegetables it's a great way of extending their life in the refrigerator and it sterilizes the outside of them they still can spoil it just takes longer um the other one aside from that wass there were like four technologies in there sorry that food zappers that killed toxin the food zapper comes from a woman named hold it clark hold it clark is a crazy person she's written the cure for all disease is the cure for cancer and all this stuff she's also a huge proponent of ozone and this is one of the frustrating thing is when you get into like the fringes of alternative medicine there are crazy people there but not everything a crazy person says is crazy I have experimented extensively with the whole the clarks opera stuff I think it's total b s I have a food zapper I bought it I cannot detect any difference in the signal coming out fine body my heart very build it doesn't change the quality my thinking doesn't change I think that they're totally scam that said some of holder clark's recommendations that come from old herbalists like the olive oil liver flush with epsom salts that she does will reduce upper back pain and people have liver problems like I've used it myself it was transformative when I did that a long time ago so the zappers no I don't buy it can you do things the electro chemically or electro magnetically to your food? Yes you can and there are some pot growers doing amazing stuff growing super uber pot with magnetic fields and stuff like that I don't think food zappers worked that was a long answer but it's a cool question um all right we are going to move on to sleep but I had to say one more thing about berries this is gonna make some of you sad strawberries spoil within a day of picking them this strawberry is already starting to spoil if you're going to eat it, you'd want at least remove the squishy parts on the top and blueberries most blueberries you khun by especially when you buy blueberries or even raspberries on sale the reason they're on sale because they're going to be puffing out with spores in the next day they put them on so when they're about todo it never buy berries on sale unless there's like an entire truckload of berries and you could tell that they got a deal buying them and when you pick up a blueberry it should not be squishy squishy blueberries I have already started supposing they should be firm and pop in your mouth these ones are on the edge already so same thing with raspberries raspberries are this one's actually dying to go bad too? They don't keep very well there's bit of a problem though frozen fruit is so good right? Just go buy some frozen blueberries you ever tried buying the big bags in a costco that cost like three bucks for like two pounds you know how much they care about quality when you're trying to sell two pounds of frozen blueberries for just a couple bucks they don't care so they buy the very cheapest berries they can get, which are universally moldy there aren't even standards for a lot of that stuff and if there are standards they're not regularly measured I have never purchased berries in the last four years at costco that were not substantially moldy so if you're going to buy frozen berries because they're such a problem of spoilage by the high quality organic ones you will notice a difference in how you feel if you have your smoothie in two hours later you're tired or you have a bit of a scratchy throat you can trace that too high levels of toxins that come from eating low quality frozen fruit it's to the point where I'm pretty picky about the frozen fruit I get because well unfortunately for me having lived in a house this tacky batra is one of the most toxic mold I'm a canary I could tell you some things mold because I feel that right away my forehead swells up like a cling on its terrible it looks cool though way move on how do you know if the blueberries thie other berries are good if they're not smiling you just get like a pendulum I said that for the holder clark fans out there um how do you know if you said the good ones that they're not spoiled well squishiness so like this raspberry is starting to decompose a little bit so it's not quite good and this one actually is just about perfect it's firm but it's not unripe, so you can go through and you can touch it. But generally blemishes are a good sign there's a problem and squishiness is a good sign you're eating cherries so some of these cherries, this one's, very firm and nice right chairs a little softer this is good color it's firm this one has a little blemish there it's either been dropped or packed by a bug or something, but what I eat that either one of these yeah, these are really good quality cherries, but some cherries you can tell when you taste them, they're squishy that they have a very different feel in your mouth. Those are the ones that are on edge and maybe for you, you just don't care. You have, like uber liver, but for a lot of people they just eat it. They don't know that it may be affecting whether they're going to be feeling like to get a cold later, whether they need to go to sleep in our earlier and my message here is really clear experiment and be aware if your where you'll know, you know, eat some cheap, moldy berries will tell you a story about multi berries before we go on, we have just enough time for it it's a personal story that was a ravi again I'll say, I have taken my daughter or my son, or both to the farmer's market every weekend I'm home, which is most of them since they were born, like we just always do it, it's what daddy any kids do. And when I was a raw vegan years ago, I would buy, like, all these amazing fresh california raspberries and blackberries on this stuff, and I take him home, and I lay him out on these these trays in the fridge, so they keep for, like, six days, and then I would eat him everyday, lots of various conspiracy, good for you, almost as good as flossing, and then after a while of doing this, I started having to pee, like, twenty times a day, like all the time to the point, it was like disrupting my life, so I had to go to aa aa urologist in san francisco, who performed a procedure on me that no man should ever undergo. It was highly traumatic toe look and see what was going on inside my bladder, and he couldn't help me after that very painful procedure and said, I don't really know, you know what it was I was eating moldy raspberries because they were decomposing in the fridge when I stopped doing that, I was find two weeks later, I spent a year and a half dealing with this, because I did not understand the nature of the quality of my food and it's decomposition. So if you're a man and you won't avoid that problem, be careful. It was terrible.

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