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How do you feel after doing the neurofeedback feel pretty fantastic? I had an epically terrible night's sleep last night and, uh, had my bulletproof coffee this morning, and even that wasn't going to get me over the hurdle. Um, so it was like a very like, clear sense. I can't really explain it, but it's different very different that's not uncommon, the meditation effect from that, it feels sort of like you took a nap, right? And I find that over and over when I do this with other people that you feel just upgraded inside when you're done, so I'll ask again after lunch, and we'll see if the effect changes throughout the day, and if you're listening to this like we've never met before now none of this is scripted or plan, this is just really time at its finest. We were talking about stress, and then we were talking a braised beef, and now we're going to talk about your autonomic nervous system, which is something that controls your stress or leased that reflects your stress, and we have ...

about ten minutes before jeff hunt from rest wise comes on. And the reason we're talking about ana gnomic nervous system function first is that jeff is going to talk with us about how he gets data from the body to determine how stressed you actually are. Your body is terrible and understanding the difference between something's about to eat me or I'm going to starve to death and another email message came in so to your nervous system an email that might be from your boss telling you that you did a bad job is exactly the same level of threat as I think I heard a tiger around here, I should be ready to fight and this is one of the reasons that one today you heard a crack in the woods and maybe you got ready to fight but there's no tiger so you went back to your hut needed whatever we're trying involved in that way, but when five hundred times a day a message comes in and goes bone on your phone, each one of those also might be a tiger. So five hundred times a day your nervous system thinks a threat came to you and you change your genes. We talked about that earlier in the class in response to a stressful environment so you can either choose to turn off the email notification, which is a great way to lower your stress just looking female when you want to, you don't need to know every message that comes in but better than that you could train yourself to not go into that mode whenever new message comes in or whenever something else happens that clearly is not a threat but thatyour body perceives as a threat this is a really big change in how you think about yourself because you have your consciousness, you are slow, you're really smart, you understand all this complex stuff, but you're so slow if it's faster than a third of a second, you missed it and the part of you that's causing all the trouble is faster than a third of a second, so you don't really see that it's the one that's causing the problems when the males come in at the end of the day you're tired and stressed, you don't know that it's because all day long you've been getting ready to fight invisible tigers ninety percent your body processes happened from your tiger brain, the mammal brain and one of the things that happens in the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic part of it is the part that speeds up get ready and there's two things you get ready for one is to fight and the other is to run the typical fight or flight response is the sympathetic response. Your parasympathetic response is the calm down response. You want to be a little bit parasympathetic dominant, not too much and ready to move smoothly between these two modes, but if you have both at the same time that's really stressful and that's what we get right now, you're sitting in a chair at your desk and you're trying to be calm at the same time you're getting ready to fight tigers it's like trying to drive a car you accelerate that's sympathetic put the brakes on its parasympathetic now put the breaks to the floor and the pedal to the floor and see what happen vince and well if you're in a prius nothing happens but that's the same thing happens when you put the accelerator down to it just kind of sits there and barely moves but by the way I used have a prius worst car ever so there's another marketing team right now going oh my goodness did that really just happen? It did low heart rate variability is tied to arrhythmia and myocardial infarction which in normal speak means irregular heartbeat and heart attacks this is a study from nineteen, ninety five so heart rate variability is the measure of your sympathetic or your parasympathetic dominance when your heart rate variability is low then you're more likely to get a heart attack or an arrhythmia in nineteen ninety seven they showed that when your heart rate variability is low that you are an increased risk of cancer, diabetes and chronic fatigue this is why when I talk about stress and we look at heart rate variability as a very strong markert of how stressed you are it's pretty important to get an understanding of this this is why a lot of my bio hacking is around looking at the heart, in fact, it's interesting that a lot of the signal in the body actually goes from the heart to the brain, duke university in two thousand four, I found that if you had a lower heart rate variability, you tended to have mohr negative emotions, like fear and greed and anger and depression and things like that. That's not I'm sorry, I have that backwards. They found that when you have the negative emotions, you have a lower heart rate variability that means that if you're looking for heart rate variability in real time, and you see that it's going down, you can check your inner processes and see if negative emotions were happening. Now, it would seem intuitively obvious that, of course, if I had a negative emotion, I would know it, but that is a very, very poor assumption, because your negative emotions happen at the speed of your brain that's ready to fight tigers, and they're reflected in your conscious, slow thinking brain. What that means is that your body can flip into a more negative emotion, like fear it could do that faster than you'll notice it happening. So all of a sudden, there's a feeling here that had no reason for happening, and it happened for the reason that whatever that automated meet protection system, culture, nervous system decided was appropriate. That's. Why? You could have had a subconscious fear response to an e mail coming in. If you're watching her heart rate variability on a monitor, you can actually see your nervous system do this to you. And that is pretty darned incredible. Because now you have a signal and you can start training your nerve system. Hey, there's. No need to be afraid when an e mail comes in, one of my all let's actually talk about this. One of my my clients is a really heavy duty hedge fund trader. I started working with him on his heart rate variability, and he taught himself to be in a parasympathetic dominant state to be calm using the kind of technologies that were gonna demo after jeff comes on. Then he put his monitor on and he went to work. And the second, the market bell that rings to turn on to open the stock market assumes that rang. He went into full panic mode. By the way, this guy's a top trader like trades hundreds of millions of dollars. He's, not a panicky guy. He's rock solid and, you know, top of his game, but his nervous system, I was in panic mode. And he didn't even know it was happening, so it took him a couple weeks to teach his nervous system to be calm. This is the same thing you do if you're training like a dog for a swat team or to be in combat, dogs are afraid of loud noises, so you conditioned them and you train them to be able to tolerate it. You can train your nervous system kind of like a dog in order to be able to tolerate a situation without freaking out all the time. Where we get into trouble is that we don't know our nervous system is freaking out all the time, so it's kind of like that dog is running around in circles, but you're not paying attention to it. When do you feel this? When you lay down at night to go to sleep and you have a racing mind that won't stop that's a pretty good sign there's something going on there in that nervous system is just going on too fast. That worrying is exactly this kind of response in the technology that I work with here on myself and with my clients is one that lets you quickly train that instead of spending many years meditating about it.

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