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Advanced Settings & Commenting

Lesson 43 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

Advanced Settings & Commenting

Lesson 43 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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43. Advanced Settings & Commenting


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Lesson Info

Advanced Settings & Commenting

Let's go back to my video manager that the overall dashboard and talk about again. You see the quickly, quick politics, I think, just to save on time. So I'm not filling out stuff. Let's just go ahead and click into one of these videos. Which one do you guys want to see? Which one? Any type of mystery. Monday. You say what? I can't hear this one right here. Oh, I say the snack attack. Got it. Okay. I couldn't see how I clicked on the link. Silly me. You have to click on edit to get into the back end. So, Mr In Monday's right, How many of you go and search Mystery Monday's Nobody. You will always see that. My mystery Monday videos. The views are always much, much lower. It is my specific audience who comes Teoh hear me Block right. And they know what they're getting in there. Okay with that. So there's not a lot of s e o in here, which is probably don a great example. I bet I feel like we really, really covered and fine tuned the CEO. You know that you need to do it and you guys will be...

getting the checklist on how to do all that. So in case you forget, built in with the class stress free simplified. This is one of the other tab that we didn't show and that was you guys can control. Maybe you have something where you talk about things that are controversial or you share personal experiences and you don't even want to be open to the idea of comments or trolls are haters. You can turn off commenting. You contrive all this crazy, awesome stuff. Um, one thing to keep in mind is your category, and you can actually set this. You can set a default parameters for your metadata on your YouTube channel settings and what that means by day fall is any time you upload a new video certain things like how to will be automatically populated this less steps for you to dio really, really fun To do that, you can even dio automatic tags. So, of course, I always have would be kick in there in my automatic tags on Ben when or if you have a situation, you should be purchasing royalty free music. Use the free stuff from YouTube. Use your friends who are trying to put put music on ITunes. They will always give you their their songs for free or reach out to people on YouTube. They almost always have, like singers on YouTube, almost always have covers, or they want to give you their music to promote their YouTube channels. There are options out there and then you've got Pawn five. I mean stock. All these stock websites have royalty free music for your options. I like Khan five. They have really clean music and is usually for under 20 bucks. And I just repeat this singing 5 to 10 songs on my content, and it kind of keeps it consistent. They get familiar with my tunes. There has been assigned. I spent, like 40 bucks on a song one time, and it keeps getting flagged. When I say flagged, I mean YouTube will hide my video. I won't be able to monetize. I have to fill out this big dispute, and they know I purchased this video. It's not the song that you're typing in its this song. Here's a link to my receipt. I mean, I'll do anything to get my video back up so people can view it. Um, so that is I'm not gonna get too much into, um, the rest of the back and stuff because you really don't need Teoh. Go ahead. Kerry. I want to hear your question. Okay? Just a question about, like, comments. I know, unlike Facebook. That's like what I'm from there. With the more comments you have, the more likely it is to show up in people's news feed YouTube or no? Yes. So you do want to allow comments because more comments for more likely it's to show up and people? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, not only dio first and foremost rule number one with engagement is reply within 24 hours. And don't just be like, thanks. Not cool. That's not going to get a response. Like I will give a very thorough answer if possible, or even follow up with an additional question if it keeps them engaging or if they're talking to each other. You want to keep doing that on that? Can you set it up on your YouTube channel? Tore your notified of comments that you know, right away. Yeah, I was just gonna say no. Don't hit a lot of comments I get a lot of comments and now I'm, like, afraid to even go in that account. But yes, you can turn on notifications that can email you text you whatever you want. I wouldn't do it if somebody likes it, then you're really you're gonna be sorting likes and comments in this in that But I'm making an appointment when I'm checking email that consist of responding to comments on YouTube, instagram all my platforms. There was a long period of time where I didn't say anything because it's hard when 20 people comment and a couple of them are compliments and years. It's like thank you and thank you and thank you and thank you. And then you answered a few questions, and then some of them are just like smiley face, and you're like at Crystal Smiley Face back like it was too stressful for me, so I just didn't do it. And then I realized one. I'm missing an opportunity to get to know my audience and to build, like, lasting relationships with them and to on every platform instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Specifically, if you comment on my instagram page or my YouTube page and you have a set of followers guess is going to be, And those followers explore page me. So I want you engaged on my content, because then I'm gonna have a flash in the pan moment with your friends and hopefully they'll see. Oh, Carrie, like this. What is there to like? And hopefully, if you're doing your job and branding and being consistent in being you and sharing value, they're gonna stick around, right? Questions? Yes. Yeah. Talking about commenting. Are you able to moderate the questions on your page? Can you delete stuff? And then how do you recommend handling it if, like, controversy or drama or whatever sparks up in the comments on your you tube page, which I know is rare, No one ever causes problems on the YouTube page. Nobody. Everybody on YouTube. They're just so nice. I mean, so I am actually really lucky. I'm gonna knock on wood. I'm really lucky, because most all of my platforms is very rare to get a negative comment. Please keep what you guys, I'm not asking for pain, but that's why I always, like, freak out when I do. I'm like, what is this? But remember, how we talked about having a plan of action of when that happens and what you're gonna dio because I am actively engaged and I'm being supportive of my followers and helping them and making them feel good there, like mama bears. When anybody is mean to miss Whitby, you don't even know her and her kind heart. And how dare you say that? Like even when people are just like with PKK. Are you OK? Your eyes were so red today she has an eye condition. Thanks for bringing it up like they will stand up for me on something like really close. Friends will be defending me and I know you guys don't fight. Let's hold hand My I will give it a minute because the last thing you want to do is react on emotion. You want to be calibrated with your response, but also see what happens if it can resolve itself immediately or if nobody jumps on board, then you don't have to do anything. What I find happening more often not is my loyalist or whatever you want to call them will attack. And then I start to feel bad for the person who was mean to me. So all usually come in. In fact, we just had an experience with this. Uh, I took a break from Mystery Monday, and I didn't think that anybody watch him. It was getting 1000 views on them And, like, 5 to 10 on all these other videos, like, we'll just keep making the 5 to 10,000. Well, I was getting every kind of form of contact, even people from out of state who, like we went to church with me a couple of years ago, were texting air. You okay? Where's Mystery Monday? And so I posted something about being gone, or I'm sorry for taking a break, and somebody's, like, how rude. Like I just joined. I gotta here, I got my hair cut because of you. And then, like a week later, you decide to take a break from YouTube and really considering unfollowed owing you because that's why I'm here is for mystery Monday in your pixie advice. And so that maybe I mean in her mind, she's just confessing her feelings. But that's the thing with YouTube and instagram and everything. Everything reads differently. And a lot of you were like, are you serious? And can you believe that? And I started to feel bad that they were attacking her. She's like, Yeah, what was worried about that? I wanted to make videos and so I was, like, eyes that were that. I'm flattered that you're, like, hating on me for not it means that you missed me and that you like what I'm doing and all of us not not just me and her were able to reconcile, but the other people, too. And it all kind of ended up. Jeez, would behave just post stuff already. So I will almost always do that, and I, as you know, fire stuff out way faster than I'm able to filter it. That's why I am so nerdy and embarrassed more than I'm not. But there have been times where I've said stuff that non high and saying that was kind of either not politically correct or maybe was sounded judgmental. But really, I'm just trying to tell a story in a dramatic comedic way. And so that all may only gonna I didn't not even mean it like that. Sorry. And then we make up. Okay, That's my strategy. I there are certain types of people that you don't even want to touch or that you just know toe block. People say anything about my kids. Okay? I will. Somebody said one. Never made. I won't. I won't. Um, so just have a planet action. Know what you're gonna dio? Um, I don't like it when people gang up on each other. I want people have a good feeling when they're on any of my platforms. And that's why I will mediate them. Even if I'm being the 11 being intact, it would be like you guys told him. OK? Yeah. So I mean, I knew this was gonna happen because there's so many aspects. I separated. It were partially Indio impartial. Are visuals partially in engagement. But we'll just keep going because we're talking about comments. I'm gonna kind of show you two different ways of doing it. You could be in a video in a specific video watching it on the view page. So this is what the view pages and I can see the comments and go in and reply right here. You know, you can see I and pretty well I've learned that you you need Teoh when they're on there is when you need to be talking to them. So if you can reply right away, do that cause maybe you can even keep going back and forth like a little chat message. And then you can sort it from most recent or most popular in that sort of thing, cause a lot of times other people will be, like, all making the same the same question. I'm gonna get that stain haircut. So that is one form of seeing comments on a specific video or a specific topic. And maybe you're trying to come up with ideas. You're brainstorming you're pulling from. Your different resource is, and so you're gonna go to a specific topic or what I typically do, because again, for me, this is part of my process of I checked my email, I go to my inbox. You know, I don't just go to just my Jima like goto everything all in one place. So I'm gonna go to my community tab on the back end, and this will take me to my whole feed in real time of comments. So it will tell you times it will tell you if I have commented or replied, Keep in mind because Google and YouTube kind of like merged in a weird way. Sometimes you can't hit reply to somebody in your YouTube video because they've commented in Google Plus, and honestly, I cannot keep up. But that's why I like to see things in here. It keeps it like this was the last person to comment and helps me to know you'll also get little notifications up here so you can see who is engaging and whether or not you've replied so very helpful in terms of other engagements. As faras comments go, I do want Teoh encourage you guys to go and follow other people who are doing what you're doing. Maybe not exactly what you're doing. If you feel like you're snooping or year gonna be tempted to copy or whatever, then don't don't follow somebody so rigid. But if they fit in your community, maybe I know we have some great combinations in here with Kelsey Ping Ah, home organizer and then an interior designer in here with Heather, You guys make a great partnership, so you guys could probably feed off each other's YouTube communities. And when I say that? I mean, maybe you're mentioning her in a video and you're mentioning her in a collaborative way. But also you're commenting on her video. So she's getting activity, and then you're talking to her viewers, so they're getting to know you and vice versa. Sometimes you do that knowingly because your friends and you want to share and help each other grow. Other times you just go to complete strangers because you live there aesthetic. Or you noticed they have really respectful followers or whatever. So don't just go and comment on anything and everything. Be picky, because that's one of the reasons I don't do this kind of random. But I try not to do giveaways anymore. I don't want somebody to be bribed to follow me. I want you to follow me because you enjoy my images. You connect with what I'm sharing so on and so forth. So think of it that way. Don't just chase after anything. Be selective of who you invite into your home. Um, and that, I think, is why I'm so fortunate to have such amazing friends. I called friends of ours because I mean, sometimes we go back and forth for, like, videos and videos of comments, and I've gotten to know them almost personally in a virtual way, but not weird.

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a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

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Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.

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