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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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1. Class Introduction


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Day 1


Class Introduction


Whippy Cake's First Video


The Key YouTube Checklist


Kari Kinsey Video Evaluation


Kelsey Tuia Video Evaluation


Kylar Tubbs Video Evaluation


Shaina Longstreet Video Evaluation


Audience Experience Feedback


The Importance of Pre-Production


Collecting Content Ideas


Offering Value with Content


Organizing Your Content


Planning Your Shoot


Planning Your Script


Planning Your Shot List


Planning Your Storyboard


Finalizing the Script


Why Quality Video Matters


Different Video Styles


Recording Options


Audio Hacks


The Importance of Lighting


Additional Production Hacks


Backdrops & Locations


Shooting a Video


Recap on Production Tips


Day 2


Heather Scherie Video 2 Evaluation


Jef Rawls Video 2 Evaluation


Kylar Tubbs Video 2 Evaluation


Shaina Longstreet Video 2 Evaluation


Kari Kinsey Video 2 Evaluation


Video Progress Discussion


The Importance of Branding


Editing Software Options


Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks


Editing Whippy's Video


Adding Music


Optimizing for YouTube


SEO & the Keyword Planner


Creating a Description & Adding Tags


Ads, Monetization, & YouTube Affiliates


YouTube® Analytics


Advanced Settings & Commenting


Playlists on YouTube®


Using Visuals on Your Channel


Annotations & Transcripts


Linking & Ping Backs




Social Media


Email & Newsletters


Facebook Ads


Driving Traffic To Your Site




Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello, everyone. And welcome to grow your business with YouTube Marketing with whippy cake here uncreative live. My name is Russ Andes, and I'm going to be your host for this event. I'm actually really, really excited to be here in no small part because I get to say whippy cake a lot, and that's gonna be a lot of fun. We're also going to be learning a lot about YouTube now, As you know, YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world and a really, really powerful tool for you to grow your business. So if you are the sort of person who wants to use YouTube to get your message out there, if you've got something to say, you've got a product to sell. You've got an idea that you want the world to hear about. YouTube is probably one of your tools you're gonna want to use. And we have an expert here to teach us all about how to use it. I'm excited. Are you guys excited? That's what I want to hear. Get our instructor today is named Becky Crosby. She is a brand and business mentor, in...

fluencer and commercial stylist who has used YouTube to grow her business, which he started in June of 2000 eight. She It now helps people around the world to really learn how Teoh bring what is inside them out and actually change the world for the better the mission she has. And she is here to help teach us not just the tactics, but also the the reasons that we want to do these things. So I'm excited. I want you guys out there in the world. I want you guys right here in the room to help me about welcome. Becky Crosby, a k a k. So excited to have you. How are you this morning? I'm really excited that my favorite part hate all the preparation and the nerves of it. But getting in front of people, my happy place. Well, good. I'm glad to be here in your happy place with you now something that I think the folks out there want to know. And I need to know is what do I call you? You know, I mean, obviously my name's Becky, but all my friends call me whip or whippy. I won't be offended. You can call me whatever Well, I hope that we can consider you or I consider you a friend, so I'm gonna tell you. Whip, Whip, take it away. Okay. All right. Well, I like I said, I'm really excited to be here, and I cannot wait to just dump information on us. I hope you're ready to absorb it'll, and we'll have lots of great handouts. Frito Marigny on later. But, um, I just kind of wanted to share with you. Like my YouTube story. Um, basically, when I got started, I have to go. Really unlikely. Starting. I mean, I never was like, I'm gonna own my own business. I'm gonna be on YouTube. That was never the initial plan. I just I actually had my first baby and I was adjusting to be at being at home all the time. And it, I don't know, I was a little store crazy. So coming from a very creative family, I started making crafts and handmade items. And my husband, who is an accountant who is very like, financially minded, kind of approach me one day and he loves the story, is very proud. He's like, I don't know who Michaels is or hurt his friend Joanne, but I do not like them taking all my money. And so he basically gave me an ultimatum like you can keep making stuff, but you need to sell it to pay for the hobby or just stop. And so that's what I did. It kind of started peddling my handmade items, all me friends. And then I started an Etsy shop and it just kind of evolved like I The name with the cake actually comes from one of the very first things that I used to make with handmade polymer cupcake terms so super geeky. But I was very proud of them. And I don't want to just calm cupcakes because that was kind of starting to become trendy with the cupcake wars and all that. So I named him with Piquet, which is my husband's pet name at the time. He will kill me for telling you guys I don't him that name when we were dating and he I mean, really, he hates it so but yes, So I was making these cupcake terms and calling movie cakes. I made him for, like, a month, and then I was like, Well, we have like 30 followers. I can't rebrand now. And so the name stuck on for the rest of my life. I will have to tell that story because when people hear whippy cake instantly there like, where's the food? I don't have any. Sorry. Just like to eat it. So I am. My handmade items evolved into thes Very detailed. Uh, we call them with the case. Their headbands basically float floral headbands and we noticed I started to recognize that one of the reasons people were not buying these headbands were they would say, I don't know how to wear them. They're so cute. But I don't think I can pull it off. And I'm like, you can pull it up. I'm gonna show you. I have been a stylist for 12 years now, so I was like, OK, I'll use my styling. I'll teach him a cute hairstyle and then I'll throw in one of my head and at the end, and hopefully it will kind of get people over this hump of I don't know how to wear it. So that was my introduction to YouTube. And I want to tell you guys when I when I joined YouTube in 21,010. I didn't even know it was like a form of social media. I honestly thought it was just a platform for hosting videos like, I didn't even know that people went to you to tow watch that I just would upload the videos and embed them into my blog's. And that was my beginning with YouTube. And basically, through those videos, I realized that not only do I love making videos, but I love teaching, and I love seeing people get it. And that's my whole YouTube story. I started to recognize the value of having a community and talking to people on YouTube and seeing them connect with you. And anyway, so we're gonna be talking about how you guys can do that. Um, but the thing is is well, I get a lot when when people think about you, too. They always have two reasons why they're not using it. So the first is they don't know what the potential is. They don't even know like me. You know, when I started, you just think it's like a form of uploading video. They don't know that it's this massive entertainment community The second reason is, of course, they don't know how to make videos or they don't know what their video should be making what type of videos they should be making. So I want to address those two things because I would hate for you guys to not have success because either of those reasons, um, the first obviously YouTube you guys, the potential of YouTube is just gives me goose bumps because it's so powerful, So you might not know this, but there's actually over one billion unique monthly visitors. One billion. I would kill for that kind of traffic and they're active and they're using it. There's over. People in over 75 countries are participating in watching YouTube videos, videos, air translated in over 61 languages. So not only are you able to be in front of people in other countries who you talk to people in other languages without even having to learn another language so exciting, Um, and then also half of the views on YouTube or on mobile, And that's how we with now we're on our phones more than we are doing anything else. So of course you want to be on a platform that people are using and watching every single day. Um And then, of course, I feel like for most of us, your ideal audience is who makes up the bulk of YouTube? Um, so in the in the U. S. Between the ages of 18 and 35 more people watch YouTube than any other cable network. But like more than all these crazy popular shows, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name. I think about that. That's really exciting to be ableto have access. You can't just call ABC or Fox and say, Hey, can you put a video on there? But you can go to you to sign up for free, even and start putting yourself your content out there in front of people who are, like, hungry for it. And then, of course, over six, there's over six billion hours of videos viewed every month. That's like I heard there's I'm going to get the statistic wrong. We'll have to look it up and repeat it later, but I heard that it would take you 8000 years toe watch all the content on YouTube. There's so much of it. And then, of course, one out of every two people on the Internet are using you, too. They're on it there, watching it. Those are pretty good odds. So I think. I mean, how do you guys feel? You you'll recognize you see the potential of you to like there's like that, right? Well, let the dress kind of the more scary issue, right? Let's talk about why people aren't using YouTube because I think thats with this cost us for I'm targeting you guys who aren't sure what type of videos you should be making who weren't sure how to make him. That's what were you talking about in this class? We're going to be covering content. Gonna start there. What videos should you be making, especially for some of the photographers or people who are commonly on you two already? How can you take your photography business or your comedy business and stand out from other people who are already doing that on YouTube? We're also going to talk about equipment because I know most people who want to be on YouTube have no experience. I mean, they barely know how to use their IPhones, and that's what this class is geared towards it. I do not claim to be a video expert by any means. This is not commercial videos. These are not editorial videos. This is really people making real content to talk to real people watching it. So just let all that fears and restrictions of I don't know how to use anything. Um, it's not like a really heavy tech heavy class. We're gonna talk about the different options, but this is for you. This is for somebody that a d I y do it yourself at home That's practical and realistic to maintain and to keep going, and we'll also get into the editing side of it. You'll be ableto learn some different tricks, things that I do to make it look like I know more than I really know. Um and then we'll get into how toe maintain because a lot of times people ever made one video. You're you're probably thinking like, how would I realistically make one video a week? It took me two days to do to do that. Um, and I will share my whole growing pain story of YouTube because it's embarrassing, and I'm happy to embarrass myself for you, but Yeah. So we'll get into the scheduling and how Toe batch things. How to optimize your video. A lot of people think I'm gonna create something, make it so often, spend weeks on it, put it up there, and the world is just gonna know they're gonna wake up and know exactly where to find it on the Internet, in the sixth 1,000,000,000 hours of video. No problem. I'll have 100 years. By the end of the day, we're gonna talk about how to optimize your videos, how to get people watching them, how to get it in front of people. We'll also talk about how to promote it outside of YouTube, because there's a beautiful I mean, the network and social media. We live in the perfect age where we can promote ourselves. We can do our own PR. We can do our own marketing. We're gonna talk about all of that. What do you think it was like? Let's do this. Keep going

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Blog Draft sample
Content Calendar Sample
Content Calendar Template
Content Calendar Template
Recording Script Template
Sample Recording Script
Shot List Sample
Shot List Sample
Shot List Template
Storyboard Sample
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Tips for Pitching Outlets
Video End Cards
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Whippy Cake's Favorite Resources
Video Dos and Donts
Brainstorming Your Video Content
Assignment 1 - Quick Start Video Guide
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5 Tips To Boost Your YouTube Audience

Ratings and Reviews


I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.

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