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Collecting Content Ideas

Lesson 10 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

Collecting Content Ideas

Lesson 10 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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10. Collecting Content Ideas

Whippy shares tips on collecting ideas that easily convert into YouTube® videos that grow your business.


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Lesson Info

Collecting Content Ideas

we're pulling out potential topics, right? Potential ideas from the universe that are all over. These are just a few places that you can go looking. And I mentioned earlier. Your passion is a really, really good place to start, because if you feel strongly about it, it's gonna be way easier for you to make it. You'll be excited to talk about it and share it, and that excitement and enthusiasm will translate in your videos. So I you know, questions, of course. Like, what is your point of view? Like, What is your opinion on something that you care about and why? Is that your opinion? Um, how does your content make a difference in the world? Like, Why should anybody care that you're on YouTube? What is it about you that makes you feel extraordinary? And I love this question because most of us naturally think or mediocre. We think everybody else is a YouTube star where everybody else is, except a successful I don't photographer. No, you are. And when you challenge yourself to think that wa...

y and to start pinpointing what makes you extraordinary, you'll be able to start leveraging that and using it in your videos and, like, basically showing the best part putting your best foot forward. Um And then, of course, uh, what do you do or how have you overcome difficulties? I feel like this is such a great, um, form of communication because it's basically story to story telling and everybody has failures. That's thing everybody does, and you're gonna fail. It's not a question of if you Well, if you're gonna So, first of all, why not fail at something you love and you want to dio So many people settle for doing regular jobs or taking over trade that they don't want to do that they're not passionate about because they're afraid of failing at something they want to dio and they love to do well, guess what? People get laid off from regular drops all the time, so that's just something to think about. But they but also people can relate to that, having a difficult experience. No doubt somebody else has. When, when they can relate to your struggle, you're building connections. Um, And then, of course, what hobbies and talents make you happy, happy? And how can you use those to create content? I mean, on my my channel. You'll find Ah, lot of hair and beauty advice, but you'll find a little bit of D I Y stuff. I mean, that's how witty, kickstarted making Handley cupcakes. And so they're still. I still bring that in there because it makes me happy. And it's one little extra pinch of secret ingredient, right, so cheery on top. So let's take it over to one of my favorite places to look for for content ideas. And that's your audience. And what's so exciting about your audience is listening to them makes them 10 times more engaged. So not only are they basically giving you content ideas for free, but by implementing those ideas you are feeding the frenzy. You are empowering them. They feel heard they feel connected to you, and they're gonna be that much more into that, much more likely to share pin path around. Email your videos to people. So it's like I absolutely want Teoh impress on you to be paying attention. Be listening because if you're not listening to them, you're sabotaging yourself. You're cutting yourself off from a fountain of opportunities. Question. Where do you get those ideas from where Do you hear them? Is it the comments on the YouTube pages? It other social media? How do you get the information from them? Absolutely. I mean, comments are the go to for sure. And that's why it's so great. Teoh end with questions Or have people challenge people to give you their feet back? Um, or toe ask you questions like I have information I want to tell you. I just like, What do you want to know? Um and they will sometimes more than you. Sometimes I feel like if I just had an advice column on pixie hair Lee, I would be sitting pretty. I could charge a couple bucks for every pixie question, but I love it because they come up with the best questions, which makes the best talking points and topics for my videos. Um, and it just I feel like that very that unfortunate video of my talking about my hair cut. If I had missed that opportunity to address people like you cut your hair like, how did you decide to do it? And what was the result? If I would just ignored that and not made a video, I don't know that my YouTube channel would have propelled the way that it did if I didn't nurture that, feed it. So, um, paying attention to what Their questions are definitely the very basic that you can dio. And not only that, but especially with YouTube, you're gonna have your like in your dislike button, the dislike button. But it it's be back, right? So if you're getting massive dislikes on something, that means there's something there that you need to pay attention to. You maybe do some analyzing versus other videos that got a lot of likes. What did I do differently that got so many dislikes? That's a form of feedback that you can get. It's not a specific, but that's feedback. Um, and not only that, but who is the audience that you haven't reached yet? A lot of times there's people who need your information and you haven't identified them, and sometimes they're really, really obvious. So asking yourself what does my advice? What does my tip or how to or expertise benefit somebody? What does it offer them? How does it improve their life? Um, an example. I mean, let's take the comedy thing. Laughter has been proven to be a huge component in healing, and that could be a huge demographic that Jeff could target. I'm not saying you should. I'm just saying like That's thinking outside the box instead of just I want this video to be funny and passed around on YouTube. I want toe, take comedy and heal people or bring lightness and laughter into places that people are struggling. Um, and so that's an example of thinking outside of the box of who is the audience that you're not talking to yet? Make sure that you're not limiting your own traffic and growth because you're not being open minded about who needs to hear your message. Question. I've seen a couple people, 10 Sparks and G. Mary, Edie or both asking questions, and these questions are getting a lot of votes. We have them saying, How do I find out what my audience, How do we find out what my audience wants when I'm just starting out? How do I reach them? Toe? Ask them. And how do you find out what your audience needs when you don't have an audience yet when you're truly a rookie at the YouTube game? Yeah, Absolutely. I mean, everybody starts with, like, those five followers are like, Hi, Mom. Thanks for watching. But, you know, laughter aside, your friends and family, like I think they air your original audience. They really are. And they're probably either you're most supportive or your most critical or sometimes both. My husband, my most supportive critic. I mean, supportive viewer. But he is the harshest critic. I mean, I'll be like, can you proof? Read this and he'll be like, I think you should take out this paragraph. I'm all I meant, Just like the spelling. Theo. Theo, The whole thing. I just wanted, like, did I get the periods right? But your audience like your friends, people who know what you're doing and who you can trust because there are people who are happy to oblige with negative feedback. They just want to beat you down. So know who you can trust. Their feedback. And chances are you don't even have to go talk to them because you've already had conversations. I bet if you take a second right now to think of conversations, I know when you see somebody you haven't seen in a long time, you're telling them about current experiences. What was their reaction? What questions did they ask those air? That's a great way, Teoh Pull from your Realtor. True life audience. Jeff, we have a question. Can we get one of the test that I tried and we had no YouTube followers was just to challenge anybody who's watching this video to go out and share it with three friends and then those three friends going share it with three friends and then all of a sudden you've got a multi level marketing doing it for on and we picked up, you know, 100 100 subscribers and couple 1000 views kind of a thing, but it was just being so obviously a comedy club get away with and silly with stuff like that. But just even just asking, like, you know, hey, who do you know that would like this? Yeah, absolutely. Just asking about one person to tag three or five or even just one other person can perpetuate that. Yeah, and calibrating how much to ask for. And this is something that we will absolutely be covering in the second day promotion. But I think that's great. I mean, when If you're providing value or entertainment something that is going to improve somebody's life, then I think it's perfectly fair toe. Ask for them to help you out, even if it's telling your friends and family through your personal Facebook page. Hey, I've worked really hard. Teoh. I went to school for this. I'm very rehearsed in nutrition. Here's some credentials, and I just really want to help people, maybe share a case study. And then I bet you know somebody who needs to know that. I mean that the first video about how to get a haircut or what do you say that something that's valuable. I mean, that's scary to go cut off all your hair, and sometimes they just want a pet talk. So that's for sure. Bennett called action. Who do you know who's like wanted a pixie so bad? But chickens out? They need to hear this video because they need to be empowered to go after what they want. So that's that. I love that comment, Um, and then, of course, like what gets them interacting if I mean magic? If you have your viewers talking to each other on something you've done figure out what you did, because that is magic and you, too, will reward you for creating that kind of activity. And I can't wait to talk about that. But anything that you're doing it encouraged people to communicate and to discuss. Don't make final statements, keep it open, keep them engaged. Um, so let's go to competitors. And I want to preface by saying, Do not copy. I've been copied. It's not fun being copy or caught. Being a copier totally does not help you. It limits you. It discredits you and it keeps you. It prevents you from growing, so don't go there. But there's something has Have you ever watched another video? And you're like, Oh, I would have said this or I wish if I made this video, I would have done it from a different angle or I would have done a different backdrop or it would not have warned such a crazy shirt. I mean, I know I have us, huh? That's a perfect place to start who's doing video or content, and can you make it better? What can you add to it that they that they missed? So that's a great uh um tool that you your question that you could be asking yourself Also, um, what have they done that people didn't like or that they did, Like sometimes talking about stuff that I don't want to say controversial, but that arouses emotion or reaction is great because you got them to feel something. And sometimes in an oversaturated wait world of just desensitized and being pounded with media, it's such a great, powerful thing to feel something. And I have a connection. So what? I'm not saying go make people mad. I'm just saying, What is it that people are already upset or passionate about? That you can talk about and have a real conversation? And what do you have to add to that conversation? How can you make it more valuable to them? Um, And then what are they? You know, What are they talking about? What conversations were being had on your competitors channels or instagrams, or you, too, doesn't always have to have nothing. Just look at you tube. Um, and your competitors aren't necessarily like other fitness coaches. Your competitors could be big, huge corporate gyms or years could be the comic, the SNL, or it could be kids finding content and training yourself to look for it and everything. Life experiences and stories are always just the perfect place to start. If anything, because that's something you can build on and you can draw from. You experienced it. Um all right, well, let's go over to, um you have all these ideas in these topics. Oh, yeah. Reminder just for folks who may not have been watching. We do have a lot of bonus materials that included for R S V P, which is, if you go the course page top left corner of the screen, just click the name of this course you can go that course page on the right of that page. There is a big blue R S V P button. Click that sign up for the class, and then you can get access to some bonus materials, one of which is basically a pdf guide to brainstorming your video content. So this is a guy that you can use when you are sitting down thinking, What do I have to say? What can I say? This will help you along the way, and that is free to do so. Go ahead and do that. Oh, absolutely. I mean, you'll be, I guarantee you, before you're even halfway through that question Eri you'll put it down because you'll be writing ideas. They will start flooding in just from challenging yourself.

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I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.

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