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Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

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Audience Experience Feedback

Whippy Cake

Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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8. Audience Experience Feedback


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1 Class Introduction 12:02 2 Whippy Cake's First Video 10:43 3 The Key YouTube Checklist 09:41 4 Kari Kinsey Video Evaluation 10:38 5 Kelsey Tuia Video Evaluation 08:46 6 Kylar Tubbs Video Evaluation 09:54 7 Shaina Longstreet Video Evaluation 08:43
8 Audience Experience Feedback 07:55 9 The Importance of Pre-Production 20:19 10 Collecting Content Ideas 15:33 11 Offering Value with Content 05:13 12 Organizing Your Content 08:25 13 Planning Your Shoot 05:54 14 Planning Your Script 05:57 15 Planning Your Shot List 03:23 16 Planning Your Storyboard 06:16 17 Finalizing the Script 07:48 18 Why Quality Video Matters 07:48 19 Different Video Styles 14:21 20 Recording Options 11:51 21 Audio Hacks 10:28 22 The Importance of Lighting 08:23 23 Additional Production Hacks 12:12 24 Backdrops & Locations 20:07 25 Shooting a Video 46:11 26 Recap on Production Tips 10:01

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27 Heather Scherie Video 2 Evaluation 11:21 28 Jef Rawls Video 2 Evaluation 14:00 29 Kylar Tubbs Video 2 Evaluation 13:14 30 Shaina Longstreet Video 2 Evaluation 09:29 31 Kari Kinsey Video 2 Evaluation 10:27 32 Video Progress Discussion 15:00 33 The Importance of Branding 21:57 34 Editing Software Options 10:50 35 Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks 40:09 36 Editing Whippy's Video 11:24 37 Adding Music 06:18 38 Optimizing for YouTube 07:58 39 SEO & the Keyword Planner 13:41 40 Creating a Description & Adding Tags 15:39 41 Ads, Monetization, & YouTube Affiliates 08:49 42 YouTube® Analytics 09:55 43 Advanced Settings & Commenting 15:05 44 Playlists on YouTube® 03:23 45 Using Visuals on Your Channel 04:33 46 Annotations & Transcripts 09:28 47 Linking & Ping Backs 07:03 48 Collaborations 04:03 49 Social Media 07:13 50 Email & Newsletters 03:55 51 Facebook Ads 03:28 52 Driving Traffic To Your Site 11:22 53 Pitching 16:48

Lesson Info

Audience Experience Feedback

I want to see, like, just overall to talk about your guys experience. Not only with, um, you know, putting your video out there and like, just what you're feeling so far and even using that quick start guide how it helped kind of put the structuring the perspective. Um, I know we also share to do and don't lift that help or some of you didn't get the do is in Don't until after you did your video. Is that cool? If we get your guys this commenter fantastic, let's start with Kerry And then let's just go very quickly through the four people who were able to, uh, and the feedback like, What did you learn from this? Well, I definitely need to work on like you're saying that the whole background and video, I think that's my biggest fear with doing YouTube is I've been my own business from home, and I have three kids into my whole fears, like I don't have time to make these, like, really professional, awesome looking videos. And so I I like what you said, like, you don't have to try to be some...

one else. You could be yourself like my target audience is going to be different. And so I like that like that. That's okay to do. And so I think reading through those Jews and don't spliced, maybe just figuring out not all of them might not applying to each business. Maybe, you know, it's kind of a little bit different, so yeah, and capitalize on that. It's OK for you. I feel like you're you always think about who you're talking Teoh. And how does it help them? Does it help them? If you have a very professional, clean staged area for your video or they can they relate? And I feel like, um, using things that you feel like are a weakness are a great tool and a hook for you for for both. If I can make a quick comment, you can have some sort of intro or tackling where you have, like welcome Teoh the Crazy Town or whatever. Like I, I am creatively crazy. And so I always say, Hot Mess Express. Welcome to the Hot Mess Express. I even had T shirts made of it because it was a weakness and I didn't want to hide it. I wanted to exploit it and use it as that's what you're gonna expect here. So if you're telling them to expect a messy house and expect kids interrupting me while I'm talking, they'll be accepting of it. And same thing, like with you with the branding Kelsey Arab Kerry gave the feedback about. She didn't know what you were saying. With my ampersand, you can have that be a tagline. Maybe you have, like, some sort of graphic that punches out every time you say ampersand thing or whatever. So they see. Oh, that's an ampersand. Things like that you can start to incorporate, but it is all about your audience and what they want and just setting the expectation to really get me think. YouTube. You feel like you have to be so professional. I think that's just for me. Like I can't do that. I think that's a relief to know, like, you know what? I'm a mom, and I can still be healthy, and I can still live this life, and so can you. And you know, So that's a relief. Thank you. Yeah, by the great thing about that is, I keep you just being you is attracting your ideal customer. What? I just be me, and that's my marketing. Okay. All right. Who Who did we have next? I think we had Kelsey night, so Yeah, of course. That was awesome. I literally she told when you decide to do that like immediately was like texting like Like what? Have to do this like, don't make me do this. I'm horrific. But I think with me, I'm so passionate, like you said about what I do. And I'm a fast talker, and I'm really excited about stuff. So it will will be challenging for me to, like, take a setback and just teach people like, slowly what ideo? Because if you watch my whole video like I even get more like, enthusiastic like I just I love what I do and I have a clean your house. Even my mom will tell me even when I worked, when I'm actually people's homes, just like slow down because I come home with migraines because I'm like crazy town. But I love and I just want people to know that I love that you're saying that you're saying to like, I want people to know it's who I am, like I am like I'll come in your house. It's like a whirlwind and like you'll be like, what is happening, like your dogs in your kids. And everyone will just have a fun time like we did. Lady came in and she left and everything was perfect. But I think it's just It's terrifying to me, though, to put myself out like that because even then, like hearing my comments, you know, you're like, I know that video was not that good Like I get it, you know, but so it's kind of terrifying. But it's also exciting because that's why I want to do you to, because I don't think you can get the enthusiasm of what I do behind a picture and then doesn't ask you, though. Is like when I do do what I do, it's not pretty most the time. I mean, if I'm gonna go pro this and like, show you what I do, it's not gonna be pretty. The lighting is not gonna be the best, is not so. It's hard because I was like I was going to be so pretty. But it's like the video I don't like. It has to be. I mean, Of course, if you're using social media or pictures to depict a story, you're gonna have a hideous before picture, and you're gonna do it in dark lighting to make such a great contrast to like somehow when you clean your closet instantly improved lighting, too. But but in video, it's behind the scenes. It's really life, and if that's what your audience is most likely the people watching your videos are interested in organizer people. Porters with cat problems. You have them. But I wanna talk about you know, the fear factor, because this is for anybody. I mean, we live in a world where people hide behind their anonymous user names and can say and do anything they want and first of all, deciding to put yourself out there anyways. Brava, because that's hard and it's still hard for me. I've been doing it since on YouTube since and it doesn't get any easier. I just had an experience this week where I got a comment and made me cry. I hardly ever get comments like bad comments, so when I do, I like, really taken serious, but I would love ti, give feedback of number in in school when you had to do like their program and it was all about just say no. And what were they were doing? They were training. You toe have an automatic response to a situation. It's not about If you're gonna get negative feedback, it's when cause it's coming, you need to train yourself on what your response is gonna be and only you can decide what that ISS. So I revel in it and have ouch moment. And then I talked to my girl, Christie, or my husband, who are very like, Are you kidding me? Do you know how many people compliment and love every little thing that you do? And you're gonna listen a one person and they, like, slap me? I mean, like, a verbal slap of like, I'm not going to feel sorry for you because you're amazing and you know that and one person isn't gonna. So I have my automatic just say no response when I get that feedback. I have friends. I have bloggers who totally engaged. They will get on there and be like, Oh, yeah, Well, do you know what kind of day I had like whatever. If that's your style, that's fine. But be thinking of how will I respond? My advice with the negativity is Don't engage. You will never win that battle. Those people are sad, miserable people who are projecting their inner insecurities on the year channel. And don't ever let a negative comment prevent you from sharing value in the world because that's what you to bits.

Class Description

People all over the world turn to YouTube® to watch tutorials and indulge their curiosities. For savvy entrepreneurs, YouTube is the perfect place to connect with potential customers and demonstrate your expertise. Find out how you can get in on the action in Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing with Whippy Cake.

Whippy Cake has built a dedicated following through her fun and informative YouTube tutorials. In this class, she’ll show you what it takes to create a unique piece of video content that reflects your brand and grows your business. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Build a content schedule, write scripts, and storyboard your videos
  • Stick to a schedule and batch videos to create more content in less time
  • Produce and edit your videos
  • Optimize videos through naming and SEO keywords
  • Monetize and promote your videos
You’ll get tips on preparing to appear on video and finding partners to collaborate with. She will help you find the confidence to demonstrate your authority on-camera while creating content that reflects you and your brand. She’ll also teach you how to link your content to your product or website so your YouTube viewers become loyal, engaged customers.

You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment and lots of experience to make awesome videos. In Grow Your Business withYouTube Marketing with Whippy Cake, you’ll learn techniques you can use to incorporate video into your marketing strategy no matter how small (or big) your operation already is. 



I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.