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Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

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Editing Software Options

Whippy Cake

Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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34. Editing Software Options


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8 Audience Experience Feedback 07:55 9 The Importance of Pre-Production 20:19 10 Collecting Content Ideas 15:33 11 Offering Value with Content 05:13 12 Organizing Your Content 08:25 13 Planning Your Shoot 05:54 14 Planning Your Script 05:57 15 Planning Your Shot List 03:23 16 Planning Your Storyboard 06:16 17 Finalizing the Script 07:48 18 Why Quality Video Matters 07:48 19 Different Video Styles 14:21 20 Recording Options 11:51 21 Audio Hacks 10:28 22 The Importance of Lighting 08:23 23 Additional Production Hacks 12:12 24 Backdrops & Locations 20:07 25 Shooting a Video 46:11 26 Recap on Production Tips 10:01

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27 Heather Scherie Video 2 Evaluation 11:21 28 Jef Rawls Video 2 Evaluation 14:00 29 Kylar Tubbs Video 2 Evaluation 13:14 30 Shaina Longstreet Video 2 Evaluation 09:29 31 Kari Kinsey Video 2 Evaluation 10:27 32 Video Progress Discussion 15:00 33 The Importance of Branding 21:57 34 Editing Software Options 10:50 35 Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks 40:09 36 Editing Whippy's Video 11:24 37 Adding Music 06:18 38 Optimizing for YouTube 07:58 39 SEO & the Keyword Planner 13:41 40 Creating a Description & Adding Tags 15:39 41 Ads, Monetization, & YouTube Affiliates 08:49 42 YouTube® Analytics 09:55 43 Advanced Settings & Commenting 15:05 44 Playlists on YouTube® 03:23 45 Using Visuals on Your Channel 04:33 46 Annotations & Transcripts 09:28 47 Linking & Ping Backs 07:03 48 Collaborations 04:03 49 Social Media 07:13 50 Email & Newsletters 03:55 51 Facebook Ads 03:28 52 Driving Traffic To Your Site 11:22 53 Pitching 16:48

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Editing Software Options

we're going to choose software. That's right for you. I'm gonna go over a couple of different options for you again. The world right now, So much tech. There's 10 times the amount of options out there. So keep experimenting and trying until you find the platform. That's right for you. We're gonna go through the basic editing process and I'm gonna keep it specific toe editing and not the platform that I'm using. We're also going to talk about how defying resource is and cheats that make you look more skilled at editing and creating video than you really are. And not only that that are going to save you a ton of time. Also, we'll talk about music and the struggle that it brings with the royalty free issues. And then, um, customizing your own templates. How toe have ah, couple different options were like intrav rails and titles and things that will stay consistent and add credibility and dependability on your brand. And then I will show you how to get it ready to publish so that when we g...

et back from lunch, we can upload it to YouTube and start getting that all that stuff that scares. You guys have to death. It's really not so that super easy stuff. So we're gonna talk about a few. I have a few free options, both for Mac and PC, and then I have a few paid options. The first, of course, is YouTube. Editor. Did many of you use YouTube editor at first? Is that what you were? Just? I just uploaded it to YouTube, and that was it. I mean, you can cut in spice, but you cannot zoom in or do. It's like You just have to be really lucky and get it on the second that you want, because you'll either have, like, 15 seconds too soon or 20 seconds too late, and it's very choppy and crude. But the YouTube editor does have music built in, which is nice. Very. It's good music, good quality. But it's generic tunes. It's gonna be like, not that dead it. Yeah, um, I'm not musical, Okay, so, um, and but the end of the day it's really easy to use, so and it's built into YouTube. The one major downside I find with it is you have to be on YouTube. You have to be connected to the Internet to do it. So in my case, you know I'm traveling in that sort of thing. Like when I don't have Internet, whether it's on a plane or what not Those are the times when I'm doing all the creative things that I don't need. Internet like editing. So YouTube doesn't work for me. But however, if you're a PC user, a Mac user, I'm sorry you've got my movie and I think we had multiple people whose videos today were edited with my movie, and it is like I mean not to It's a little bit shy, a final cut pro, but there's a lot, a lot of similarities. So if you've used I movie and one I'm using Final Cut, you'll notice like Hey, man, when I'm ready to advance and have a few additional tools, really won't be that difficult because the interface looks the same. Looks very similar. Of course, the I movie program is free on your PC, and they have it on IPads and IPhones. I uploaded a video I don't know why do irresponsible things at two in the morning, but I had edited on my movie on my phone last night. Um, and also my kids love Teoh do voice overs and silly things on the I movie in your IPad. So in a jam or a pinch, you can edit your own videos, and there's some great capabilities on those Iowa's platforms. Also, you can add music. You can make layers you can cut in supplies. There's titles. There's filters. I mean, pretty much anything that you could ever want to make you know, pretty decent YouTube videos. Moviemaker, while I haven't used this in several probably nine years, is pretty much similar. I will say I mean, I'm an apple snob. If you're creative, chances are you used Apple product because creative people are using Max and they are engineering and developing APS and tools for Max. And so, for that purpose, of course, I'm gonna go where there is sound tins of tools and features for me. I can't attest to what additional add ons and plug ins and features for movie maker, but I know the overall basis is the same. Here you have a timeline. You have your video library. There's basic text, their title over layer overlays. There's a basic filters, and that sort of thing. And then, of course, the most important part is exporting capabilities where you can either export directly to Facebook if you're in a hurry, or I recommend is always saving them to your hard drive or an external drive first. So you always have that hard backup copy and then taking that up to you to So those are the free options. Um, I don't know if he was having questions about it. I just have a feeling that a lot of you will be using the free auctions. Who in here What had used it just real quick for Kyler. Did Melissa and carry OK, all of you. So would you guys say for the online audience from a very beginner, like I don't know anything What I'm doing. When you first opened it up, was it so scare? You thought you couldn't do it. And then what happened when you made your video? Anybody Kyler? Oh, who know? Now you have to hop a title. Uh, well, since I've already edited videos before and I've had Softwares that looked like it wasn't too scared, But I didn't know what to expect, though, but when I started. I thought it was really easy to do. When you go back in it to make your next video, would you feel like, Do you need to refer? Is this something that you could do by yourself? And it becomes, Yeah, more easy to do is you keep doing it. Yeah, great. I didn't want to give my opinion because I've been doing editing for so long. That of course, it is so easy to me. I want us to know and hear from people who just opened it for the first time. If they think it's easy. Kelsey, I know for me, I e mailed Becky the second I opened it and was like, What? I cannot do this. Why am I doing this? And she was like, Just look at it. You're OK that if you don't give me confidence, had to go to YouTube and look up to Tory my movie. And I didn't do, like, a ton of spices or anything cool with mine. But it was so easy. Just at least put my five spice things together and have them flow. And then I was like, Oh, okay, cool. So now I'm so excited to learn the actual text on that kind of stuff. Call. Yeah, I think just learning like 2 to 3 little tricks that I'm sure just today, like just a few little tricks. You're like, easy. I think just having those few tricks you're like, it just gives you that confidence. You really don't need to know. I was like, you know, a few basics then and you know, there's a ton more you can do, but you have to you if you don't exactly, absolutely. Was there one more or should we keep going? And, like she said, when you the trick is to start, when you get in there, it will be frustrating. You will have days, especially if you're trying to do it yourself. Hopefully, you won't because there's unlimited tutorials on all of these platforms. But just being in there, we'll get you more familiar. The more familiar the more company you are, so are paid. Options are very similar, just more advanced and more functionality. So Adobe Premiere is definitely going to be the most expensive because they're on a monthly basis, so as long as you want it, you have to pay for it. monthly, whereas final Cut Pro is to 99. So it's a one time fee. You buy it, you have it for life. And I believe the updates are free on the maxi whenever they have a new upgrade. I don't quote me on that because I haven't checked, but it seems like mine keeps upgrading on its own. Whenever I do, my system updates with Adobe. If you were planning on doing video forever, $20 over the course of a year or five years is going to be way more expensive than $300. And again, Max for the max, that's all. OK, screen flow. And also, if you can see in the notes, is camped Asia. These air kind of screen flow, I believe, is 99 Camped. Asia is to 99 the's air, great for the crystals, people who don't want to be in the camera. You can screen, cast your computer and do voice overs with and I mean the best screen cast. These are definitely the hot buys for screen casting software, but also if you do something like that, but you still want to do regular video, you don't have to get final cut or something else because green cast and camped Asia will out allow you to dragon drop videos and slice and cut in this in that, um, the big differentiation that the big compared you guys help me out. What's the word? I'm looking for a contrast, I guess, between the free version. I mean, Premier is the expensive version of movie maker. I mean, like, the really fancy, expensive version of Moviemaker and Final Cut is a very fancy version of moving of I movie. When you get these, there's going to be a lot more buttons and options, and you can really get in on your frames. And you can edit the video a lot better without detracting from the quality, those sort of things but much higher learning curve. So it's just like the camera conversation. Your movie is going to be much like using an IPhone. Very pick up and use. Just like Final Cut is going to be a little bit more like using a DSLR or a mirror list. You're gonna have a learning curve and adjustment period to using something more advanced

Class Description

People all over the world turn to YouTube® to watch tutorials and indulge their curiosities. For savvy entrepreneurs, YouTube is the perfect place to connect with potential customers and demonstrate your expertise. Find out how you can get in on the action in Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing with Whippy Cake.

Whippy Cake has built a dedicated following through her fun and informative YouTube tutorials. In this class, she’ll show you what it takes to create a unique piece of video content that reflects your brand and grows your business. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Build a content schedule, write scripts, and storyboard your videos
  • Stick to a schedule and batch videos to create more content in less time
  • Produce and edit your videos
  • Optimize videos through naming and SEO keywords
  • Monetize and promote your videos
You’ll get tips on preparing to appear on video and finding partners to collaborate with. She will help you find the confidence to demonstrate your authority on-camera while creating content that reflects you and your brand. She’ll also teach you how to link your content to your product or website so your YouTube viewers become loyal, engaged customers.

You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment and lots of experience to make awesome videos. In Grow Your Business withYouTube Marketing with Whippy Cake, you’ll learn techniques you can use to incorporate video into your marketing strategy no matter how small (or big) your operation already is. 



I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.