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Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks

Lesson 35 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks

Lesson 35 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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35. Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks


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Lesson Info

Final Cut Pro Tips & Tricks

I'm just going to die right into editing, so we will switch over so you guys can see my screen here and again. I'm using Final Cut, and I'm just going to show you because I'm almost positive in any software or platform that you're using to edit video. All of the functions are the same. They just look a little bit different. So I'm hoping if I can tell you what to look for and the basic, you'll be able to click your way through to get to know your interface so that you can do it efficiently. And then also, while we're editing this video, I'll also show you some of the tricks and things that I do to make future videos and doing a bunch of videos really, really fast. So to give you a little tour of this platform up here is kind of your content, your video and project library library. I say the two differently because they are different. A project is something you're working on. It's not just a raw clip, so the videos are rock cliffs that you pull from your phone, your computer devices whe...

rever, and the projects are when you started to create something down here in your timeline and you haven't finished it or you have finish it. But you've just kept it within your library. So be very specific. Um, about what you're naming your projects in that sort of thing. Don't just keep him on the dates, because you'll eventually hopefully have quite a few videos. So you want to make sure that you can be able to tell and keep them organized. If you do publish a video, I recommend gating getting it out of your library. Because if any of your interfaces air trying to scrub through all these thumbnails basically large files of video, it will flow down your editing process and the rendering will take a little bit longer. So, um, what I recommend doing is, you know, archiving or exporting them to an external hard drive. Or if it's something that you'll know you'll never want again, just, I guess, delete. It pains me to delete anything, but because there's always clips that you could reuse, and I want you to be thinking about how can I recycle this footage, especially when the time comes where you are stressed and you don't have time to record something new. So those are where you are going to be pulling content into down here so you can see right here. This is called whippy cake. Creative life seal for creative life. That's what opened down here. So if I were to create a new project and name it, let's say I'm gonna Since we're editing Mystery Monday, I'm actually gonna name it. What? I would need my video. I think I'm on volume and I always just add a secondary name. So I'm gonna say, created or motivational Monday at Creative life. This is a part way we get to throw the game where we laugh at whippy cake and she can't take, But I can't say this is very far for me. And what wasn't Just tell me if I'm close, right, So this is going to stay the name of my video. So now what does it say down here? This is a project that I'm working on, but you can toggle back and forth. So if you want to pull components, which I always do, I'm always like taking I really like the way did that one title I'm gonna put it into this video, so I will pull from one project into another. We're gonna work in this mystery Monday video. Before I start pulling in some of this content, I'm gonna show you a few other functionalities of this interface up here. This is your viewfinder, basically. So wherever you are with your play bar, this little red line right here, that is going to be what showing appears. So let's go ahead and pull one of these videos. That's my test shot. So I'm not going to use that. So see how when I move high, crazy, crazy hands crazy. Okay, see how that works? And there are the, you know, the pros and cons to using a more advanced interface like this. Like final cut. There are a 1,000,000 little shortcuts and tweaks that change your editing experience. See how I'm moving this and the red bar doesn't go anywhere. See how I'm moving this and now it's showing me the footage. The viewfinder is following the mouse. So that's I mean, that's just a matter of editor preference. But just know it. Why isn't it showing me this over here with unless I click? It's pushing this button, that's all. And also, you can decide if you're going to show your audio or not. That's what this thes little bumpy lines down here that's showing you you're you're talking levels. So if you're using other audio where you clap for somebody sneezes, you'll almost always see we'll show you like, ah, yellow mark like this. I mean, that is oddly uncomfortably high. And I'm gonna command V to undo everybody. Go ahead and just make a note that command the is undo and command is the button that says command. I don't know what else to tell you. If you can't find that button, please don't try editing. Oh, take a basic computer keyboard class before you try anything more advanced in that, um, also command see is copy. So if I want to copy this clip, I'm gonna hit command, See, while it's highlighted in yellow and then I'm gonna move my play bar toe wherever I want to paste it. I'm gonna do command V as in Victor to copy, just like that, something to be aware of when you're copying and pasting. And this is true in, um, my movie as well most likely same for Adobe Premiere and movie maker. Again, I haven't used him recently, so I can't tell you if my play head is here and I hit. Caught her paste it just split. See how there's a break. It just split my video so it will paste wherever your play bar is. Keep that in mind. So those are just a few must have shortcuts that you're gonna need to cut down on your editing time. Undo. Copy paste. Um, so again, timeline is here the clips that you have in here and this is your library. This is your project. Over here is a couple Custom is ations. To what? How your timeline interacts with you over here is kind of the fun customize own on. Do you can hide this by pushing this little icon and you can customize your view for all of this. You can make your menus smaller. I think I'm having a hard time here. Um, you can adjust. How big you see your libraries over here. Maybe you You know exactly what clip you want. This is all looking exactly the same. I like to see everything in a clear aerial view and they love to drag full clips because I record in such short clips. So just know why you will almost always push a button, hit a button, do something weird with your mouths where it changes it, and you're gonna have a freak out moment like you messed it up and it's never gonna be the same again. It's almost always something that you just bumped and you can change. See, all these buttons they're going to change now, My view finder and my libraries under here, You can take away this library down here. All sorts of really fun, interesting things we're going to keep. I always worked with my, um, my inspector. I always call it a toolbar, but it's called Inspector and Final Cut. So you're gonna have different options depending on what tab you're clicking on up here. And this is again going to be the same in any platform. It'll just look a little bit different. You're always gonna have video settings, audio settings, and it can tell you information about what you what format your recording in. So chances are if you recorded on a weird or cheap device that maybe wasn't from your country that's gonna import in a weird Kodak that your software is not gonna edit. And that's where you can look to find out if it's something you don't want there. But I always just stay in the audio and video files and these little blue box means that they're turned on. And when they're black, you're basically hiding them. So if you add an effect or you do any of these, let's go ahead and do a crop. So all the crap and transform tools air here, I'm gonna pick one of those. Your clip has to be selected if you want the tool toe work. So see how, when I'm over here, there's nothing. There's no way for me to use any sort of crop tool even when I'm here. Oh, no, I guess it still is selected. So these little brackets, or when things air blue, it means that they're active things to know about the crop tool. See how this went black. If I put it into play mode, this is what people are going to be seeing on YouTube. You don't want that. So there's a difference between cropping and trimming. Keep that in mind. And again, that's the same for just about every editing or more advanced editing platform. Some of the command Z or another thing you can dio is me. Do you do that? So you could seem so. I made that change. I'm gonna hit done their several ways to undo things commands the obviously being the most effective in final cut. You can go back, I think, indefinitely or pretty far back at least 20 steps back. Or you can turn off the feature or you can come over here. This little arrow means that resets to default. So if I push that, then it means I can re crop and it's still turned on so that crop tool will work. So just know there's a difference between trim. Trim is where you're going to get the black space behind you, and crop is when you're actually going to get a true crop and you'll know it's a true crap because it's still going to show the in the great area will be the remaining the edited out part of your video. So I'm gonna go ahead and hit done, and if we're in full frame, you see How Now it's an actual true crop. We're not getting any black weird background. Am I going to faster? Anything? House the pace? This is like one of those things where you guys zone out like zombies. This is a move or I don't get it. Tell me if you don't get it, I will repeat something if they need to transform who. She's a wildcat. Be careful, she really is because I'll be editing. And then all of a sudden, my whole video is like this, and I'm like, When? When did I even touch the transform tool? Here's when the transform tool is helpful. When you're adding something, I'm gonna jump ahead just for an example. Let's say you're gonna add a color over your You want to do a title over your video, so I'm still talking, but I'm gonna put a title right here. I don't want this title to cover the whole video, so I just transformed that. See how it's blue? That means it's active, It will stay active, and that's when things go crazy. So always make sure that when you're done, you hit done, because if you go and you start trying toe edit the next mode. It's gonna be editing it in transit in blue mode, whatever is highlighted in blue is active. So hopefully that wasn't too fast for you, but those were just a few really cool tricks that you can use. And this is the transform tool will work on on images and titles and footage. Video. So what's say I'm gonna do some B roll here? I'm going to just drag it right on top of the video. But I don't want it to cover me completely. I can take this transform tool and say, See, I'm talking about this over here, just like on the news. A lip gloss robbed creativelive and everybody was devastated. Here's the culprit now. Anyway, I'm really glad you guys put up with my geeky nerdiness. And also be thankful I am not an author because that would be some weird fiction. Okay, so recap we talked about this is our happy place. The timeline We've discovered the transform tool, the crop tool, trying not to use the distort tool unless you are expert, because that's when you're making things look three dimensional. And you don't need to do that. I will show you what it looks like, but it means that there's no boundaries. See one mom. Whippy cake from planet carbs Under you can. Also, when your, um do write this down command shift is going to constrain. And what cause constraint means is you lock in those dimensions. So here I am. Actually, the distort tool isn't up. Great example. If I'm on transform or crop and I am not holding down command shift, I can crop this way. There's no rules and all the time, like why my super weird shaped funny like a fun house mirror you have to undo and go back to where you were. If I hold down command shift and I dragged from any portion, it's going to constrain it. So it is the original dimensions. Can I get a wow something? I'm very, Um okay, we're back to a great, um, those are really, I think, important tools for me because it has allowed me to add a lot of customization to my videos. Let's go over here into you'll notice repetitive. You are able to do certain actions and functions from multiple menus. So not only is the transform tool available here. It's also available here. You can do this drop down thing, reset parameters. You can reset parameters here. You can turn them off completely here. Or you can go all the way up into your different menus up hearing and do a lot of the same function. So everybody likes Teoh find their niche of doing it. Just because I use the transform tool here doesn't mean you can't use it a different way. Um, so then down here, you have some other exciting little tools. And this is where I know you guys are going to get really excited. Um, this automatic I don't recommend. Um, let's go ahead and see what happens when you say automatically do a white balance. Sometimes I'm like, Why did you do with, like, a kaleidoscope Technicolor? Magnus? Um, I don't recommend using this magic. Want I recommend over here because you can get a lot more specific about what you want to dio. So this menu right here will allow you to slow down your video and you can pick different clips and parts that you want to slow down. You can also speed it up and it will let you pick how slow you want to go. 50% would be making it twice as long if you did 10% it would just make it insanely long. I mean, we're talking like like, real slow. We don't have the time to demonstrate how slow fast you can go to 10 faster, all the way up to times fast. I can't think of a situation where you would base it who want to go. Nice seeming. Now you don't might as well just dio a picture to another picture. So vast, super duper fast haven't when people are doing those time lapses. So, Kelsey, for example, if she were organizing a closet and she gives her intro in the beginning and she wants to show the finished product at the end and do that time lapse in the middle of her actually doing the project is that where you would use that fast option? And what would you suggest that speed would be? Oh, that's really right. Um, let me show you by showing you let me teach you by showing you get ready to write down a new shortcut. My favorite. First you see something? What's up? what's happening? Oh, no. What? Why is it some things blow? Turn it on. I don't want to distort my video, so I have my intro and title. This is a video that's already been finished. So I'm gonna find a place where I want to start commands. B for blade. Okay. It's not home. Let me see something. It's not going. Teoh did it. Yes, it did. Okay. On my computer, I haven't configured where when I pushed be for blade. It doesn't cut it automatically. It just give It makes my cursor a blade tool. So then I can scrub and pick where you want to cut it. But in this case, wherever my play head was this big bar, if I put it here and I hit command be again it's gonna cut. Be for Blade is gonna cut. So now look, I've cut it twice, so I have to three clips because I made two cuts. Was that too fast or you got it. Command B is a great way to cut clips in half or slice. So I'm gonna show you going to get rid of this intro for now, I'm gonna show you how I would speed something up. Let's say you're talking. You're doing something normal. Okay, let's pretend in this world that's normal. Um, we're gonna stop and then everything. So I did my blade. I made a cut, and then I'm gonna pick a spot and do another cut. Okay, so I have three cliffs right now. They're all set to normal speed. I want to go normal. Really, really fast and then back to normal. So I'm gonna take this middle clip, go over to this exciting menu and pick fast, and I want to go four times test. I don't see how it just shorten that clip two times. Obviously, it cuts it in half. Four times really short. See this yellow mark right here? That means that this video hasn't been rendered. So depending on how fast your computer is, you can play this from the beginning, and it will play anything that has been rendered perfectly fine and seamless like that. But things that haven't been rendered might be Don't jolt a year jumpy and you'll start to think Oh, no. I did something wrong. When really you haven't. It's just rendering. And then back to normal. back to my normal again. So that's how you would speed things up. You can speed up the whole cut the whole clip. This is especially helpful for tutorials. Even in my nine minute very first video or 10 minute first video, I was doing this. I was feeding at my video when I was curling, but it's still you don't have to show every single clip if you curl 123 pieces of hair and you're gonna clerk, curl the whole rest of the head the same way. Curl one or two pieces at the bottom, maybe one in the middle, and then end on the last one or two curls in the front so people travel. It's not just, like, not done to completely done in the next frame, but you've taken them there and they get it. They've gotten there with you without having to see all of that footage you can also for comedic effect. Or, um, I don't know what other reason than comedic effect do Slow motion. I know. I mean, for tender moments or when you really want to capture or, like, make a point last, you can slow things down. We're gonna, um, undo. And let's take this really embarrassing clip and face right here. Yeah, And blade cut it. We had cut it. So I'm gonna take this and slow it down 50% cause I don't want to be that embarrassed. Here we go. Normal, normal, Normal. Let's start a little bit and then weirdo. Super attractive. My husband's gonna be so proud when he sees this. Okay, so those are the two. Very you can do so much with just speeding things up, slowing things down. Like you were talking about doing a time lapse. Set up your camera. Make sure you have a camera that doesn't overheat because most shape cameras will. If you're using a compact camera, it will have an exhaust going after 15 minutes where it will shut down. So no, your equipment. Same thing. I think your IPhones gonna run out of time if you if you do too long of a time lapse. Um, but if you're doing something that you know exactly how long it's gonna take you or you don't care if it cuts off early hit record, do your business, pull it in and let's do one big, long clip of facts and you can see a good time lapse. And a time lapse is usually a little bit faster. Like four at least to an eight. The unlock mystery Monday. Random stuff. Candy, of course. Napping. Weird hand gestures. I love my shirt. I love lipstick. I love hair. You guys were awesome. Be kind The end. Well, not the end mystery Monday videos are super loan. Oh, yeah, I'm got weird eye problems, so I wear sunglasses all the time. I'm supercool also. And that one song about wearing your sunglasses at night? Okay, so you get the idea you could do a time lapse. This is also a great way. Let's say you've record video and the way you sound or the audio, something about it is awful. You can make it into a time lapse or take parts and components of that video and record a voiceover, and you can do that right within, um, I movie. You can do it on final cut. You can get a legit mike anywhere from a poor super chief like those lab Mike's that we showed you Teoh a little bit more affordable. You might see on YouTube or podcasters. They will always have pictures of their super cool fancy Mike's that I really want So I can talk in, like, a smooth jazz voice. Um, so that these time lapse are a great way to do, almost like a mocks drink screen cast type video. Um, And then also another tool that I like to use quite a bit. I'm gonna undo this clip. Let's go. Right. Yeah. Wait, Write this down. Arrow K is gonna take you one frame at a time. So if you're like, you know, you're like, No. Oh, almost had it almost at it. Just arrow. And it will literally take you frame by frame to where you want to be. Yeah, that one. That's exactly where I want to be. So I'm gonna dio this whole tool and what that's going to do is take this frame and hold it and I can choose just how long I want to look ridiculous. That's too long. Definitely. So I'm gonna do a pretty video next time. Okay. Um so talking normal be normal speed and gets stuck in my mouth. Unstuck were good, but let's say I mean, I can think of a a bunch of situations where you would want to do something like this. Remember how Kyle erred in his video is like, This is the best soda in the whole world. Maybe he's editing. It was like darning. I should have, like, help that longer. Like this is Mountain Dew. What he couldn't dio is pretend like this is the Mountain Dew shot. Let's pick a better one. This could take a while. Let's just pick one. So let's pretend like this pinata is my favorite drink. Mountain dio. I'm gonna my play heads there, So even if I move, it should stay. Boom came, and I'm gonna pick how long I want. Can anybody see where it's tracking? How many seconds it is? Yes. So that will tell you exactly how Maney clips it. ISS When you're are seconds, it is when you're editing, you're gonna think that 10 seconds is like lightning fast When people are watching it, 10 seconds is a year. Okay, so keeper titles around 3 to 4 seconds are your subtitles. You know, like Mountain Dew. This or that. You can keep her intro titles a little bit longer. I try to keep things under six minutes unless you're actually doing something in the video. Like, you know, I have the dancing one and then I snap. That one, I think, is seven seconds. So be aware of that. Pick the times that fit your modality. If you are a very slow paced, chances are you can get away with a longer pause or longer duration of a clip. If you're really fast, like Idaho's, local people are like, What is there an earthquake? They're not used to it because I'm boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. So, again, hypothetically, this is Skylar's video. He realized I didn't hold that long enough. I'm gonna come in here and hold it, and maybe I'll say, I'll type title in here. I'm not going to show you that. We'll get to that in a second. He could put a title right next to it, maybe even an arrow that's like Mountain Dew Flash Flash the best drink ever. And then it continues, and he's able to save a mistake and turn it into, like an even more emphasize point. So that's how you can be thinking objectively on how people how you can specifically use these different functions again. You can take this whole clip on and see this normal mode 100%. It's basically like hitting the undo the infinite undo button on that or or the reset. The only downside is you get this little green bar. If it's you know, if it's a a speed, time lapse type clip, it will be a different color. That sort of thing usually just means it's going to need to be rendered. Or it's telling you you have a filter or feature applied to this, so there's some sort of preset other than the original applied to it. I just wish that when you click normal, it would go back to normal like this and no brackets, because I'm OK. If this clip is slow and this green bracket is telling me, don't forget that this clip is a slo mo video slo mo clips. Um, also, people really get excited about this one. Let me see if I can find something that would work OK here. Yeah, I know, I know. I oops too far, too much freedom. Okay, remember this little intro clip? This is called an intro rail. It's almost like any TV show that you watch. They have introduced a plot or problem, and then they have, ah, peppy theme song with like, houses. And then it cuts to the story line again. That's like the This is a YouTube version of that, and sometimes I put at the very beginning of my videos. Sometimes I'll have a super short 2 to 4 second clip and then I'll do this and then I'll get into the video. But if you're wondering what this is and what the purposes, it's just that. And it's a way to tell my viewers and my potential clients or sponsors like she's got an intro real and it looks pretty good and she is clean Chris lighting. So I know if I put a makeup product on her, she's gonna make me look it. So that's my strategy and having that. And I really liked a week, So I'm gonna blade this and I'm gonna actually copy and paste it. So where is it going to paste it, You guys, great job. So it's gonna put it right smack dab in the middle. That's not what I want, so I'm gonna click and make sure that my bar. See how the mouse is off the screen in the bar state? There. Now I'm gonna paste it. So two of the exact same clips side to side. Let's go ahead and do reverse. And I'm doing it side by side cause I think it's always more effective. Well, I mean, it's just exciting to see something normal and then the watch it unnatural when people move backwards. So let's see what that looks like. I should have done a shorter clips. Sorry. And then Buck wears what gravity My dexterity is on point. I caught a 1,000,000 pomp homes all at the same time. So I mean action channels. People like Keiler. They love the They love making things fast and slow and reverse and upside down and mirrored and you name it. They love to do it. Let's go ahead and do that so I can show you a few more again. You can reset speed, all that jazz. I'm not want to do that. Okay? Also, keep in mind if you Let's say you've been messing with trying to color correct a clip or you're trying to fix, reduce, humming or buzzing the audio. Sometimes just like any art project. You work on it too long and it becomes unrecognizable. And it just looks like something sat in the car too long. I don't know. That would be when I would just delete it completely and go back and grab. Grab the original footage. Don't try and undo it and figure out chances are you will miss something that you did. It's probably the transform tool because I hate that thing. Um, so let's see. What did I want to show you next? The rewind tool is similar to reverse. So let's try it. Midway through that clip I'm gonna apply were wind, so you can see what happens when you watch it midway through it, will. It will play. I'll just show you. Come on. Here we go. Sorry. And you sticking on the scroll with my mouth? Hold on. I don't think it It doesn't look like it applied them each time. Every time. Thank you. Oh, crap. It's going to do that whole clip. I do not want that. Okay, we'll do two times. So then it's gonna just start to rewind, and then it plays it again. That's the difference. It's not like reverse because it's going forward and was, like, just a second. What just happened there? Okay, I see what happened. Let's go back. Um, and they also have again very similar example. Similar effect is the rewind tools. I'm gonna take this short clip, Apply the instant replay tool. I'm sorry. I'm gonna go. Let's just instant replay. 25%. Did it take? It's the question. Who loves the spinning wheel every time I see a beach ball mall part I pod. Okay, we're ready for the instant replay. Future. Hold, I t. Let's just hurry up and do the rewind so you can see no quick. So it's instant replay. You know, if you're doing again, I always say over the comedic effect you trip. Let's see that again. But you guys, just knowing that these tools are available to you, we'll get you thinking bull preproduction. Also, when you're recording, it will make you think twice. So I need to delete that. Or can I make this an advantage in the video? The rest of these weaken skin through pretty quickly, because when we're making the video, you'll be able to see how and where I'm using these other tools, so I'm going to click and drag all of these and delete because I don't need him. Um, over here we have several different options. You have ways that you can import video, and this is if you're importing from my photo or common places on your computer. Chances are if you're using something more advanced like a DSLR, you're going to come up here in import manually. And you can do that once once I come over here. If the device is plugged in, it will pull that up. I'm gonna exit out of that because I don't know whose computer this is. So you're welcome? I don't mind. Now did you can also import music as well, so it's connected because it's an Apple product. Of course, it's connected to your ITunes and that sort of thing. You'll want Thio. Of course, we'll get into the royalty for you want tohave those in your library so that it's easier to clicking, drag those and then these air transitions. I feel like right now the trend is no transitions, and also transitions are really they take up a lot of time, so why not make it easier. Go with a jump cut. A jump cut is when it jumps from one thing to another really quickly, and I will be demonstrating that with you the transition is a little bit more of a like theatrical cinematic effects. So I'm gonna apply this to these two clips, and you can see what a transition is. It's gonna look weird cause it's transitioning to the exact same take. You couldn't even tell Holden. I'm you'll see. I'll apply it later. I don't want to waste too much time, but you have a whole library of transitions if you do want to use them. And so that's what this little icon is basically one frame coming in and one frame coming out and T is for text. So this you have a full text library. You have basics and lower thirds and that sort of thing for me, I said, Keep it simple. I have titles and I have lower thirds and lower thirds. Or usually when I'm describing a step or a product that I'm holding up, or maybe I put in a hashtag or a website that's useful. Then over here we have generators and These are very, very you can get really advanced with ease, but what you guys are most likely going to use them is for that solid. I don't want to do a title over my face. I just wanna stop a video, have a clean title on white or black. You can almost always customize it when you're over the video. Look at all these options that are going to come up under generator. Right now it's under a Smokey White. I'm gonna change it to a bright white super simple. You can pick from all these different colors, or you can choose custom and customize your own color maybe from something that you're wearing if you want. I, of course more isn't going black and white. It's timeless, its traditional, and you don't have to think. Do I like plum, purple or violet purple? The less choices you give yourself, the quicker you're gonna be able to add it. And again, these air, like, built in themes, essentially so you can drag these over to your videos and the transitions and everything, all the effects they're sort of built in. I don't love it. It's very cheesy to me. to use these. I feel like, um, if you're doing an entertaining video or you want it to be cheesy, then like, say you're doing a newscast, This would be something where you could do that and you could put your Channel 12 news. You know, if you're mocking it, that's what these are these air like graphics essentially that are pre made. Um, and what's really cool about all of these options? See how there's always a box right here. If I hover over it and white, it's going to show me a preview of what that's going to dio. Pretty cool, huh? So you can even go to your filters, which is right here, and it will show you a preview of what it's gonna do.

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I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.

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