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Shooting a Video

Lesson 25 from: Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing

Whippy Cake

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25. Shooting a Video


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Lesson Info

Shooting a Video

So I think that we have Remember how we were scripting What? My talking points. Some of you guys suggested we're going to get Bring those on so I can have them on hand to record. I'm actually gonna have one of you be my recording, buddy. Anybody wanna you're gonna be, like, all over the boy. You want to do it? Yeah, man, you got it. Okay, Jeff, you could do it. Maybe we can even rotate you gonna record different sections. You will want to hold this because that will make it slump a little bit on gun. I'm gonna do my prep. So I know I'm doing mystery Monday, which means I got to be, like, in the mood was like, part of my, um or I've been trying to learn the wit because with high, but I can't, um And then we have I'm gonna bring on some makeup, uh, products because we're talking about production naked somewhere since we're doing production and we have a shot lift may be soon. Here. So the shot list? I thought it would be fun to of course. Get my view. You guys. So is that OK? If you're i...

n my Mr Shoot a video. First and foremost, we have to get some releases up in here sign and non people India. Okay, Um and then I also So I'm basically making a checklist of the different video clips I want to include so that it's not just me talking to the camera the whole time, right? I'm adding layers of interest to the video. I'm going to mention a lipstick, so it will be fine. Teoh. Get me putting on the lipstick from media, different angle or perspective. And then, of course, I have all the different things that I want to talk about. Since we're talking about a comment, maybe we can do some footage like a screen cast of like scrolling through YouTube. Comment something like that thes air, all different elements that I can add just to my talking head to the camera reading points. So all of those air pre prepped like we like we went over earlier today and then and then, for there's always going to be troubleshooting also, so we'll do that as we go see if you see like it's not like they said, this is not a studio. This is your home. This is your yard. This is your dad or your wife or husband recording for you. And we're all humans and we all make mistakes. So, um, let me move this and we can kind of start Teoh waken start to stage. Like how we want to record. So, Jeff, go ahead and come appear And hold this for me. Would it be easier if you just hold the camera? Probably okay. And it's on square mode, so make sure it's not on square. Make sure it's not on, you know, slow video, our time lapse, anything like that. And you're just using the default apple video. And actually, I do want to say if you're recording on your phone and you don't have help your recording by yourself, don't do it on selfie mode. It's totally gonna bring your resolution down so low it's not worth it. So that means you're putting this on a tripod. You're sitting down, you're looking at it, you're letting it record. You're just a few test shots like this is me practicing my intro. Stop! Get up, Review it. Make sure that you like that. There's no weird laundry that's that there's something peeking through that you didn't want. Make sure you don't have tags or brush shots. Anything sticking out. Make sure you, um you like the position of stuff. Sometimes some things like partially in the frame like this was partially in the frame like that. People are gonna be like I have to know what that is. What is it? Is it a robot? Is it a transformer? I don't know. So either get it completely. If it's not recognizable, get it out of the shop. Um uh, So I'm gonna sit down and I'm gonna have you record, because this is what I would really dio will record a test shot, and then I'm gonna watching him in like, No, I hate it. Hold it up higher. Something like that. So and we'll put it on the TV so you guys can see I'm gonna take this off. So actually, hey. Oh, yeah, like backdrop. And some people I know like they'll do like, uh, reverberations where they're, like, rural and that sort of thing, if you need to do it, sometimes you just have to get past the I'm nervous to do this, and like I'm about to have fun making this video. You guys ready? All right. Tell me when you're recording. All right. What's up, guys? At the Whitby cake. And I am bringing you a new mystery Monday. And I just want to take a second to dio a can because I am in a undisclosed location that you don't know about yet. So let's check it out. So go ahead and stop. So that was like my test, right? That was just like, let's see where we're at, how we feel about it. Then they would kind of come up and see, or the camera could come to you. Watch it. I don't know what will happen. Yeah, so, um because the backdrops see how the backdrop edges air showing. I'm gonna say like, no. Like either let's do away with the backdrop or let's come in even closer. Maybe get rid of some of these props. So let's do that. Let's have you come in even closer. I'm gonna move the ampersand, and then we'll see how that looks. That enough instruction. Okay, cool. It's okay to clarify with them to make sure they know what you want. So and this is cheating because I can see you come down. Yeah, yes. Yeah. And so I would just try. See if you can get not this and not like, right Fill the bringing up perfect. And something to keep in mind as you want to keep some with up here because the video will crop. So when When you're recording, make sure there's a little bit of space right here. You're doing a great job. Yes. And you see how that he also has me off to the side of the rule of thirds. It's great. You don't have to get that technical, but it does make it a little bit more interesting of a shot if you're off to one side just slightly So Yeah. Great. Okay. What? Yeah. So, um, I have my script printed off here, so I'm gonna what, like, see how this doesn't show. Don nobody knows. Or a lot of times, I'll have it down here on the floor and all this Watch it, read through it. So the intro we were going to dio slow pan, but I'm gonna record all of my talking points first. Okay. So you'll be able to see in real life. I'm starting from, like, the middle of my video, which throws people up, but so I'm gonna get in straight to my talking points. You have a question here like cutting off the cable. Can you put on the table? So you think just like point your eyes instead of like, looking down. So you have less editing this guy? Oh, yeah. I didn't even see that. He's saying that my script isn't even in the cream, so I could keep it right here instead of having to look down. Ideally, you want to look at your talking point? Don't try and memorize it. You're just making a mental note of your talking point and then you're saying it. If you're trying to remember rise word for word, you're gonna do it 100 times to get it word for word. So don't Don't try that on And don't do it one talking point at a time. It is so easy to make jump cuts. When once you learn how to do that in spice video together, you'll never try and record all in one recording ever again. Okay, so we talked about for the intro. We talked about being like, hey, and then pan out and I'm at creative life, so I'm gonna jump from there. All right? So as you thought, I'm at creative life. I'm teaching this class that I've been so excited to teach about how to market on YouTube, sharing content, attracting new customers and followers by creating videos and putting him out there. And it's been really fun were actually recording this video wife during the class, which is a big onions watching both online and right here looking at me high. So, um, you get to experience my job with me today. Um, but I thought I would be really find that kind of talk about, um, production makeup because, as you know, there's always, like, tons of lights shining on you and you're making you're gonna have a lot of technical problems with your makeup with with the heat from the lights. And I'm just talking a lot. You do get really dehydrated, so I will change up my makeup products just a little bit when I'm doing a production. So I'm gonna stop there because I know I'm getting long winded and wordy and all kind of say like, Was that too wordy? When I talk fast, I get out of breath. And did I need to share all of that information, or can I do it better? And another one, and I kind of feel like I can do it better. So if you guys will bear with me, I'm going to do overtime. Going to take a deep breath. And then something I didn't do was have all my props with me because I'm about to talk to them about my makeup production. So I'm gonna get my makeup props over here, so that way we can get to the next thing. Perfect. Okay, So I'm gonna do the I'm gonna do the jumping off 0.1 more time and that other clip I would just delete. All right. So I'm not creative life. I'm reporting this right now in my class. I've got a live audience watching me right here. Ah, whole online community watching the online and you guys are a part of it. So this is kind of way different than anything I've ever done. But what I wanted to do, because I'm always sharing beauty tips and stuff with you guys, I wanted to talk about how I change at my makeup. When I'm doing production, you've got tons of light shining on you, so very reflective. Also, the lights are really hot. You get dehydrated, your skin acts differently, and so your makeup reacts differently. So I wanted to show you some of the makeup that some makeup tricks and products that I used to kind of make my keep my makeup more lasting during while I'm recording and talking to people in all that. So the first is having a very reliable base. So I have a primer here, and this is from color science and it's their way. Emptied the whole thing 64 gigabyte cameras. So if they'll take it off, I'm gonna go ahead and take 50 selfies. I know why. OK, this a little IPhone tip for you guys when you're deleting content off of your phone, keep in mind that you actually have to delete it twice, so you delete it from your camera roll album, and then you have to go into the album of deleted photos and hit delete all and that will actually take it off and free up the storage on your phone, so I'm going through and deleting like hordes of video. What? The cat case. You're wondering what kind of lots of cats and babies with, like, lots of growth, lots of gross stuff and singing. We should just take a minute toe watch this stuff good. Could entertain that way. Had a question. Why aren't you using a tripod in this particular case? Well, we could absolutely we actually had that occupied. It's not quite stable enough to support the phone and the cord. It's really just meant to hold the phone. Um, another thing. So, yeah, I mean, hypothetically, you can use a tripod with the camera person just standing behind it, making sure nothing goes wrong like that. Do not record or don't have enough space thing. So, um, yeah, I mean, I think I probably would rather that because people will be really snobby if you If you're having a more serious conversation like this and it's too shaky, your your viewers will comment about it. But they also know that my mystery Monday's air very sporadic. So I'm okay with that. And I like that This is actually a riel learning moment where you know there have been questions about Can't I just do this by myself? A tripod is a great example of if you would set this up, started recording. You've got 15 minutes feel you want to do, and then you go and 20 seconds in it Cut 30 seconds of it, and you have to go do it all again. Yeah, absolutely. And you know, like, if you want to save time or you really want Teoh bang out a bunch of videos while the lighting's really good, this is like sucking up your lighting and like having toe delete stuff. But, I mean, I kind of just hope that stuff go wrong because it just shows you like I hope it shows everybody like it is work to make videos and content and put it out there. And there's a lot of trouble shooting and problems and fixing. So anyways, I think we should be set. I believe it. A lot of video. So, um, where would you say that it cut off when you saw that? Do not let me. I think I'll just just before you start with the web. Oh, a good primer. Okay. Yeah. Background. who's helping us out to be able to hear her with the mic with night, my usual helper. So that's actually a great point. A lot of times like I'll be talking and the person recording for me will notice like you got lipstick all over your teeth. So what I'll do is say, Was any of that clip usable? Did I take a breath? Or was it like? And then and then that's my one of my worst clauses. When I record, I ramble on Ramble on Ramble and so it's really hard to find a clean cutting point. So really, breaking it down into bite size pieces is the best way to do it. I'm like, trying to, like, power through so we can get it done and show off a little bit about how good I am at memorizing my script. But as you can see, I'm not so so we'll go ahead and pick it up from we did. We talked about how I'm gonna I'm gonna tell them when I'm gonna tell them, right? I'm gonna tell them my tip about how to how to do your makeup so it lasts under these really hot lights. So I'm gonna start with what The foundation should be, right? And this is when there's a mess up. It's a great opportunity to do a focal point change. We're not going to, because if he comes from any other angle, he's gonna get all this other stuff. But if I'm in my office, absolutely. I want to show this two lamp with these flowers and this pretty picture frames, so I will totally switch up which way it's facing. If you're stopping anyways, why not? Okay, all right. So when I'm doing makeup for a production setting with lots of lights, I will always start with a very strong, reliable primer. So this one is color science from our This one is a face primer, skin calming from color science. Also Great thing it's got SPF in it. I'm from Arizona, You know, I will soak and swim an SPF if I can. But what I love about this primaries actually fills your pores really well. I mean, you're going to get a really smooth skin surface, which is kind of nice when you're recording, you have all these high definition cameras on you, and you really please don't see my flaws. So this will help kind of create a very even skin tone both in color and texture, and then it has just really strong gripping power. So when you put your foundation of your powder over it, it's gonna stick really, really well with us. So see how I like stopped and I actually waited And a lot of times, like, by the end of the day, I'll be so tired. Don't be like and you're gonna get a really awesome grip with this. Like I'm so done, I out of itself ass. And I'm like, What's the next Lorne? So Okay, I'll just do one more one more tip real quick for the makeup production. So also, when I'm in front of a lot of lights, it starts to make your makeup separate. It will gather and do weird things just because it's under a lot of he and also your CNN kind of getting dehydrated, so I will always literally keep within arm's reach some great finishing powder. This is from one of my absolute favorite skin care companies. It cosmetics. I we could do a whole video about this, but you know, I always talk about it. So a very nice, clean finishing powder powder brush take breaks in between. To make sure you're covering up any of your shine issues and readdress, you'll probably be touching yourself. You'll get Mike marks, that sort of thing. You touch it, or if you want to feel fancy, have like a friend do and be like I need makeup. Wait, hold on. Wait, I'm trying to meet. Yep, that's the makeup team doing that make up for me right now. It's not me, but that's really I mean, if you have extra hands, it can even be your kid, you can say. And the second thing that you really need is a makeup brush, and you can have somebody from off screen hand it to you. Just a way to kind of make your funny its kitschy. But people love it, and it helps, like waking them up again and keep them engaged in your video. And I got powder everywhere. Sorry about the death. Okay, so my last talking point is, um, I always want a strong lip when I'm presenting. It just makes me feel and look polished. All that and a lot of times when I'm recording, I'll run a line past my buddy. Like, how do you think I should say this? Does that sound like does? That was not understandable to you. If they don't get it, then chances are the audience doesn't get it isn't going to get it. So you might be saying something that you think makes sense but doesn't translate. So get feedback while they're recording. What do you think I would use? Yeah, that make up in a heartbeat? Well, does someone you next? So, um, I'm gonna actually have a merry candy. Actually, no, I don't away. So I'm gonna do the talking points, right? I'll keep going. But then when we're doing B roll, I'm gonna dio my lipstick. All right, let's go ahead and do this last little clip for makeup, all right? And my last little tool, Or I guess you know I gotta start over there. Not a tool. Um, okay. You have a suggestion. Tell me. Okay. Alright. Okay. And then my favorite must have a murder scene. HOA, when you do that again, realized from selling so going. Okay. Okay. Then for my last absolute must have for emergency backup is a great lip color. I feel like when I'm presenting, I wanna look, Chris, I want a pop and I always feel a little bit more excited. And, um, I don't know, just confident when I'm wearing a good, bright lip color. So this is one of my favorite lipsticks right now. I've been wearing it way more than I should. I usually changed things that more often, but I left it in my friends car out of state. And so I had to go three weeks without it. And so now we're just like rekindling our love for each other. So what? This is Revlon color burst and the the map line so they'll have a shine won. The shines are okay, but they're more like a glass. It's not very pigmented. This is very pigmented. And as you can see, it just you can cut any time. But that would be great little clip to put in the beginning of my mystery Monday video. So or at the end, you know, or just a B roll of me like No, wait. You know, like a gun smoking, smoking hot. Um, and it's also fun to just record extra clips like that. Let's go ahead and do a clip where I'm like Jackson. So we're gonna do a clip where I'm gonna hold this up, and then I'm gonna go smoking hat cool, and you notice he's cueing me when we're doing this. Will you bring it up a tiny bit and then England? Perfect. Yet that's the angle that I like to see. You notice how he accused me when he hits record? That's super duper helpful. Okay, smoking hot. So it's silly, but when they're just, like a two second clip, it really like helps again to, like, awaken your viewer and re engage them. Okay, so that was the whole makeup production tip that we had from our our audience online. Now, let me review what I'm talking about. Next, Um, the very first intro. That was just a test one. So we did that one so I could get up and see, like, Oh, yeah, like, let's come in closer. So it doesn't show this, and it helps them be aware. Okay. I need to be conscious of those edges. Um, cool. So, um, I transitioned into talking about the slip stick which is great. Um, And then before I kind of leave the whole creative life thing. I want to talk about just a few things that I have loved about being creative life for a second just because people might not know what it is. And I actually see that I skipped over this in my notes. So I'm gonna record it, put it up In the beginning, it is. You can just put stuff wherever you want or where it feels like it flows better. So I already know. And I might make a no on this, like, moved this up here when editing. You'll probably catch it when you're editing too. So I know that I said so. I'm at creative life. We got this question lovable. I'm gonna go before that. You say that creativelive isn't something like I've been watching creative life for a long time. And then that will transition into the makeup production. Everybody falling in questions so far. How do I live? No, sometimes all meth of my hair and then, like, thank you. But really I mean, and especially if you're talking and then the next clip, all of a sudden there's a hair out of place or you switched your part like that will like the wine. It will really bother people. So paying attention to that tags anything like that. Hairs hanging out, whatever. All right, I can do that. Keep going. Keep that energy up. Champion Online says This is amazing. She is brilliant. I can totally relate to her. I love being able. Teoh. Flip the perspective around and let other people see. Like anybody can do this basic. And they continue saying this is coming at such a perfect time for May. I'm set up to do my first videos, but it hasn't gone smoothly with the actual video taping. Great to know this is just part of the problem, really is. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it. I've been on TV shows. They mess up it. Nobody's and everybody's human. Nobody's perfect, except for us here, a creative life who never screw up in any way whatsoever. Especially not me. All right, Okay, well, let's go ahead and do that first clip, all right? Okay. I'm not creativelive. I almost, like, want to keep pinching myself because I've been watching creative life for such a long time if you don't know what it is. First of all, just it's basically like online education at your fingertips, and they call it creative wife because any given point they will likely have a class live that you can watch for free. And I love that because they're basically giving you free samples. You get to drive the car before you buy it. And I have never seen a preview that it didn't buy, have a very vast creative life library. And so when I got to meet one of the producers and she asked me like if I had any interest, I was trying, like inside a mall. I was freaking out like, you know, how a freak out. But I, of course, was like, Oh, yeah, I mean, I might have a few notebooks about topics I would love to talk about. So, um, needless to say, I said, Heck, yes, and here I am. Somehow they tricked him in tow, letting me come, and I am recording this class live. We got this audience over here, um, and it's just been such a good experience so far. They even made me my own little Dr Pepper's section with a note that, like whippy cakes, Dr Pepper's I mean, if that's not the royal treatment and I got a gift basket, it's just been such a good experience. I never want to leave ever So, um yea, creative life. So that would go first after my intro and then the makeup production and then on and on. So now we're all set With that, um, let's go ahead and just dio the motivational 10 thing address that they made all these suggestions and then wrap it up. Tune other tips. I'm gonna go ahead and boss Jeff around and ask him to give me water, because if you have dry mouth, you'll pick up on it like your your mouth just makes a nun attractive noise. When you talk, you can hear like this little clicking sound, and then also it will make your lips. Or, if you're wearing lipstick, dry up as well. And then when your recording tip number two look at the lens and not the person behind it. So this is kind of weird because the lens go ahead and turn that around and pointed towards them. Jeff. So the lenses at the end of the camera, so I'm like staring into no man's land with just this little tiny focus point. But if I really want the viewer to feel like I'm talking to them, that's where you have to look. And a lot of times, if you're recording with somebody who's comfortable with you, like they'll be like making faces and, like, well, being, well, we're launching and like and it's hard like you have to just keep looking at that. You'll want to make eye contact with them. You got to keep looking at your lens, stay focused and keep going until you can get to a clean cut and then lose it and laughing, whatever it that's right here in the room. Um, I kind of have a tip for, like looking into the camera so you don't look off. It's kind of like a child tip, but it works. Yeah, because when we have, like family pictures, the foot, the person taking pictures was like looking my London. But there's an elephant, so I've always looked in trying to find an open. It's made me, like, stare into the thing, trying to find it so help me stare at the ones I love, that you like that stuff like that will stick with you. And it's like if you can come up with things that make you remember that I mean, whether you have an elephant in your lens and you're looking for it, or you have a huge, amazing YouTube audience looking at you on the other side of this little circle, whatever, it's gonna keep you engaged with that tiny little speck, do it and then I just want to remind everyone, just in case you're just tuning in. What we're doing here is we're recording this video live, and we are going to use it tomorrow to do the post production and editing so you can see the entire process. We concept ID scripted it this morning. We're now shooting it, and we're going to finish it up tomorrow. So you get to see the whole thing from beginning to end. And can we have a moment? Because I don't have to do this on Friday, We didn't get back. Yes, I'm like doubling up on work right now. I've never felt like a super multitasker. Actually, that was a good question that. Somebody asked that. I wasn't sure. So I'm just gonna ask you, Do you plan to actually put this on your channel Monday? Oh, yeah. Anybody wants to be credited in this video, please email me for sure happening. Yeah, absolutely. I probably will even try and incorporate some of you guys in another video just because I'm here. And one else am I gonna, like, use the content that's already in your life. Especially when you've got great settings and stuff to work with an amazing new people that aren't hard or hardly any of you lived by me. So I would never in another circumstance, be able to use you in one of my videos. So pull people aside and pull from real life experience. I think it's really, really great. Uh, so we did. We're going to do the story time. You ready? Check. Do you want a different frame? Where? You know? I mean, now I e I don't know what snap I do it. Okay, I'm ready. I'm gonna do a blooper bowl. World riel of all footage of me going. Okay. Here we go again. Does it still recording? No. Yeah. All right. So I want to do story time because a lot My last mystery Monday video. It kind of opened it up. You know, I was feeling like I really wanted your input and I was so happy with your response. I got so many comments and emails from you just giving me your honest feedback and I for me, that's like a great way for me to get better. And if it makes you happy, I feel like everybody went. So the question was, How do you guys like Mystery Mondays? Do you want me to keep doing them, or is there interest for additional content? And we talked about how I do coaching for people, and I help people build confidence in that sort of thing. And do you want that in these videos, or do you want to keep him more silly? The overall consensus was both, and so that's what we're doing. We got some mystery Monday, a little bit proud of reviews and this and that some tips. But now I want to kind of do my little motivational tip, and this tip is going to be from just a really, really recent experience. So hopefully it will resonate with you. But e. I had a negative comment a couple days ago and I don't know, because of sleep deprived, but I took it to heart like way more seriously than I should have, and I don't get a lot of negative feedback knock on with. But so when I do, it's a little bit more disconcerting. But negative feedback, no matter how often, is never good, makes you feel like crap. It totally made me cry even. And then I had to go to my like support and have them help boost me up again and basically remember, like what matters and what doesn't matter. And so I wanted to talk about that. First of all, it's not a matter of if you're gonna get negative feedback or mean comments, it's when because that is gonna happen. Unfortunately, there are people who are really miserable who don't like themselves, and they make other people feel bad to somehow make themselves feel better. They don't understand the psychology of that. I just know that I don't relate. I cannot comprehend being in a state of mind where I would physically go out of my way to say something mean or hurtful to anybody else. I don't understand that. But that's not for me to figure out. All I can do is control what I'm gonna dio. And so I don't think that old school and which Pullman nineties and we had the dare program. I don't know if you remember, like, the dare T shirts and little buttons, but it was always, always, always just say no, just say no, Just say no. And what they were doing was made like scripting your response for situation because it just like, mean comments like drugs. They're gonna happen. It's not a matter of if you're gonna have a chance to have drugs when And so I wanna like basically motivate you toe to do the same thing. Okay, Come up with your automatic response for when you get negative comments. Know what you're gonna what your reaction is going to be and what your plan of action is going to be afterwards. So for me and this is really hard way easier said than done, but for me, I have to wallow in it. I have toe feel that disappointment and that hurt first because I'm just not the type to be. They don't know me. So I allow myself to feel crappy and maybe all vent to somebody. Then I will go to my support team. That's Step two is going to people who I know are honest who, no, me personally and are going to give me a straight forward feedback. Those are the people that you want to be listening to. Anybody is going to give you negative feedback. It should be somebody who loves you and wants Teoh thrive in like, um and the support team is always so great. I mean, basically, they're right. They always say, Okay, you're gonna listen to the one negative comment when you have hundreds of people who who love what you're doing or love you, and that's likely this same for you. I know you have people in your life who love you, who think you're just amazing. And then we go and we be stupid and we listen to somebody that we don't even know. He's probably just really miserable behind their computers eating Ben and Jerry's like a lot of the new Juries. And that's why they're so sad because their got their hung there. Hang Gree. That's what they are. Okay, so then my tip number three is I come up with an action plan of all of that K. I felt it. I've let the feeling right. It's course I've gotten a little pep talk, some reassurance for my friends. And then I have something that I do, whether I go and do something for me that gets me in a confident state of mind or what I want you to do what I'm gonna tell you it to. Dio. I go out and I do something good. There's a lot awful crappy people out there who are still mean. We don't understand it, but guess what? There isn't enough of. There's never enough positivity. There's never enough compliments. There is no quota for that, that is. You could just keep filling it and there will never be enough. So my challenge me motivational Monday for you take a second in this video. It's just about over. Go to somebody's YouTube channel, go to somebody's instagram, go find your neighbor, stopped her industry and say what you love about them. And don't just say you're pretty. I like your shirt. You dig deep, my friend. Get down in the rate Not so much in like this area, but like this area, the heart area. Find something to pull out about that person and just make him feel awesome because you're gonna feel often they're gonna feel awesome. And hopefully this will create like, an awesome domino effect. So Gotland dropped Mike dropped all of that cool, trendy lingo, and I want to get a bunch of challenge accepted in my comment. Guys, challenge accepted. Go out, do some good share the good and they video. Can we have my live audience say farewell to you guys? So this is like one audience to another. Live to do it in the way. Okay, cool. Well, go ahead and do it again. Well, let's go ahead and play back. So this is something like we'll have arguments. Swear. Like, did you report it? You can usually see it. Very drag the bar at the very end. Well, you Yea. And when I would probably do is b roll of that of like a good clean shot of like a pan and all of that sell so couple questions for you. First of all, well, done on the That was not easy. I like I need that is. Actually my question is I know that you've done a lot of kind of shorter takes. Why did you decide to do that? One in one, long one instead of hitting smaller points? Yeah, So I mean, for my notes, all I said was negative comments and how I and then underneath that, how I deal with it and the reason I didn't overly script This is because it's motivation. I don't want to be like I am your life coach and I am going to give you advice for success. So be nice. And don't listen to those negative comments because they're not true. And you are special, right? What connected more with you guys? The just letting it ride and speaking from the heart. If you're really speaking from the heart, keep going. I actually just have ah question just mainly talking about this point of little snippets versus longer bursts of film and how toe kind of go, Because is there a perception that you know it's not well put together If you have lots of little clips together versus mawr, longer stretches of the actual content way. Are you asking How does it go in editing or or how does it? I guess the question is, is how how we're making a video and we're trying to get a good a good long video kind of put together, whether it's like two minutes and you've talked about snippets and then you have that scene where is just a went for a few minutes? What's what's better? And how do you walk the line of too much editing to where the viewers, like this person can't get three sentences together or, you know, works so long that it's not keeping their attention? Does that make sense? Is that that's really, really good question in terms. What, to clarify his question? He's saying, When is it too many clips where you're like, Hey, with up It's Becky and I'm gonna tell you all about creative life. It's so often like, when is that excessive and when is rambling, excessive? So when I'm I kept going because I felt like I was hitting all the points and I felt like it flowed. I talked about just feeling it and, you know, having that experience and then I talked about what I do next. It was already in chronological order. There was no need for me to stop. And also, like, I was really feeling connected and like, passionate about what I was saying. And if I am feeling passionate like, you'll know that you're feeling so passionate cause you will forget that somebody I barely know is recording me that I'm looking at a tiny little IPhone camera that there's 20 people in this room watching like you'll forget all that because you're so in tuned with what you're saying. And that's when I know to keep going. Um, when I'm editing tomorrow, I might gauge, you know, that's towards the end of the video. I might gauge like Okay, it's like six minutes, and I really only like these to be five minutes or four minutes, so I might take out a part of that. Um, it also has very much to do with your content. Loggers can literally show nothing for 30 minutes, and people love it. I mean, they really do. They just want to see behind the scenes in your life. What do you do? How you live and they're okay with it, and they're not expecting you to hurry it up there. Not. And if they know that if they want, they can skip to the end or skip through in their time and their scrub group for other people. You know, professionals always want really quick, concise, short pieces. So absolutely, you could break it up a lot more. It really has to do with your audience and, you know, with mystery Monday, The whole reason I came up with that is because I wanted there to be no rules. I know that if I'm doing a product review for a paid product for you or paid tutorial on something that I feel like such a level of, there's such a high level of expectation on the clients and that I am just like on and having to conform so much that for me, in order to keep my passion in creating video, I had to have something like a mystery Monday where I could jump from lipstick application to motivating people to stop bullying and to be confident in who they are, and it works even though they don't work together at all. So if you're like that, your multi passionate. Or maybe you offer different levels and what you're doing. Find a way to communicate that that's what you do. My niche is the fact that I breed cats and ride motorcycles. I just lovable spectrum like my niche is the fact that I am super duper organized. But I love Teoh be free spirited in the way that I dress because they're just juxtaposed. So think of those things. Don't limit yourself to those things. Think of how you can use them to your advantage. Does that answer your question as faras, if you should? Honestly, um, there are some videos where I have so many cut because I can't just get the right thing out and especially if I'm talking about a product and I know I have to, like include the specific top talking points and other times I'm like, If they want to know this, they're gonna listen mess ups and all. So I don't I don't at it. We'll just leave them without long

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I enjoyed the class and learned many useful things I didn't know before. There are changes I would suggest. Too much time was spent viewing and critiquing existing videos. Demonstrating one (or more) of the free editing programs would be more helpful for beginners than showing how to use an expensive paid software. The information on selecting keywords should come earlier in the program (and SEO needs to be explained for those who don't know what it is and why it matters). More time should be devoted to editing info. More time should also be spent on the whole uploading process and on monetizing videos (and the benefits of doing that). Whippy is charming and knowledgeable but she had a tendency to get sidetracked on her own agenda (like searching for exactly when a company viewed her contest video). A general comment - it was hard to spend two full consecutive days watching this. I'm glad it fit my schedule but that was just lucky.

a Creativelive Student

Well worth the time if you want to add videos to your business mix and don't know how to get started. Becki knows her stuff and makes each step easy to grasp, even for non-techies. I love her keep-it-simple approach and her positive outlook. The content was solid. Her delivery made it fun to learn.

a Creativelive Student

Absolutely fabulous! Tons of down-to-earth info on YouTube, recording a video, editing a video, working within the parameters of YouTube's functionality, and much more. Whippy is knowledgeable and experienced. She shares her knowledge willingly, with humor, compassion, and integrity. It's the best course I've seen on CreativeLive, and I've seen many.

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